Believe What You See On TV Or News? This Video Will Make You Think Twice

Believe What You See On TV Or News? This Video Will Make you Think Twice

I believe nothing on the News anymore. I can’t even watch it. Actually I have not sat down to watch the News on TV since 2010. I believe nothing that comes out of the White House either. The spirit of God showed me this in Feb: Signs & LYING Wonders, aka #AI​ & #Photoshop

Don’t believe anything on TV.

Tell-A-Vision. (No truth IN it)

April Fools: Idiot 5G Worker WROTE ‘COV19’ On The Circuit Box, As A Joke

My previous post, I also asked if this was possibly fake but I removed it. I am sorry I posted it.  I apologize.




I think the dude who did this fake is a dumbass, mocking at a time when things are so upside down.

#NYT Dr Colleen Smith, A #Simulation ista, Specializes In Mock Medical

#NYT Dr Colleen Smith, A #Simulation ista, Specializes In Mock Medical

Is Colleen Smith really a Doctor or simply a “Simulationista?”

Here is my video.  In the video I LINK is a breakdown:

As Our Media LIES Abt #COVID19, THESE People Are REALLY Suffering/Dying:

As Our Media LIES Abt #COVID19, THESE People Are REALLY Suffering/Dying:

A LOT more people in the United States are recovering because we still have halfway decent medical care.  These smaller countries do not.  From all around the world, this is what is happening with people who are contacting the virus:

I dont even watch our news.  They make me sick.  Just look at all of the MSM bull:

Another COVID-19 Lie Exposed – Los Angeles Health Officials Caught Lying About Teenager’s Death Linked to Coronavirus

Candace Owens: Governor Lamont Lied About Baby Dying from COVID-19 and Should Resign (VIDEO)

Watch Dr. Fauci in January: “This Is Not a Major Threat for People in the United States… Not Something Citizens – Should Be Worried About”

IHME Coronavirus Model the White House is Relying on is GARBAGE – It Predicted 121,000 Americans Hospitalized by Yesterday; Actual Number?… 31,142

Big hoaxer:  Shivering, Beaten ‘Like a Piñata’ – Chris Cuomo Says Coronavirus Caused Him to Hallucinate About His Deceased Father

YT Journo: Posts About #Coronavirus “Fake Deaths”, YOU Decide:

Adam Schiff Announces Legislation to Investigate the Coronavirus Emergency …And Then Trump

Jerry Falwell, Jr. Blasts NY Times after Fake News Reporting on Coronavirus Policy and Sick Kids on Campus

This Is CNN: Oliver Darcy Gets Facebook to Pull James O’Keefe Coronavirus Video Report

Dr. Birx Pushes COMPLETE RUBBISH on American Public — Insists without One Iota of Proof that the US Economic Suicide Cut Coronavirus Deaths by Over a Million Deaths! (VIDEO)

Remember the Young Woman Who Died While Waiting for a Coronavirus Test in New Orleans? …Yeah, Well Now the Truth Is Out

O’Keefe Investigation: Army National Guardsman Says Coronavirus Media Coverage Overblown (VIDEO)

Anti-Trump PBS Hack Yamiche Alcindor Says Covering Trump Is a “Team Sport” for Media “We Have Each Other’s Back”

Dr. Fauci Went from a Possible 1.7 Million US Deaths Due to Coronavirus to a Possible 200,000 US Deaths in 14 Days!

Twitter Removes Tweet By Populist President Jair Bolsonaro Because it Conflicts with Their Coronavirus Agitprop

CBS News Caught Using Footage from an Italian Hospital to Describe Conditions in New York City (VIDEO)

Good News: Chris Cuomo Tested Positive For #COVID19 & He’s Better In A Day & 1/2. MSM: STOP THE HYPE!

Good News: Chris Cuomo Tested Positive For #COVID19 & He’s Better In A Day & 1/2 STOP HYPING.

