‘Christians’ In USA Are For ‘Gay’ Marriage. Are They Also Pro-Drunk? Pro-Adultery? Pro-Greedy? Pro-Thievery?

Why Are So Many ‘Christians’ In USA For Homosexual Marriage? Are They Also Pro-Drunks? Pro-Adultery?  I woke up with this on my heart this morning..

Never mind the Jews. They are a whole other story.. (Many a BAD story in Communist insanity & depravity) You are the majority, the ones whose forefathers created this country, the Christians.  Let’s ask the ones in your ranks who have fallen away or are in some type of an apostasy.

As you all know, I am a Jew-Tian.  My mother is a Jew, my father is Christian, making me a Jew-Tian, I don’t deny either faiths having been born with the 2.  So, I am well read in the Torah, Tanakh and the Christian Bible.  This is why I can make some friends in both people/s. My disagreement with Christians is ‘3 Gods in one’.  There is only ONE God; Elohim, Jehovah, Adonai is his name.  From the beginning: “Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God, the LORD is one.” Deuteronomy 6:4

Anyhow: Here is a scripture for Christian people:

1 Corinthians 6:

Or do you not know that wrongdoers will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor men who have sex with men[a]10 nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.

since the Bible clearly advises Christians that these types of people will not ‘enter into the Kingdom’, why are so many “Christians” in America pro-homosexual marriage?  Are they also pro-drunk?  Are they pro-greed? Pro-adultery? How ’bout pro-pedophile?  Pro-Thievery? 

You can’t have it both ways.  Picking and choosing from your faith.  As you can plainly see from the Marxist, ‘reform’ Jewish example, this does not work.  Something is seriously wrong within your ranks.  I mean bigtime.  If you are for this homosexual marriage, we have to safely assume you condone ALL bad behaviors.

If you think that federal homosexual marriage is OK.  You had better get ready for stealing to be OK.  Pedophiles will be OK.  (So don’t get mad when your child is molested, you did this to yourself) Rape will be cool. (So ditch the ‘violence against women’, it will be OVER) Greed will be fine. (Just hope your kid does not steal everything you have) Adultery will be cool.. (If your husband cheats on you, don’t get all pissy).  You are OK with these practices.

If homos are going to be homos, that’s NOT our problem.  That is between the homo and God.  But, when they start dictating national policy & demanding us to sanctify their issues in churches and synagogues..Then, they ARE a problem.

Selah.. It’s not going to stop, ’til you wise up.

There Are Fake Jews In Sects Of Judaism Just As Their Are Fake Christians in Ranks Of Christians

Today, I had the very unpleasant experience of visiting the blog of a very nice man.   Unfortunately, he has a very judgemental person on his website that seems to want to judge all Jews by some.  This Jew-hater also calls himself “Christian”.   He tells The Mad Jewess she has a heart as black as coal, is a deceiver, and is going to hell.  The Mad Jewess has rejected God, this Jew hater knows ALL about me!! Even more than my own self!

Sadly, on some “Jewish” blogs, they talk the same about Christians-only in reverse.  Christians are ‘evil, cross-wearing fascists that will all die for putting Jews through horrors’. They hate that America is supposed to be a Christian country.. They call themselves “Jews”.     

So, you see what a pickle I can get myself in?  I am caught in the middle of both groups  –all the time.   Sticking up for one, chastising the other, vs versa.. etc..

Because my Mom is a Jew, I am a Jew.  My Dad is a Christian..Therefore, by ‘ethnicity’ standards, I am also Christian.  I embrace both sides of myself to the dismay of BOTH groups… What I believe, personally, is really none of anyone’s damned  business. Unless I choose to converse about it..  I don’t ‘pick and choose’.  I am who I am.   I find that not sharing ‘too’ much, I am at peace with Christians AND Jews.  

My husband is 100% Jewish and he is a semi-observant Jew.  I would not want him to be any other way.  I love my husband to the depths of my soul.  You all know my husband is David Ben Moshe.  Those of you who know me, and have spoken to me, know that there ARE 2 of us..  Many people think The Mad Jewess is a man 😀  I wish.  You really think that if I was a man, I would not have killed every last one of these dirty, rotten, filthy, Commu-NAZI traitors??

