Now, The Gestapo In Charge Of AU Will Not Allow LIVE STREAM Church If No Vaccination?! Bunch Of Fascist Bastards, If True

Now, The Gestapo In Charge Of AU Will Not Allow LIVE STREAM Church If No Vaccination. Bunch Of Fascist Leftist Bastards

I just saw this meme from Victoria, AU… Its questionable but I wouldnt doubt it. Leftists and Globalists are INSANE psychopathic monsters. God, please destroy these people soon.

I will look more into this. If it is not truth, I will take it down. But, it stays up until I find out.

TERRIBLE!! #Israel Adopts Law Allowing Names Of Unvaccinated To Be Shared With Other Authorities

Israel Adopts Law Allowing Names Of Unvaccinated To Be Shared With Other Authorities

Most people know that I am pro Zionist and support the people of Israel, namely Orthodox, patriotic/or right wing Jewish people, J4J, Messianic and Jewish Christians like me. This is horrible.

Sharing names of unvaccinated people? Has Israel gone totally nuts? Whats next over there? No vaxx, no food? No vax, no work? No vax, no gas? Insanity and beyond. They’re literally setting up the Jewish people in Israel to be shamed and persecuted. And, that’s NOT anti semitic?! Commie/Fascist slime governments in the west are setting their people up for terrible persecution & mass slaughter. Nobody even know the long term effects of the vaccine (mark of the beast) except that it will land you in hell.

Wed, February 24, 2021 Here at Yahoo.

Israel’s parliament passed a law Wednesday allowing the government to share the identities of people not vaccinated against the coronavirus with other authorities, raising privacy concerns for those opting out of inoculation.

Nothing To See Here: India’s Largest Vaccine Plant On Fire

Nothing To See Here: India’s Largest Vaccine Plant On Fire

Interesting….just ‘went on fire’.

Makes ya wonder.. A plant in Taiwan that produced hydrochloroquin was also on fire: World’s Second Largest Hydroxychloroquine Plant in Taiwan …

Here are more explosions….Happened ‘just like that’ EXPLOSIONS In China, NK, Lebanon, India, USA, Iraq, Iran, UAE. In Just A Few Days Time:


Now, this one a few hours ago…

All sorts of chemical plants just ‘explode’. Soon, Phizer will probably be the only chemical plant left. And, their vaccines are killing people. Literally.



Mussolini's Final Hours - HISTORY

………Uh, yeah,  a long time ago.  

If it isn’t their little Hitler’s screaming at the non-Maskers, it’s the Commie-Crats burning down cities, bombing state buildings, tearing down statues and more.  Think about what these monsters have done.  As America was under the unlawful lockdown, the Commie-Crats didn’t even give this nation 10 days to to recover from the  physical and mental shock.  They are psycho mind-players.

They will *never* see themselves as anything but wonderful and tolerant.  Leftists are totally demon possessed.

Click here and listen to his podcast. 

#FASCISM, War & Bloodshed In #Mariupol, Ukraine Brought To You By John McCain & Victoria Nuland

#FASCISM, War & Bloodshed In #Mariupol, Ukraine Brought To You By John McCain & Victoria Nuland

 Civil War in Ukraine, courtesy of John McCain & pals…

SO: are these tweets FROM Ukraine more “Russian Propaganda”   I see that NO ‘conservative’ bloggers are bringing you the facts about Ukraine and still touting that crap that Putin wants the old Soviet Union back.. Hell, even if he did, it would not have been as bloody as the Ukrainian Nazi/Fascist FUBAR in Mariupol as we have seen by the Crimean vote… “Conservatives” only report what is happening in Ukraine if they believe it makes Russia look bad.   Keep your heads in the sand.  I was right all along.

Ukrainian fascists are hurting other Ukrainians. Russians not involved

U.S. Leftists Have NO Problem W/ Far Right Governing Ukraine, But Shake In Their Boots If A Right Winger Is In Ofc HERE

U.S. Leftists Have NO Problem W/ Far Right Governing Ukraine, But Shake In Their Boots If A Right Winger Is In Ofc HERE

Let’s break all of this down:

#1.  Far right (Actually fascistic) is now in power in Ukraine by Coup D’ Etat. 

#2.  In October 2012, Svoboda (fascist, Nazi party) joined a formal coalition with the ‘centre’-right Batkivshchyna. Currently Svoboda Party has acquired: 37 parliamentary seats. 

