The REAL Reason Obama Supports Gay Marriage

Isn’t it obvious?


H/T:Chaim Ben Pesach


The Mad Jewess Summation Of The Iowa Caucuses

The one thing that I really liked was the fact that there were NICE people voting. I like that Santorum came across as a clean-cut person that is wholesome.  It is something missing in Obamas hate-filled world.
I wish that Santorum would have won, hands down, even though this is only a small caucus…. He is the only one, in my opinion, that values life, and marriage-the 2 things that are under attack from Communists, also the downfall of empires when liberty becomes a yoke of bondage..

This being said:
{Blue Repubs are Soros progressives *COMMUNISTS*}

RE;  Ron Paul-With Blue Republicans endorsement, they (the blue Repubs) will push Paul to vote for more debaucherous laws like queer marriage for all, ‘liberty’ and drugs for all. “Peace, Flowers” yada yada..

Romney is like Obama with massivo Commie deathcare-G’bye America
Paul is lawless– a lot Like Obama, in the Christian values dept….Especially with Pauls OK with a G. Zero mosque-I see NO difference in the 2 (Obama & Paul), Christian values wise. Paul is more concerned with Israel and does not put America first. This is evident in the Jew-hate of his insane followers, who incessively talk Israel EVERY SINGLE DAY– (no, not all, but most.) I have a couple of SANE Paul supporters in my life.

If people want a Conservative who values life, marriage and NORMAL things, some of us will really have to look into Santorums records and views.

Thats what I think–at this point.