RESIST THEM. The Satan-Crats Are National Socialist, Nazi, Totalitarian FILTH Now. Violating The Nuremberg Code With Glee.

RESIST TO THE DEATH: The Satan-Crats Are Just National Socialist, Nazi, Totalitarian FILTH Now. Violating The Nuremberg Code With Glee.

May be an image of text that says 'The Nuremberg Code Voluntary consent consent >>> NO IF'S ANDS OR BUTS Fruitful results for the good of society Anticipated results will justify the performance of experiment Avoid all unnecessary physical or mental suffering No research should be conducted where there is a reason to believe that death or disabling injury will occur The degree of risk to be taken should never exceed that determined by the humanitarian importance of the problem to be solved'

FORCING Vaccination is against the Nuremberg code.

The SATAN-CRATS have moved into Nazi territory now and are quite OK with being National Socialists.


  • Voluntary = NO physical or mental suffering:
  • Putting people out of their jobs is MENTAL AND PHYSICAL Suffering.
  • The Shots have KILLED tens of THOUSANDS of people with hundreds of thousands living with side effects.

Our Grandfathers fought these Nazi’s before and won. THIS time, we will fight them and the LORD will destroy them ALL. So, do not falter. Resist, fight back. Do not give in. We may go broke. They might take everything we have. But, we have God.

Conservatives Leaving Twitter For Parler Is Making INSANE Communist/Leftists Foam At The Mouth

Conservatives Leaving Twitter For Parler Making INSANE Leftists Foam At The Mouth

So, no talking allowed anywhere because the fascist, bully bastard Leftists can’t stand anyone not having the same opinion as them: Daisy Luther from The Organic Prepper blog, generated Image

The Left is becoming more and more fascistic. They can’t take someone who isn’t into group-think. They cant stand an eagle because they’re a bunch of chickens in a coop. So, they peck. These bottom-feeding totalitarian filth are just like the neo Nazi’s on Gab. The neo Nazi dumbells on Gab are always chasing after Joooo’s. The Leftists just can’t leave the patriotic Americans the hell alone. It’s an everyday inquisition.

This fat schmuck, Brian Seltzer is verrrryyyyy upset says that “Conservatives are going into bunkers”.


You all pushed them to Parler!!!!

I will tell you something: When I was on Gab and the neo Nazis (yes, they were there on Gab in droves from 2016-2018), I used to tell them: “You don’t want Jews in America or EU, you should be happy they are moving to Israel”. But, the neo Nazi’s were not happy with that–still they complained and nagged. Eventually, one of them went in and murdered 11 Jews in a Synagogue. His name was Bowers. He was ONE lone lunatic. The Left is the SAME way with Conservative people. But, they have all the power in government by fraud. The Left was not happy with Conservatives on Twitter, now the Conservatives are on Parler. And, in this video above, they are miserable that the Conservatives want to move on with life. The Left didnt want them on twitter. They don’t want Conservatives on Parler. You know where they DO want Conservatives? In the grave. Just like the neo Nazis want with Jews. And, they’ll try it.


See how Leftists are blind to how they are? Now, you will begin to understand why Hitler and Stalin and their head brass never thought they did a thing wrong: Because they, like the left do not stop for a minute to halt their insanity. Do you realize how dangerous these bastards are? If you don’t, you’re stupid.


They will not stop, people. They will not ever stop. Do you understand this? They will not stop: Just like the National Socialists in Germany did not stop with Jews and the Bolsheviks did not stop with Orthodox Christians and religious Jews….They will NOT stop the same way.

They are already talking about re-educating you and putting you before a firing squad. They do this all while they call you a ‘Nazi’.

Bless their murderous, serial-killing, lying souls.

WordPress Is IN VIOLATION OF THEIR OWN TERMS Re. “Conservative Treehouse”

WordPress? ‘Our service allows anyone on the web to express their ideas and opinions”. IN VIOLATION OF THEIR OWN TERMS

“Whether we agree with them or not”. Yet, they are de-platforming Conservative Treehouse. For what? They hate the truth.

The “Anti fascists” are THE fascists, people. WordPress is violating their own terms in writing by de-platforming Conservative Treehouse

At, we’re committed to freedom of speech: our core mission is to democratize publishing. Our service allows anyone on the web to express their ideas and opinions, whether we agree with them or not — we don’t censor, moderate, or endorse the content of any site we host

On Sunday The Conservative Treehouse reported that they will need to find a new hosting provider.
WordPress kicked them out.

