Why is being FAT, “IN” & “Popular?”


I know that eating is fun. I love it myself, but WTF is up with FAT people not even caring that they are FAT? 

Don’t these poor people even care that being FAT leads to heart disease, diabetes, high-blood pressure- all of the bad things in life that will kill you, if you don’t LOSE WEIGHT!

 I mean, ‘skinny is for punks?’

 WTF is that?!

Normalphobics are destroying pretty, healthy, smart, etc… It is friggin PREPOSTEROUS, that normal, average people are OUT and FAT is IN.

And, another thing….WHY are FAT people ALL over the boob-tube?? Like the semi- new TV show:

 What happened to good looking people that look normal and healthy on TV?  WTF is going on!?   Like Dance Fever?

What happened to shows like that? Why is it just ‘acceptable’ to be fat?  Why is it popular? Why is it IN?   I don’t get it.  I just don’t.  It is not healthy.

I don’t GET IT, because I was a fatty myself- and I was miserable.  I felt so ugly. When I was at my goal weight and maintained it, I felt so much better.  I go up and down, but I know that being fat is miserable, so, you cant fool me

I know that fat  girls need ‘love’ too, but come on..if a person is seriously overweight, if you really love that person, wouldn’t you tell that person, that their health is in jeopardy, so that the person can be around for a long time??

Fine, they have a dance show now, but why do shows such as these take presedence over regular ‘ole TV, like “The Honeymooners” for ie…

I don’t know, people…Call me crazy, call me a weird-o-phobe, but this psychotherapy TV, and having to see FAT people all over, and nobody even helping them, its sick.  It makes me pretty upset and sad.

It is a serious problem in America now.

It’s sad, and maddening.

I am glad I chose this one video, it shows that at least they want to lose weight.