I just read that Chris Cuomo, who tested positive for the Corona is better in a day and a half,  he suffered a fever.  Why the News is still hyping this crap is beyond me.  How old is Cuomo? 50?  So, he’s 50 years old and got thru it in barely 2 days.  He looks damned good, in fact:  HERE and below:

The News is selling hype and I aint buying it.  

Another Democrat with the Corona:

Rep. Ben McAdams (D-Utah), another high-profile Covid-19 patient, also recounted his battle with the disease on Thursday morning, telling NBC’s “Today” show that he was finally “virus-free” after being hospitalized.


#CBS Resorted To Palestinian Style Video/Photo AgitProp: Regrets Being Caught

#CBS Resorts To Palestinian Style Video/Photo AgitProp Regrets Being Caught

On March 22, SKY News showed footage of a hospital in Bergamo. CBS news used this video from ITALY to show ‘conditions’ in NYC (you all know this story) Click on this link to read it at  GP

This Youtuber nails the CBS Soviet information Commies saying that they only regret being caught: CLICK

What many of you don’t know or maybe you do know, I don’t know… Is that Palestinian/Gazans do this ALL the time.  Now, the American news media is like the fake news agitprop from P@lestine/Gaza.  Disgusting.

Israel Matzav: Some fake photos from Hamas

pallywood – pallywoodblog

A Tangled Web » Blog Archive » HOORAY FOR PALLYWOOD…


There are thousands of these photos & videos. Pallywood staged propaganda

But, people believe the lying Gazans because they hate Jews more than they love the truth.  Ditto for Americans who hate America more than they love the truth.

Leftist #FAKENEWS Hyping Virus Like They Hyped Phony #Impeachment

Leftist #FAKENEWS Hyping Virus Like They Hyped Phony #Impeachment

When the Left was pushing the impeachment garbage, it was ENDLESS impeachment news.  Now, they finally found a news piece that stuck…they are playing it up to the hilt. 

And, I don’t know when people are going to wake up from listening and reacting to the #FAKENEWS.  I talk to people all around the world and they’re laughing at how dumb Americans are for believing the MSM.

#Coronavirus Found On My Old Lysol Can:

#Coronavirus Found On My Old Lysol Can

Dont buy the hype:

#Coronavirus-“COVID19” [1] Feb 2020. 
Jan – March 2020: [157,594] Americans will have died of cancer.

Not a new disease. Not a ‘new’ series of virus. A total Leftist hyped up, manufactured panic to hurt Trump’s economy.  This latest mass media stunt has hurt many people, financially.  I hope you Communists are proud of yourselves.



MURDERER Clinton Was Impeached & Finished Term, So Should Trump (For A Phone Call)

Remember?  Impeachment is only indictment, not conviction.

Image result for clinton impeached"

I was younger but I remember Clinton’s impeachment.  I didn’t know what I know now.. but, here’s the kicker:  America votes in a President and both parties go nuts with ‘impeachment’ jargon.  We get the govt we asked and voted for.  Thats how it works.  Don’t like how it works, go vote for someone else.  Dont like how the Republic works? Leave.  Go to North Korea where things are soooo much nicer..  😉

The CommieCrat party is impeaching Trump over a phone call… A phone call about Biden and his corruption in Ukraine.  Well, Biden IS corrupt and he should be investigated.  Joe’s son, Hunter Biden recently admitted this.. So, what are the Commie-Crats impeaching Trump over?  They dont even like Biden..

Sept 2019:  Justice Department clears Trump of wrongdoing on Ukraine call.

Maybe this fake impeachment something more nefarious.. Maybe the CommieCrat party really is corrupt like we’ve been saying and Trump’s investigation is the flame that burns to ‘close to the throne’.   I think so.  Maybe if Trump got that close to the CommieCrat shenanigans, he would soon reveal all of the ‘mysterious’ deaths around Hillary and Bill?  The List of Clinton Associates Who’ve Died Mysteriously, Las Vegas CBS …

And, maybe that would also lead to Obama’s dead pool?? ObamaDead Pool” –

Not everything is always as it seems… Is it?  

Inquiring minds want to know…