Conservative Treehouse “Deplatformed” from WordPress

Yesterday, I had 88 visitors that had never been to this website. That was right after noon. It stayed at 88 all day long. Usually, its a lot more than that.

Female Jewish Fascists Who Support Making A “List” Of Trump Supporters To Punish:

Unbelievable: So Many Jewish Fascists Who Support Making A “List” Of Trump Supporters To “Punish”

Do they support doing this to fellow Jews in Israel who support Netanyahu? Or Orthodox Jews for Trump here in the states? Netanyahu is supposedly more nationalistic than Trump is. 77% of Jewish people in Israel like Trump. Do these women want to do this to fellow Jews in Israel? Or is this reserved for ‘evil’ whites in America?

Maybe Emily Abrams would support making the “Trump supporters” wear a nice big “R” on their arms? I always find this incredible: Jewish totalitarians who scream “Fascist” at Conservative people. Calling everyone a “Nazi” as they wish to re institute fascist style policy:

Jennifer Rubin, once a ‘staunch Conservative’ (sure) says:

Lardass Lowestein:

This good person let these hags have it–but good:

They literally wish to force the same type policies that were forced on fellow Jews under the Nazi’s…How much do you wanna bet they cry and sob over the what the National Socialists did to Jewish people? They literally want to bring this insanity to Americans. Its grotesque. They’re disgusting.


Click to 1:45 and see what these hags want to do with you.

Nearly 3 in 4 Voters (MOSTLY Fascist Dem’s) Support Mask Mandate W/ Penalties 4 Those Who Don’t Comply:

Nearly 3 in 4 Voters Support State Face Mask Mandate W/ Penalties 4 Those Who Don’t Comply

Cowardly lion GIFs - Get the best gif on GIFER

I’m saying it as it is:   I’m so used to Americans being cowards that this doesn’t even surprise me.  I understand where people over 60 are at:   They are the ones that have suffered the most but the majority of them wear masks.  

So, either,  1. your mask works or,   2.  you’re just a damned bully.

Well, come and get me.  I cant wear the thing.  Makes me get migraines.  I’ve suffered from migraines for many years and recently have gotten them under better control.   But, I have also had sleep apnea most of my life and have a loss of oxygen, which puts me in a pickle with my high blood pressure.  The other day, while forced to wear the ‘mask’, (face diaper), I almost passed out.  

So, I will have to get very aggressive with my Dr for a ‘kosher’ badge to not wear it.  Its making me miserable.

  • 86% of Democrats support a mandate in their state that could result in a fine or jail time for people who don’t wear masks.
  • 58% of Republicans also back such a measure, with 35 percent opposing it.

The rest of the nonsense here: Morning Consult.


PS: They’ve barely started arresting the violent, psychopathic rioters….

And, now this:   A New Jersey gym was boarded up and its two owners arrested on Monday as a result of the men’s refusal to comply with Gov. Phil Murphy’s coronavirus shutdown orders.

I Quit The #YMCA. They Shut Off All News Bec It’s ‘Too Negative’. GOOD BYE, Fascists!

I Quit The #YMCA. They Shut Off All News Bec It’s ‘Too Negative’. GOOD BYE, Fascists!

Passive aggressive fascists at the Y.  I quit after 10 years.  They turned off the news on their TV’s because it’s ‘too negative’.  NO.  They don’t want to deal with the fallout of their complacency and or extremism.

The Communist pigs are committing cultural genocide against the Southerners, by the way:

Cultural genocide involves the eradication and destruction of cultural artifacts, such as books, artworks, and structures, and the suppression of cultural activities that do not conform to the destroyer’s notion of what is appropriate.[5] Motives may include religious ones (e.g.,iconoclasm), as part of a campaign of ethnic cleansing in order to remove the evidence of a people from a specific locale or history, as part of an effort to implement a Year Zero, in which the past and its associated culture is deleted and history is “reset”, the suppression of an indigenous culture by invaders and colonisers, along with many other potential reasons.

Oregon Salon Owner Fined & Forced To Close For Defying Leftist Gestapo Style State Orders

Oregon Salon Owner Fined Forced To Close For Defying Leftist Gestapo Style State Orders

» Obama’s National Labor Relations Board Fascists Ignore Federal Appellate Court Order Cristy Li

Leftist Gestapo Bastards & their Hitlerian Governor, Furor-ette Kate Brown are putting this Salon owner thru hell.   In a SANE world, the sick are quarantined, not the healthy.  

Salem salon owner who defied state orders and reopened said Thursday night OSHA has fined her $14,000 and forced her to close.

Hat Tip:  “RedeemedHippie”