#Ukraine #Fascist Beating Roma Ukrainian Females W/ A ‘Dildo’, Vid by ‘Fearless John’

 #Ukraine #Fascist Beating Roma Ukrainian Females W/ A ‘Dildo’, Vid by ‘Fearless John’

I’ve been uploading these videos to YT. They were made by a Ukrainian (Roma?) named “Fearless John”. I didn’t embed it here because it has content warning on it. Hopefully, YT will get some conscience and leave it up.

Israeli McDonald’s Won’t Serve Jews:

Israeli McDonald’s Won’t Serve Jews:

We’re pro-Israel on this blog and we find this disgusting. Nobody is hurting the Jews BUT the Jews in Israel:

HAT TIP: Unvaccinated are banned from buying food at McDonald’s Israel…

And, lookie here: Pfizer CEO — Omicron Vaccine will be ready in 45 days…

45 days to a vaccine now. FORTY FIVE DAYS. No research. NO testing, NO nothing. Just take that shot you stupid sheep. Vaccines used to take 25 years. Now: Just mix together something that will kill off the populations.

Pfizer’s Scott Gottlieb Is A Bolshevik, Fascist “Jew”

Pfizer’s Scott Gottlieb Is A Bolshevik, Fascist “Jew”

Authored by David Ben Moshe:

Here we have a good little Bolshevik Jew who wants all American’s vaccinated no matter what injury or death occurs. What happened to my body, my choice or does that only work on Bolshevik, Leftist issues?

We no longer have to fight Jew haters. All we have to do is look for Left wing Jewish idiots–they create Jew-hate.

See this story at Leo Hohmann’s The fascist takeover of America is now almost complete

Remember I told you that this Bolshevik Jew helped America sink into totalitarianism.

NEA Venture Partner Scott Gottlieb, M.D., Nominated to be FDA Commissioner  | NEA | New Enterprise Associates
Fascist Jewish putz.

FASCIST, Steve Colbert Wants US Troops To Fight Us Taxpayers Who FUND The Military

FASCIST, Steve Colbert Wants US Troops To Fight Us Taxpayers Who FUND The Military

Inside every “Liberal” is a Hannibal Lecter screaming to get out.

This is a maggot. I curse this bottom feeding scum and pray God plagues him. This isnt ‘free speech’, its incitement to murder taxpayers.

NYT “Journalist”, RACHEL COHEN…Is A Fascist But Also Jewish? HOW Can This Be?!

NYT “Journalist”, RACHEL COHEN…Is A Fascist But Also Jewish? HOW CAN THIS BE?

Ms. Cohen states in this op-ed

Nearly 70 percent of states ordered bans on utility shut-offs, and more than half did so for evictions. Mayors authorized car-free streets to make cities safer for pedestrians, and the federal government nearly tripled the average unemployment benefit. Within weeks, states eliminated extortionist medical co-pays for prisoners and scrapped bail. New Jersey passed a bill that released more than 2,200 incarcerated people all at once.

The pandemic has been a long nightmare, but those were progressive pipe dreams turned reality. The arrival of the coronavirus, along with the wide-scale economic shutdowns to slow its spread, forced American policymakers to admit that a new world wasn’t just possible — it was necessary.

Joel Pollack, also a Jew (but moderate to Conservative) shames Cohen on Breitbart: The New York Times has published an op-ed that argues that while the coronavirus pandemic was a “nightmare,” it is to be celebrated because it “made the radical possible,” enabling radical policies that had once merely been “pipe dreams.”

The op-ed, by Rachel Cohen, argues that what began as emergency responses should provide a foundation for future change.

3 Surefire Ways to Write Terrible Content - Business 2 ...

According to Rachel Cohen, the fascist policies that were enforced against Americans during the Covid plandemic should happen all the time. These are totalitarian policies that put American people out of work. Citizens lost homes, they lost cars, they lost life savings. Many are homeless and in the streets. They are on foodlines now. Yet, Cohen glories in this ‘progressive’ (Communist) pipe dream that she was just chomping at the bit to take place.

How can this be? Why are there so many “Liberal” Jewish fascists in the media? These same “Jews” hate white people, specifically white males, they abhor Christians, patriotism, freedom, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It seems many of them would rather American people be 100% reliant on this insane government. I find this interesting since Jewish people alive during the time of the 3rd Reich were completely reliant on the German Nazi regime. This is the same type of regime that these “Liberal” Jews would LOVE to see Americans under.

There really is not a huge difference in Nazi’ism and Communism. Both are totalitarian and fascistic–where the government has ALL the power and the people are subjects of tyrants & millions die.

Like any Christian that comes under scrutiny when they are in the wrong, so should a Jewish person come under the same type scrutiny when we are incorrect. This shocking behavior Cohen embraces should be stopped. It is anti Americanism in it’s purest form.

Democrat LIARS Call Most GOP Leaders, “Hitler/Fascist” For Decades. Goldwater: ‘Fascist’. Reagan: ‘Hitler/Fascist’ ETC!

Democrat LIARS Call Most GOP Leaders, “Hitler/Fascist” For Decades. Goldwater: ‘Fascist’. Reagan, Walker: ‘Hitler/Fascist’ ETC!

Every GOP leader the Dems hate (which is ALL of them) is “Hitler” & “Fascist”. For many years, they use these terms, loosely. And, that is their driving force—every single time there is a potentially strong GOP leader. Every. Single. time. They attack—every, single day.

The stupid Democrats called Goldwater a “fascist”.

Protestors holding signs reading “Barry Goldwater represents resurgence of Fascism...

*CRANSTON, R. I., July 18, 1964 (AP)—Mayor James V. Diprete Jr. of Cranston, a Republican, called Senator Barry Goldwater today a “fascist who is threatening to take over this country by dividing the American people against one another.” NYTimes archives

David Austin Walsh on Twitter: "This is actually a really, *REALLY*  important point. One of the things that people forget about Hillary Clinton  is that she was a Goldwater backer in 1964.

Later on….The lunatic, Left called Ronald Reagan a “Fascist” NY Sun article

“There is a scent of fascism in the air,” the ad pronounces, warning that a second Reagan term would unleash “more bigots and chauvinists.”

*Democratic Rep. William Clay of Missouri charged that Reagan was ‘trying to replace the Bill of Rights with fascist precepts lifted verbatim from Mein Kampf.'” After Republicans took control of the House in the mid-’90s, Rep. John Dingell, D-Mich., compared the newly conservative-controlled House to “the Duma and the Reichstag,” referring to the legislature set up by Czar Nicholas II of Russia and the parliament of the German Weimar Republic that brought Hitler to power.

It never ends with these insane Democrats.

Everyone they don’t agree with is a Nazi, fascist, racist, chauvinist, Mussolini, etc.

Then, it was GWB 43:

Teacher Gave Bush-Hitler Assignment

* President George W. Bush, billionaire Democratic contributor George Soros said, “(He displays the) supremacist ideology of Nazi Germany,” and that his administration used rhetoric that echoes his childhood in occupied Hungary. “When I hear Bush say, ‘You’re either with us or against us,'” Soros said, “it reminds me of the Germans.” He also said: “The (George W.) Bush administration and the Nazi and communist regimes all engaged in the politics of fear. … Indeed, the Bush administration has been able to improve on the techniques used by the Nazi and communist propaganda machines.”

*Former Vice President Al Gore said: “(George W. Bush’s) executive branch has made it a practice to try and control and intimidate news organizations, from PBS to CBS to Newsweek. … And every day, they unleash squadrons of digital brown shirts to harass and hector any journalist who is critical of the President.”

*NAACP Chairman Julian Bond played the Nazi card several times. Speaking at historically black Fayetteville State University in North Carolina in 2006, Bond said, “The Republican Party would have the American flag and the swastika flying side by side.”

Surprise, surprise…..

Scott Walker is a “Hitler” ‘fascist’:

Nazis Everywhere, Part 185: Hitler Found in Wisconsin! - The Atlantic

*Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who dared to rein in excessive public employee compensation packages, received the full Nazi treatment. The hard-left blog Libcom.org posted in 2011: “Scott Walker is a fascist, perhaps not in the classical sense since he doesn’t operate in the streets, but a fascist nonetheless. … He is a fascist, for his program takes immediate and direct aim at (a sector of) the working class.”

*The chairman of the South Carolina Democratic Party, Dick Harpootlian, in 2012, compared the state’s Republican governor to Hitler’s mistress. When told that the Republicans were holding a competing press conference at a NASCAR Hall of Fame basement studio, Harpootlian told the South Carolina delegation: “(Gov. Nikki Haley) was down in the bunker, a la Eva Braun.”

