‘NikkieTutorials’ Comes Out As Trans AFTER Making Millions Teaching Girls How To Do Makeup

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If there’s anything I cannot respect, its a person who is deceitful.  ‘Nikkie’ can go ahead and pretend to be a woman.  Anyone can do what they want with their body.  We live in a society that puts feelings over reason in any event.  You can do what you want, Nikkie. 

Nikkie made his millions and now it’s time to ‘tell the truth’ and shock jock as many people as possible. She/he might as well say:  ‘Tee hee, kiddies, I was born a boy!! And, I faked ya’all!’

Nikkie has had his/her makeup channel for years. He/she decided to share this ‘news’ of her ‘transition’ today.  He/she finally told the boyfriend.  This person is concerned only with ‘being herself’ and not the lives of millions of people around her/him.  This is the way many LGBTQ etc are: Selfish humans who care about themselves, first.  

So, Nikkie can go ahead and ‘be what she wants’…and we have to ‘support’?   Well, NO.  It doesn’t work that way.  You scam everyone pretending you’re a female and we ‘have’ to support?  Cold day in hell..  This is why I am sick and tired of the LGBT club.  We HAVE to ‘love it’ or we’re a ‘hater’.  
Its all a crock of shit.

I feel terrible for his/her boyfriend.  This is so damned deceitful and selfish. Utterly uncaring. I blocked his channel.  Its the LIES that make me want to vomit!  This is false advertising as well. Shame on this liar.  He also says: “I was born in the wrong body”.  Fine thing.. Telling God in front of millions that GOD made him wrong.  Terrible.

At least, with the fruit-loop, cuckoo, crazy nut, Jeffree Star…HE has always just been himself.


Here is the puke story:   https://www.insider.com/nikkietutorials-comingout-video-transgender-woman-new-2020-1

Videos: Eight Patriots Stand Up To Violent Mob Of #Communist Demonstrators In DC On May Day

Eight Patriots Stand up to violent mob of #Communist Marxist Demonstrators in DC On May Day

My comments about these videos-

First of all: Why are there Communists in America?  Ethel and Julius Rosenberg’s execution was not enough to send their cohorts them to a Communist country.

Second: ‘There is no racism against white people?’  What is the definition of racism? Hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.  Racism can be in anyone.

Myself, for eg. I have no more tolerance for the angry blacks in our society that hate white people.  If that’s racist, so be it.  At any rate, this is the society that the Marxists have created; Division, chaos and murderous, violent mobs.  It certainly has not been patriots that created this mess.

Click: Eight patriots stand up to violent mob of Communist demonstrators in DC

-David Ben Moshe

Jackass Alert: Napoleonic Bloomberg’s MSNBC Friends Say “Anti-Semitism” Behind Anti-2nd Amendment Ads

Please.  Dudes…  Sell crazy somewhere else. Nobody thinks of Bloomy as a ‘Jew’, anyway. (Not in the religious or spiritual sense at all)  They think of him as a moron.  A little, stool-pushing, sissy-boy.  An ugly, tiny-minded, pathetic creep with a massive Napoleonic complex.  “Jews” like Doomberg create the Jew-hate.   Do everyone a favor, Mike.  Go kill yourself.  Make the world peaceful.  That would be a real “Tikkun Olam” (A healing of the world)  In fact, idiot.. You had better keep your body-guards because people are about to go postal on your kikel ass.  You are in office ILLEGALLY.  Good NYers should oust this illegal 3 term tuchus.

Read what the MSNBC panel suggest (the stooges for no guns);

Watch the entire exchange of jackass courtesy of MSNBC

ASSHOLEI deal with Jew- hatred (brought on by RATS like Bloomberg) EVERY SINGLE day because of this bastard.


{IF you have some x-tra time, go see Moonbattery’s graphic:}

Nanny Statist Bloomberg Deploys Ads, Drones


Sandy Hook Fundraiser Uncovered 4 Days Before The Shooting?!

Contributed By GoldBugGal

I said I would not just leave this alone.  Are we to believe the “official” Sandy Hook story from the liars at the MSM?  Or are we to believe what our own eyes are seeing??  They want our guns.  Do you think they used this situation to grab them?
Think.  Is it possible that this page is cached strange on the site???
There are archives here:

youcaring sandy hook fundraiser

By the way:

Oh, this too:

You Think Leftists Are Not Exploiting Sandy Hook Fake ‘Shooting’? Look At This Newtown, CT Tweet Grid Today

Contributed by GoldBugGal

Keep thinking that Sandy Hook really happened. That Obama was crying. That there were no actors.  No coincidences. Obama has been giving his bots orders to make this fake fiasco into a reality.