#3.  Ukraine is a moderate/Liberal country, socialist in economy.  

#4.  A small percentage of Ukrainians were part of the US/EU lead protesters. BUT: How will the majority of the populace like the new government that was foisted on them?

Now, let’s look at USA:  Imagine if some foreign Senators took over DC by Coup and foisted The Mad Jewess into power.  In the beginning, I would appear to be nice…Of course… I don’t want to shock the hell out of too many Leftists.. But, this would be my first few orders on command (after a little time)

#1.  I would take every single member of the house and senate, place them by force into prisons.  Then, judging each one, according to their deeds, I would then place punishments on them.  For Diane Feinstein and Chuck Schumer, I would have them hanged from the Washington needle.  For John McCain, I would send him to Syria to fight alongside of his Muslim buddies, with NO hope of returning to America-EVER.

#2.  I would close down every single leftist media outlet and ban them from TV and radio.  Ditto newspapers. There would be NO MORE left wing propaganda.

#3.  “Gay” marriage would be banned.  Homosexual propaganda would be burned. ANY Vile behavior in public would be outlawed.  Hetero OR Homo.

#4.  Business’ would be closed on Sunday’s.

#5.  Abortion would be outlawed with the exception of rape, molestation.

#6.  Leftist Professors would be fired with NO compensation and never hired in teaching again.  Communism would be outlawed in schools and the Bible would be taught every morning for 5 minutes with prayer at the pledge of allegiance.

#7.  Illegals would be deported.  Rounded up in 2 weeks time.  If they do not comply, they will be shot on sight by Americans.  Failure to shoot invader will mean deportation to Mexico, China, etc.  Closed borders with inter-locking fields of fire.

#8.  Industry back in the states by command.

#9  Affirmative action and feminism would be completely outlawed.

#10  English only, Muslims deported, *no* non-religious Jewish people would ever be allowed to run for house/senate. Only God -fearing Christian males would be encouraged.

#11.  It would be a federal crime with death to hurt a white person.

#12.  Females would never be allowed to vote again.  Look how irresponsible the majority of them are, anyway.


I hope you are understanding my drift here.  By nature – I, (The Mad Jewess) am very nationalistic. To some of you who are friends or fans, this all seems like a great idea.  But, the problem is, there are 100 million other Americans who would not agree.  Do you GET it, yet?  Those other 100 million that did not support my policies would be treated very  badly by other nationalists because of trickle down & I would be too busy to really care.  And, that is the current scenario in Ukraine.

THAT is what an American far, right-winger would do if placed in by Coup.  You think this is bad?  Well…it will be far worse for Ukrainians since some of those foisted into office are fascists. That is why the statues came down in Ukraine, expeditiously.

AND:  NY Times is semi-ok with this type government for Ukraine- See:  Front and Center in Ukraine Race, a Leader of the Far Right. But, they would NEVER be OK with The Mad Jewess taking power this way…would they??? Hypocrites..

NY Slimes calls “Coup” in Ukraine, “Russian propaganda” even though we all know what really happened was BY Coup with McCain and Nuland leading the charge.  Same coup that happened in Egypt, Libya and Syria.  Courtesy of EU/USA.  

S. T. VS, T & T

How do ya like me now….?   😀

You Know Why Obama Has To Monitor The News Rooms With The FCC?

An art collage from November 2013

That’s why.

And, I bet that the Liberals (Communists) love this.  You know that inside of every “Liberal” is a totalitarian screaming to get out?  Imagine if this was a Repub Prez doing this?  What say David Brock from Media Matters, who pretended to be outraged when Fox news didn’t cover the issues HE wanted covered? Heh, Brock?

Obama is a thin-skinned little pu$$y who can’t take ANY criticism.  And, this will be bad for people at home who do not have access to the net: They will hear non-stop propaganda.

#Communist, Obama Takes Exec Action: Background Checks for Gun Purchases

Communist, Obama Takes Exec Action: Background Checks for Gun Purchases

“Today, the Administration is announcing two new executive actions that will help strengthen the federal background check system and keep guns out of the wrong hands.”


Real brilliant, Obama, you asshole.. the wrong hands already have them, YOUR hands.

Don’t worry, just trust the US Government….Ask a Ukranian how governments are soooooooo trust-worthy…

How will this work…all of this gun control when the right wing fascists come into power, you stupid Communist, “Liberals?”