……Anyhooo… You can’t be a ‘born again, spirit-filled’ Christian and hate the Jewish people.  You cannot, either, be a Torah-abiding Jew, or a spiritual Jew (like myself) and hate Christian people.  You cannot be a Jew and hate the people of Israel (as the left-wing Jews and Neutari Karta do) OR the alien among you who does RIGHT. (I am not talking about rocket-throwing palis, I am talking about Chinese, etc. who ASSIMILATE to JEWISH Israel)   You cannot be a Christian and hate anyone, either.   By hatred, I mean murderous feelings.  Of course, hating evil is an entirely different thing..I abhor evil..

On the case of “Zionism:”  If one is a Jew, one KNOWS that Zion is mentioned in the Bible, (Torah and Tanakh) well over 200X.  Christians believe that Jesus is the ‘cornerstone of Zion’.   So, both people/s cannot have murderous feelings toward Zion.   I get sick and tired of “Zionist this and Zionist that” – when we all know fully well that it is COMMUNISTS/BOLSHEVIKS/MARXISTS (Jew AND non Jew)   who have hijacked both America AND Israel. NOT Zionists.

At any rate:  Zion is Elohim/GOD’s favorite place on earth, (spiritually, physically, whatever you want).    Jews AND Christians should think seriously hard when they say they are ‘anti-Zion-ist’.  Are you saying you are “anti- Elohim/God??” Jews? Or “Anti-Christ?” Christians?? Both are oxy-morons in my opinion.. True patriotic Zionists in Israel who love H’Shem just want to worship their God.  I am not talking about idiot Bolshevik/Socialist moonbat Jews.

So.. Selah….

We, here, do NOT like the government of Israel.  It’s people, however (IF SANE, aka patriotic, right wing, religious Jews) have 100% of our moral support.  

Here endeth the lesson for today.

La Raxa Mexicans, Obama-Blacks, EVIL “Jews”, FAKE “Christians”, White Trash & All Of You SCUM:

This website will remain “politically CORRECT” Got it? 

We are the correct, the rest of you SCUM, are INCORRECT.

When you sub-humans start acting like decent citizens, we will treat you like decent citizens. 

You bitch, cry, moan and groan about people being racists, homophobes, ETC,…but you don’t look in a mirror at your sick selves.

  La Raza Mexicans, illegal enablers: You have come to the nation, and all that you have done is destroy.  You listen to the Commie-jargon how ‘this land is Aztlan’.  This land is NOT your land.  MEXICO is YOUR land. You have one child after the next, and expect Americans to take care of your sorry asses. You have drained our society and robbed us blind without an inch of shame. you rape, rob, torture, and enable evil.  Until you sub humans start acting right, we will call you every ugly name in the book.  So, get used to illegal-occupiers, wetbacks, bean-dip and so forth.  You have NO respect. You hang your UGLY ASS flag above the American flag–UPSIDE DOWN, and you expect us to not hate your guts? ARE YOU INSANE!?

  Obama-blacks: YOU are terrorizing all over the USA: Robbing, raping, beating and instigators of the worst havoc across this once great nation. You get mad as hell if someone calls you a nigger (oh my GOD!!) but don’t even see that you are ACTING like a NIGGER!! And we ALL know the difference in a decent, patriotic, God-fearing, Christian black person over you trash.  So, push your race card all over the map, nobody gives a damn anymore.  We will call you every ugly name in the book, until you act like decent citizens of society-SHUT UP. WE AINT LISTENING ANYMORE.