Just keep believing the lies and listen to what they tell you. Baahhh, baahhhh…

See the grid here:


Jbrock130: RT @FoxNews: #Gun shows face restrictions after #Newtown shooting, as planners seek ‘fair’ treatmenthttp://t.co/5q60v6io
Sat Jan 05 2013 09:54:10 GMT-0700 (US Mountain Standard Time)

waldeterossi: RT @FoxNews: #Gun shows face restrictions after #Newtown shooting, as planners seek ‘fair’ treatmenthttp://t.co/5q60v6io
Sat Jan 05 2013 09:53:55 GMT-0700 (US Mountain Standard Time)

waldeterossi: RT @FoxNews: #Gun shows face restrictions after #Newtown shooting, as planners seek ‘fair’ treatmenthttp://t.co/5q60v6io
Sat Jan 05 2013 09:53:55 GMT-0700 (US Mountain Standard Time)

Forgetitsucka: RT @FoxNews: #Gun shows face restrictions after #Newtown shooting, as planners seek ‘fair’ treatment http://t.co/5q60v6io
Sat Jan 05 2013 09:53:51 GMT-0700 (US Mountain Standard Time)

FoxNews: #Gun shows face restrictions after #Newtown shooting, as planners seek ‘fair’ treatment http://t.co/5q60v6io
Sat Jan 05 2013 09:53:32 GMT-0700 (US Mountain Standard Time)

tmj_ctg_retail: #Retail #Job in #Newtown , CT: Retail Store Positions at CVS Caremark http://t.co/ALk0cfqk #Jobs #TweetMyJobs
Sat Jan 05 2013 09:52:20 GMT-0700 (US Mountain Standard Time)

tmj_ctg_hrta: #TweetMyJobs #Hospitality #Job alert: Catering Coordinator | Panera Bread | #Newtown , CThttp://t.co/9tHx0ulW #VeteranJob #Jobs
Sat Jan 05 2013 09:51:57 GMT-0700 (US Mountain Standard Time)

tucsonlimo: RT @totallytucson: At 12 noon today @mrsgreensworld: Learn how SWA stepped up for #Newtown & #Tucson 12AZ time. Healing via @BensBells
Sat Jan 05 2013 09:51:56 GMT-0700 (US Mountain Standard Time)

epiphanymag: Tell @BarackObama that you #DemandAPlan to end gun violence in America. #Newtownhttp://t.co/76b2XWxz
Sat Jan 05 2013 09:51:50 GMT-0700 (US Mountain Standard Time)

robert_veres: RT @CSGV: Florida pawn seller says “I can’t do it anymore” after #Newtown, refuses to sell guns anymore http://t.co/v4TSor3E #p2 #tcot #WishGranted
Sat Jan 05 2013 09:51:02 GMT-0700 (US Mountain Standard Time)

Badgers_Rebel: Firearms stolen in Beaver Dam Fleet Farm burglary http://t.co/HEuxexDe Coming to a School Near You? #NRA #LaPierre #Newtown #Tcot #WiUnion
Sat Jan 05 2013 09:50:41 GMT-0700 (US Mountain Standard Time)

RhiannonKWY: RT @CSGV: Several gun shows near #Newtown #CT are being canceled http://t.co/T5ca4doS via @ABC #p2 #tcot #NRA #NoMoreNRA #DemandAPlan

This Last July 4th Was Hypocrisy OUT OF CONTROL..

An American flag buntingPeople whose flags have been M.I.A. for years, had the audacity to hang their American flags, then come to tell me about it.  A member of my own family, all excited, had bought flag bunting for his/her deck. “Isnt that great” she/he said…

July Fourth holiday patriotic  In 1992, I moved into my own little cottage in Salinas, CA. The neighborhood I lived in was mostly Mexican, and I didn’t know that when I moved in there, that there were drug dealers that were a cancer in the neighborhood.  In a word- I was oblivious.  The very first thing I purchased was an American flag.  (Who knew these people had such hate for this nation with their drugs infesting the neighborhoods they live in?)

A lot of  A few months later, I had slept over a friends house, I forgot to take my flag inside. I came home to find my flag in a tree down the street (This is how much most Mexicans like our flag, BTW) Anyhow, I took the flag, hung it again. The Mexicans on my block continued to take my flag down, even during the day. I just kept hanging it on the side of the house. What the hell is the meaning of this story, anyway?  The meaning is that I have ALWAYS been a patriotic American, in fact, this is the first year that I DIDN’T have a flag hanging. WHY?  WHAT FOR?! 

