Thanks To JOHN BOEHNER, Fast & Furious Impeachment Of Eric Holder Is OVER. Boehner Should Be THROWN OUT

The last time there was anything reported on Fast and Furious scandal was weeks ago.  NO justice for the border agents murdered at the sleazy hands of this DOJ that is the most corrupt DOJ in the history of America.  But, I forget…this is not America anymore.  This is what we get and deserve for allowing minorities from the 3rd world, not only into the country, but into high office.  Its the truth, whether you like it or not. Hispanics, Blacks, Jews, Asians.  They are ALL the reason that you will not see justice in many instances, because the color of their skin comes first.  Or in the case of the leftist-“Jews”, their Communism comes first. For many Hispanics, their Mexican-Marxism is first, plus granting countless Hispanics amnesty into our ready-made, 3rd world shit-hole.

Border Agent Brian Terry is dead and there will not ever be justice. I wonder how these bastards sleep at night.  How does Boehner, that disgusting cry-baby-slob get through the day, KNOWING fully well, he is the one that called this investigation off. 

I feel terrible for the parents, just awful.  I have called Boehners ofc many times, as well as Issa. And they do nothing. Nothing. That shows you how weak the GOP is: By not removing the pro-Marxist/Democrat, John Boehner as speaker of the house. Even though Pelosi is wrong, all day, every day–she had more ballz than this JACKASS.

Here is the truth about Holder: He knew everything about F & F in 2009.  We have the evidence here (Actually Political Vel Craft has the doc FROM the DOJ website) See: