Thousands Of Sheep Running To A Stop-Sign: WHAT Is The Meaning?

Thousands Of Sheep Running To A Stop Sign: WHAT Is The Meaning?

There are more than a few of these videos of sheep circling. There are even Turkeys doing the same, ditto reindeer and even ants. I am not referring to the circling sheep.

At any rate: God refers to his people as sheep many times throughout the Bible. So, I don’t believe this is a ‘coincidence’.


This below video in particular, I saw the meaning, straightaway. The problem with God’s people is that they are running to SIGNS (wonders & words) instead of looking to the BIBLE, Hashem/God and Yeshua/Jesus. They want signs but they do not want the maker OF the signs, words and wonders.

Another meaning tugged at me as well: It appears as if it is a “STOP SIGN”. What does that mean? STOP LOOKING AND RUNNING TO SIGNS, WONDERS & WORDS. STOP IT.

Believers today (mostly western believers) are totally ignoring prophecy in action all over the world: Hurricanes like we’ve never seen, flooding all over the world like we’ve never seen, Volcanoes erupting all over the world like we’ve never seen, Etc and so on.

Jesus answering said to them: An evil and adulterous generation seeketh a sign: and a sign shall not be given it, but the sign of Jonas the prophet. Matt 12:39

This video was originally shared on 6/28/2022: See here at Screencast

My Former Narcissist Friend, James – Who Wanted To Be A Prophet Of God:

I’ll call him James..

James was a narcissist. (He is dead now, RIP) Everything was always about James. James was a ‘me, myself and I’ person. He could be a happy, jovial person, filled with pi$$ and vinegar. Charisma like you can’t believe. An excellent, theatrical performer.. But, the moods he would succumb to were breathtakingly ugly. He stayed with me for 6 months. Most of the time, when he woke up in the morning, he was ‘in a mood’. This foul demeaner was an everyday thing.

James was convinced that he was supposed to be a prophet of God. I told James: ‘J, you would have known of this type of call early on. You have other gifts that I believe God uses’. James would just say: “I AM SUPPOSED TO BE A PROPHET!”

One night, he was over my house. He asked me (desperately) “Can you pray for me to be a prophet?” Sure, J., I said. Sure. So, I prayed for him to be a prophet and to understand this call. It’s really a lonely call. Read the books of the Prophets. It’s full of agony, affliction, pain, loneliness, rejection, persecution, not being listened to, ignored and even in some nations-death..etc.

After the prayer:

J would take up his pen daily on Facebook and write words he believed came from the Lord. I would glance at his page. Nobody ‘liked’ his posts. He would upload videos and nobody watched them. He would upload songs he sang and nobody cared. Nobody gave much feedback on any of his accounts. His phone stopped ringing, (it ended up lost) his wife divorced him, he ended up with no money, no car, no Iphone – nothing–in the middle of the south somewhere.

One day, we were chatting on the tele some time later. He said “Pauli, I am so depressed. All of these things have happened to me. Nobody gives a damn about anything I have to say. They just ignore me. I have no friends, I live alone. I don’t know where my next meal is coming from. I hate this, Pauli.”

I sighed on the telephone… Got quiet. Then told J: “J….You’re the one who wanted to be a prophet

J was killed in an accident a few months later after he married his new wife of 2 months.


The true prophetic call is serious. It needs to be taken serious. It’s not a joke and I’m sad that online ‘prophets’ are a dime a dozen now, preaching words of emptiness as they cash in on paypal accounts from monetized Youtube and Rumble videos. Imagine: these ‘prophets’ get paid as they fill you with meaningless mumbo jumbo that do not benefit the soul one iota. Prophets never got paid throughout history but they sure do get paid now. Big money for the FREE Gospel and word of God.

Young Believers Are Leaving The “NAR” Churches Bcz they Can’t Tell The Difference In The New Age Movement & An NAR Church

Young Believers Are Leaving The “NAR” Churches Bcz they Can’t Tell The Difference In The New Age Movement & An NAR Church

I believe in God’s supernatural power and gifting from the New Testament. HOWEVER: There ARE counterfeits and we should be aware of this.

SO: Lately, I have been doing a small series on false prophets here and on my Youtube/Tiktok pages. The Lord has directed me to look into how the modern “NAR” has forsaken the Lord and now follows very uncanny deceptive spirits.

God is the one who appoints Prophets and Apostles. God is our great ‘General’ and NOT the Prophet he chose.

Recently, one of the NAR ‘prophets’ claimed herself to BE “God’s General”. If she is God’s General, I’m joining a different army. In any event, God has always chosen MEN, not women to be his Kings, Colonel’s, Apostles, Pastors, etc. As woman and a person who loves God’s word, I can submit to this fact.

This is an excellent video. If the churches are no different than the new age movement than a wicked spirit has counterfeited that is very deceptive. Beware.

Here is another article if you are interested:

One very important reason for this deception is their lack of Bible study and knowledge of God’s Word. They listen to stories and read books on everything else but the Scriptures, leaving them unable to identify errors when they hear it.