 Dunce Cap For Datuk Dr Abdul Are these newly found patriots happy with their new-found love of country? These same new patriots are so unhappy with the election of the Moslem from Kenya, while I was telling them, BEFORE  the 2008 election, to wake the hell up.     I have had a “Dont Tread On Me” flag since 2005.  I have been standing against this Moslem from Kenya since 2004, when he was at the DNC, and everybody thought he was a ‘wonderful speaker’ (GAG)…..  I will tell ya, quite frankly…We deserve this evil, dictator wannabe tyrant. Yes we do.  My family is not the only family that has sat around for over 20 years in blatant ignorance, while this nation has been rotting to the core.  I wrote about how I felt right here back in 2007:

My America, and little Hampton Bays.

 He worked in the California When I was 17, I was in a history class, the teacher was teaching about the California bear flag.  I raised my hand, and said “Who cares about the bear flag., you need to teach about the Revolutionary War, the Boston Tea Party, the Boston Massacre, not some junk about a bear on a flag!”  Many little shits protested, even then when I said that.

American flag upside down

WE DO NOT DESERVE A COUNTRY. WE HAVE SHIT ON THIS NATION, allowed our tax dollars to go to EVERY other nation, and taken care of the world, while our nation has been rotting from Communist indoctrination.  Abortion in the 10 millions, fag marriage being thrust on us, loss of religious freedoms, helmet laws, seat belt laws, laws, laws, laws, but no law that says;





Obamas MASSIVE Scrubbing Of Internet Update, S.S. # PLUS

Hurricane Electric Internet Services 

 File Not Found 

  The object you requested, /letterHolder.htm, does not exist.The requested object does not exist at the specified location. The link you followed is either outdated, inaccurate, or the server has been instructed to not let you have it.

 The YES WE CAN scrub of the internet.

This is Obama-Land, this is the NO FREE SPEECH ZONE. This is the Marxist dream, people. This is the usurped America, this is our worst nitemare that McCarthy WARNED us about, and regretfully, we did NOT listen. And here are the people, alive, and well, in our W.H., in control, ruling like Hitler-ettes, & Stalinites.

See Below:

Go right here: Did Barack Obama get his Social Security Number in Connecticut? (042-68-????) then, look at the the paragraph, it says on the first paragraph, ‘here’;

{See: If you go >>>>> here and do a find for 042-68 you’ll see what purports to be the first part of Barack Obama’s Social Security Number. According to the Social Security Administration, the 042 prefix indicates that the number was obtained in Connecticut: ssa.gov/employer/stateweb.htm.} 

 You will see the above “Hurricane Electric Internet Services.”  Now, just who the hell is that?

The LYING leftists who pretended to be  for the Constitution are what I always thought they were; Control freaks, mind-fucks, and ungodly sonofabitches that should be shot for treason.


I have been following this whole issue of the Hussein Obama B.C. since last June, when “TECHDUDE,” Ron Polerick  advised the public that it was forgery, which it was, imo.  Why was it forged??  Obama will never tell us that, just as he wont EVER tell you little PEONS where all of his records are.

That is Obama, that is “Obama transparency”  -See, Obama is transparent with 1 person: himself only.

See, this all started with the blog called TX DARLIN, but, this is what she says…today:

I’ve said this dozens of times, but it bears repeating. I believe Barack Obama was born in Hawaii. There just isn’t any reason to believe otherwise. However, I maintain that he is hiding his birth records. Last year, I was the first commentator to theorize that Obama’s original birth certificate in the name Obama was sealed and replaced with one in the name Soetoro, as a result of his adoption by step-father Lolo Soetoro. Why did Obama want to conceal that information? I don’t know; you’d have to ask him.  Maybe because the updated certificate reveals Indonesian citizenship?

So that’s my theory. Obama was born in Hawaii but likely had or has multiple citizenships. My theory hasn’t substantially changed in over a year’s time, and I’m sticking with it now.


So, you heard it from the REAL “birther queen”  who has had this moving since day 1.

So, heres the deal with HUSSEIN…just accept the pigs word, (even though ‘multiple citizenship’ is against the Constitution) & they should have STOPPED him LONG ago…..People, you must accept this plight, until he is thrown out for fraud and treason for refusing to release any records, and being a DUAL, which has been my own personal issue with this wild-insane JOKERMAN from the pits of hell.

Please understand that I am not, in any way putting TX DARLIN down, I am with her 100% & as I prayed for answers, I feel G-d wanted me to visit her blog to ease my mind, and it did. 

I call all of us ‘birthers’ now, because of people like TX DARLIN, who woke people up about this whole issue, and singlehandly woke up real Americans to the fire-filled new “birth” movement in restoring conservative values back in America, come hell or highwater, that is what the REAL ‘birther’ movement is all about.

 Please visit her yourself, to see a 100% patriotic American that has been looking out for you, me, and has done incredible investigation with Polerick.

My hats off to a TRUE American, TX DARLIN,  G-d Bless you, and keep you, and you make me proud to be a REAL American conservative.

TD Blog

Thank you, TX DARLIN

Thank you, TX DARLIN


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