My Tribute To Fat-Girls All Upset Over “Manatee Grey” At Target

WOW! Did You See Debbie Wasserman Shultz’s FAT ASS Last Night On Hannity?

blonde:3  Were any of you watching Hannity last night?? (He is the only one I can really tolerate, anymore)   WOW, they showed a quick glance of thunder things, Wasserman Shultz.. Whata Lard Ass!

Who knew that bitch had such HUGE thighs and a FAT ASS!! LMAOFF! If her tuchas was any bigger, it would walk by itself.   Her ass is so fat, she got her own zip code. Her butt is so big, I can see it from the front.  Her ass is so fat,  she must have been baptized in Sea World.

They really go out of their way to HIDE THAT ASS!  You would never know her ass is so big, and she also so ugly according to VOGUE: WHAT A JOKE: Vogue Magazine Portrays Shultz as a beautiful woman.. .

Bootay Call!