#PALLYWOOD, #Ukraine Style: 10 Videos/Photos From #UKRAINE That Are Fake:

PALLYWOOD, Ukraine Style 10 Videos/Photos From #UKRAINE That Are Fake:

WHY any Jewish person would be supporting the Ukraine ‘side’ right now is beyond my comprehension. However, many are. Like David Frum the idiot. OR, whats-his-face Crystal. How would both of these numbskulls feel if they knew their beloved Ukie Azov battalion Nazi’s were pushing Pallywood style propaganda: Game footage being shared as ‘Ukraine videos’

Being used in UKRAINE as war propaganda.

This photo is actually from 2017. YEMEN.

If your ‘side’ has to use FAKE video’s and photo’s…

Then, your ‘side’ is FOS.

#ISRAEL: Palestinian Fauxtography of the Day: Russian Doll Edition

ISRAEL: #Palestinian LIARS Use Little Russian Girl’s Photo To Gain Sympathy From Idiots Who Believe Them

Palestinian Fauxtography of the Day: Russian Doll Edition

The Liars are passing this off as a little “Palestinian” girl that was supposedly ‘murdered’:

However, this little girl is Russian from Russia. See here at Israelly cool



People get angry with me recently because I am pissed off that the Israeli government jabbed a million Jewish people. I am against the magnetic covid19 ‘vaccine’ experiment injection, therefore, I am angered that the Israeli govt did this to their people just the same as I am angered with my own government. I think ALL governments are evil. Israel’s included. NO exceptions when it comes to governments & what they foist upon their OWN people.

By the way: Biden Administration Shown ‘Smoking Gun’ Evidence Proving Terrorists In AP Office Building

#Israel: #Palestinians Using Fake Photos From 2016…As Usual

Palestinians Using Fake Photos From 2016

This happens every conflict the Palis start. People believe them though because they just hate all things Jewish & Israeli. We don’t care for most of the politicians in Israel for jabbing Jews and giving up land..But, the Jew haters just hate Jews, Israel, etc.

Earlier, I read some ‘conservative’ blogs that are faking ‘upset’ over Israel blasting a ‘news’ holdout. These so-called Conservatives ‘suddenly’ believe the news submitted by the Palis because they just hate Israel. Who gives a damn if Al Jazeera lost their bunker. I wish it was CNN.

Video: “Palestinians” Fake Death, Play Dead For Media.

Video: “Palestinians” Fake Death, Play Dead For Media.


This is Arab/Pali Modus Operandi.

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