Evil “JEWS”:  You make society sick with your tolerence for every evil thing under the sun. In fact, you call Holocaust museums “Museums of Tolerance”.   You want all of this ‘tolerance’, yet you hate Christians, you hate white people (why the hell that is, I will never know-YOU ARE WHITE, stupid DREK!) You have waged a war (With atheists) against Christians in this nation (REAL Christians).  You help produce some of the most grotesque movies, music, books etc.  And you get your ass in a sling when people are angry at you.  They are seriously angry with you, because you have not an ounce of decency in you.  You call yourselves “Jews”, and dont even see the pain you cause REAL Jews in America. When you get called “kikes, Bolsheviks, ETC”-DONT cry to me. I dont give a damn.  You are getting what you asked for by voting in OBAMA, a MUSLIM. Obama is a  Christian-hating, Jew-hating, America-hating, Israel-hating, White-hating SOB.  When we call you bad names, TOUGH SHIT. Start acting right and things will CHANGE.

Fake Christians:  You use that Socialist, Communist, sick jargon. It is totally repulsive. I have seen born-again Christians that I used to hang out with years ago, and they endorse ‘gay’ marriage.  WHAT THE HELL!! You  that call yourselves “Christians”-you hate Jewish people that are right-minded and religious. You blame ISRAEL for OUR nation going to the ashcan. You refuse to take responsibility for your own actions. You also demand ‘tolerance’, yet forget that GOD can be an ANGRY God, and full of wrath when a nation turns on him. You refuse to take a stand against evil and call it what it is; EVIL.  You are cowardly, passive, agressive freaks that are Christian in name only.  You deny your identity and pretend that Jesus was not a JEW.  You make me sick-until YOU change, we will call you satanic, fake, phoney liars and FRAUDS. GET USED TO IT.

WHITE TRASH:  You are the worst out of this whole group.  You attack decent Americans; call them ‘trailer-trash’, rednecks, Israel-firsters, “ZOG”.  You voted for Obama and have NO shame.  Most of you are on a ton of prescription drugs, smoke pot, drink a ton of liquor, want Americans to pay for your LAZY ASSES. You persecute patriotic individuals and have some screwed up notion that you are ‘offering God up a service’.  You are offering SATAN up a service.  You hate this country, take up for enemies, enable Communism and Nazi-ism.  THERE IS A HELL, and you are going there. Repent or go to hell. And….STOP VOTING, you screw EVERYTHING up.


Obamas Spiritual Advisors Jim Wallace Cronies~”Christians” ARE Insane!!

Go to fullsize imageRussia is NOT going to just ‘give up’ their nukes, you idiots.  I happened to come across these people claiming to be “Christian” and either they are one or the other;

1. Officially, certifiable and need massive psychiatric care OR

2. Want the complete obliteration of America by Russian nukes.

I believe #2.  These crazed, left wing “Christians” absolutely make zero sense.  They believe that America is the imperialist monster and the great sinner in this world, but, these freaks are the ones that MADE this united states of America: unclean, unholy, unrighteous and oxymoron with their tolerance of every evil thing.

This is their latest asshattery post:

 They are NOT “Christians” like I know Christians.  Just as left wing “Jews” are NOT Jews at all. It is time for all good people of faith to start discerning people from the fruits they bear.  “Soujourners” Jim Wallaces peace is a FALSE “Peace”. It is also written of in the Torah, Tanakh, and the Christian New Testament:
 Jeremiah 6:14
14 They have healed also the hurt of My people lightly, saying: ‘Peace, peace’, when there is no peace.


 1 Thessalonians – Chapter 5:3  ~While people are saying, “There is peace and security,” then sudden destruction will come upon them as labor pains come upon a pregnant woman, and they will not escape.

Go to fullsize image

   There is a penalty, Mr. Wallace for preaching false prophecy.  And as for these so-called “Christians” preaching this junk, theirs is eternal damnation, so I read.   In the Christian New Testament, it is written that he did not come to the earth to bring ‘peace’ but a sword. Looks like this is TRUTH to me..  You will have to deal with that, Mr. Wallace when you face the maker of the Heavens and the earth in the end.
{And, yes, I embrace both faiths that I was born with, tyvm..}


BTW: If you are a Jew OR A Christian that is pissed b/c I quote all of the biblical books, tough titty said the kitty…