So…..is it ANY shock that Trump is “Hitler/Fascist?” Not to me. We’ve been listening to the ridiculous Democrats and their crying wolf for decades. Why they are taken serious is beyond all comprehension. Why they are even allowed to run for office, let alone the Presidency is ludicrous—they are mental, tragedy queens, totally unfit to serve.

Trump and Hitler Compared - YouTube
Donald Trump compared to Adolf Hitler after 'complete shutdown of Muslims'  comments | The Independent | The Independent

Dear Lord, please hear the prayers of your humble Mad Jewess little friend. I ask you to decimate the Democrat party. (Please add in most of the GOP also even though theyre not fascists–but weak appeasers). I ask you to destroy these people for the sake of our founding fathers.

Thank you,

Your daughter, Pauli AsheDina Bat Paul

Twit’s @jack Dorsey Does What He Wants Bcz He Knows GOP Is FECKLESS: A Dog N Pony Show

Jack Dorsey's Square just got a BitLicense to trade bitcoin

If only more Republican people understood that the GOP will do absolutely nothing about Dorsey’s abuse of power and platform censorship. If only more Conservatives would wake up and see the the GOP is just Pinko, Marxist light. The GOP sits back and laughs their collective a$$es off at the gullible Republican people and the Left laughs more because they know without a shadow of a doubt that absolutely nothing will happen to Jack Dorsey:

Subpoena? Big deal. Means nothing. Just means that Dorsey will appear before Congress, answer some GOP softball questions and then go home. Hell, if the Congress could not even put Eric Holder behind bars for contempt OF congress, just what makes you think that anything will happen to Dorsey?

The Commies always win because the GOP lets them win–again, and again and again and again and again……….. People should have been lynched decades ago. Instead we have treacherous filth like John Kerry and Jane Fonda alive today and just as mouthy as ever.


Until these people HANG, I have absolutely zero faith in the ‘justice’ system of America. Its a damned joke. A cruel one at that.

God have mercy. God, please punish these bottom feeders. God, I look to you to deliver your wrath upon these evil, corrupt bastards.

Hello, I'm super rich (Twit)ter CEO Jack Dorsey and I want to silence  disenet — Steemit

I Guess I’m A “Fascist”, Now:

I Guess I’m A “Fascist”, Now.

Yesterday, I called some Lefty a “Communist”… Because he is. I believe in naming America’s enemies within, accurately:  If We Can’t Name Enemies (COMMUNISTS), No Defense Is Possible.

The first thing a Communist does when you accurately name them what they are: “Communists” …. is to scream ‘fascist’.   Let us remind the peace and love “Liberal” crowd that they are beating people in the streets, raping women in Seattle, burning down cities, vandalizing state property, intimidating people who don’t ‘belong’, tearing down statues and are admitted Communist/Marxist totalitarians.     That’s what they are  See for yourself..

I, however am a ‘fascist’.  

If below is what a ‘fascist’ is, I’m a proud one:

Because I believe that ALL of the founding fathers were Christian, I am a ‘fascist’.

Because I believe that America was founded as a Christian nation, I am a ‘fascist’.

Because I believe that our country should have super secure borders, I am a ‘fascist’.

Because I believe there are two sides to every war, aka:  South vs North, I am a ‘fascist’.

Because I believe that Southerners should display their Confederate flag, I am a ‘fascist’.

Because I believe that statues and memorials should NEVER be torn down, I am a ‘fascist’.

Because I do not believe that children should be indoctrinated to be gay, I am a ‘fascist’.

Because I believe there are 2 genders, I am a ‘fascist’.

Because I believe that America is a republic, I am a ‘fascist’.

Because I believe that a person should be hired on merit only, I am a ‘fascist’.

Because I believe that trophies should be presented to the best players, I am a ‘fascist’.

Because I believe that English should be the official language, I am a ‘fascist’.

Because I do not believe that people should disrespect the flag, I am a ‘fascist’.

Because I do not believe that I am guilty because I am lighter skinned, I am a ‘fascist’.

People… I could go on and on.  Evidently, naming our enemies within makes me a ‘fascist’.  Believing in American sovereignty is ‘fascist.’ YES!



And,  you’re still a dirty, rotten, treacherous, stinking, spoiled brat Communist piece of garbage.