NAR, a type of New Age Cult

Preacher Confronts Drag Queen Hour On “Satan Drive” Saying “REPENT!” (Good)

Preacher Confronts Drag Queen Hour On “Satan Drive” Saying “REPENT!” (Good)

This preacher confronts the abominable and tells them “Jesus loves you, REPENT!” “You’re dressed like a whore but you are a man”. “Are you going to continue in your child abuse or will you repent?” GOOD for him.

Lesson Of The ROSE & It’s Thorns

Lesson Of The ROSE & It’s Thorns

They say ‘every Rose has its thorn’

But, there is a deeper story to the Rose.

What the Spirit showed me about the Rose:

The Rose does not grow without these ugly, little insects called ‘aphids’ growing with it. These nasty little aphids EAT the Rose! Every single Rose is appointed aphids. NO Rose comes into the earth WITHOUT being attacked by nasty little aphids.

Do not we ALL have nasty aphids in our own lives…..?

People who sell Roses protect them from aphids.

See, when we have a friendship with the LORD, he gives us all of the tools we need to retain beauty & wisdom of the spirit.

He gives us the word, complete with armor to array ourselves for our own set of aphids (troubles).

The Rose is a beautiful flower with a deep, rich scent. Its thorns are a PROTECTION against elements on the earth. NO Rose comes to this earth without its shield called the thorn.

It’s petals are used in Weddings and other beautiful events. Roses are used for large gathering more than any other flower.

Because the Rose is a strong flower.

It is not only beautiful as it is in its splendor, growing…..It can be beautiful for many days after it is picked.

No other flower is admired the way the Rose is.

The ROSE is beautiful BECAUSE of its thorns, not despite. AND: Because the thorns can hurt the aphids & other elements…..this is the SOLE reason why the petals stay beautiful:

……………….. because of the thorns.

-Pauli Dee, 2017

TMJ/PAR February 18, 2022

Prayer Against The Reprobates & Their Leaders:

Prayer Against The Reprobates & Their Leaders:

I’m sick of believers praying that the WICKED get ‘saved’. Some vessels are made for dishonor. Capiche? There is a HUGE difference between the wicked and the lost.

Dear Heavenly Father Hashem God, maker of the universe:

I’m asking you to please move your fist forward and SMASH these WICKED, EVIL, disgusting, filthy, bottom-feeding, elite, Commie-Left, God-hating leaders & reprobates. I am asking you to deal harshly with these murderous, totalitarian pigs.

They have DESTROYED the earth in their undeclared proxies, they have stripped the people of freedom, liberty and most of all: JUSTICE.

Please have mercy on us and deal HARSH with them. Reign down your fire, water and destruction upon these WICKED reprobates in Jesus/Yeshua’s name.

Psalms 75: 7-10

But God is the judge: he putteth down one, and setteth up another.

For in the hand of the Lord there is a cup, and the wine is red; it is full of mixture; and he poureth out of the same: but the dregs thereof, all the wicked of the earth shall wring them out, and drink them.

But I will declare for ever; I will sing praises to the God of Jacob.

10 All the horns of the wicked also will I cut off; but the horns of the righteous shall be exalted.

Isaiah 24:10 Prophecy Predicted The LOCKDOWNS

Isaiah 24:10 Prophecy Predicted The LOCKDOWNS

I bet that if we really studied the bible – word for word – we would see that EVERYTHING we are experiencing is written, somewhere in the Bible.

Let’s take a look and see:

Isaiah 24

10 “The city of confusion is broken down: every house is shut up, that no man may come in.”

I pray that in our studying and reading – we would SEE these hidden mysteries. You know what a mystery is? Definition of mystery: any truth that is unknowable except by divine revelation.

I find it amazing.

Prayers For God’s Remnant & True Believers In ISRAEL During The Present Tribulation

Prayers For God’s Remnant & True Believers In ISRAEL During The Present Tribulation

I posted a video yesterday and I added the Israeli government in with the wicked west leaders, parliaments and governments. Because I truly believe the western governments, Israel included are infiltrated with traitors of the WORST sort. The most evil ‘leaders’ that have ever existed now sit in the highest seats in the western world.

However, this being said: I very much have been a Zionist and have completely supported Israel for the duration of my time on this website and before that. My husband is also a Zionist. Very much so. We believe the state of Israel belongs to Jews and ONLY Jews/saved or unsaved. That is our statement regarding our Zionism.

IF I castigate Israel, it is ALWAYS because of their government and how they treat Jewish people IN Israel. We are not supporters of the palestinian stupidity. We believe the Transjordan belongs to the Arab palestinians. We are 100% AGAINST Israel submitting one inch of land.

The land of Israel is JEWISH land and belongs to nobody else but GOD and the JEWS.

All of this being said… in the upcoming months and possibly a couple of short years ahead – Israel, according to the book of Revelation will come under 1260 days where the gentile (non Jewish nations) will trample on Jerusalem. Revelation 11. Why? God will clean out the evil Leftist “Jews”, (Erav Rav) Israeli’s greatest enemies. Who enforce debauchery, sin and abomination in the land of Israel with soothe-saying and lies of ‘tolerance’ for abomination (like abortion and homosexual parades).

So, we pray for the believing remnant in Israel – that God will protect each and every true believer IN Israel and cover them in his pavilion in the time of their annexation.

Cover them ALL Lord in Jesus/Yeshua’s name.