Little, Fat, Fairy Lefto-NAZI Creep Wants To Stab Us All & Especially Wants To Stab POC’s With The J&J JAB

Little, Fat, Fairy Lefto-NAZI, Creep Wants To Stab Us All & Especially Wants To Stab POC’s With The JAB

These psychopaths want to STAB people who don’t want the mark of the beast serum. Figures….A militant, limp-wristed fruit wants to do this.

Oh haaaay….here is this little girlfraaaaind…..

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Militant Sodomite: Come to MY house to stab ME and you’ll be dealing with a LOT more than a blow gun, sweetheart.

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Someone tell these little girls to go back to dancing stupid

Yoga Teacher, Planet Jessamyn Stanley Says “Whites Pollute Yoga”

Yoga Teacher, Planet Jessamyn Stanley Says “Whites Pollute Yoga”

Submitted by David Ben Moshe. (The Mad Jewess is taking time off)

We have a new planet named Jessamyn who claims whites have polluted yoga.

Whites have ‘polluted’ Yoga according to this fat, black, beastly sow. When are white people going to stop putting up with this crap? Imagine if a white person said: “Blacks are polluting yoga”. It would be front page news. They would arrest the white person who said it and destroy his/her life.

See her Instagram, click on the link:

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Fat, Mexican Schlub Screaming In Young, White Mans Face For NO Reason: “You’re Racist, White Supremacist”

Fat, Mexican Schlub Screaming In Young, White Mans Face For no Reason: “You’re Racist, White Supremacist”  ( I dont know when this happened)

Just watch this FAT, vato bastard screaming and yelling in this young white male’s face for no reason.. Do everyone a favor, Liberal chili choppers:  Go and eat beans, fart, suck on a tortilla & stick a tamale up your smelly brown asses—that’s all you bastards are good at, anymore.    I’m sick of black and brown supremacists acting like this.  This is what the “Liberals” have created—monster minorities:


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How long are decent Americans going to put up with this savage, violent, filthy behavior!?

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Liberals (COMMIES) Just Cant Have ONE Moral Show On TV. It Makes Them SICK

Liberals (COMMIES) Just Cant Have ONE Moral Show On TV. It Makes Them SICK

On the Tube, the Liberals only want depraved housewives who screw around with their best friends husbands.  Defaming shows that mock Christianity. Gay, gay and more gay on every, single TV program from Project Runway to American Idol and the Voice.  My husband and I watch TCM and Hannity.  Nothing else is good on Television.  It’s all disgusting.

To be a star in Hollywood, you must have one of the 3 ‘attributes’

  • Tramp
  • Gay
  • Drag-Queen/Tranny
  • Spoiled, rotten, little girl (Toddlers/Tiaras)
  • Nymphomaniac
  • Liar
  • Gangster
  • Fat
  • Nerd

If you don’t fit into any one of these categories, you are not wanted.  Talent is not sought after. True singers are not wanted (Screaming sirens are)  Wholesome Christians are not desired. Truth is not craved on the MSM news.  The Liberal pigs did want the Duck dude to just shut up because the leftists are like demons who foam at the mouth when morality enters the building.. And, that my friends- is AmeriKan TV.



You can be gay all day long.  We dont HAVE to like it OR approve of it.  And, you can’t change a persons mind. Deal with it.  Were here, against militant queer, get used to it.

In An Age Of Un-Truth, Rex Reed Shines With Slam Dunk Facts Driving Elitist Saps Nuts.

In An Age Of Un-Truth, Rex Reed Shines With Slam Dunk Facts Making Elitist Saps Nuts.

 He still has an adorable face. Cute older dude 😉

Reed’s Review: A Triumph on the Page, The Great Gatsby Founders Miserably on the Silver Screen

Rex Reed gives a blunt, in-ya-face review of one of the most boring movies ever; “The Great Gatsby”.  He critiques with a tour de force of harshness that is well-deserved in the age of un-truth and kiss assery..

Look at one of the quotes from his review:

You don’t realize just how much misguided damage can be done to a great novel until it is vaporized by a pretentious hack like boneheaded Australian director Baz Luhrmann.

Classic.  Makes me laugh out loud.  Then he ends the critique with:

I love the publicity quotes by Baz Luhrmann stating that his intention was to make an epic romantic vision that is enormous. Also: overwrought, asinine, exaggerated and boring. But in the end, about as romantic as a pet rock.

He is great. He was a gorgeous young man. My Grandmother loved his bluntness and knack for being candid.  Truth is charming:

In late February, Reed slammed Melissa McCarthy:

Actress Melissa McCarthy, who the movie reviewer called “tractor-sized” and a “female hippo.”   Reed, in addition to calling McCarthy a tractor and a hippo, wrote that she is a, “screeching, humongous creep”, before dismissing her career as a study in, “being obese and obnoxious with equal success”.

He also took ‘Sex in the city” brain-dead moron, S. Jessica Parker to task:

 Reviewing “Sex in the City”, Reed infamously began his review by insulting Sarah Jessica Parker for having a mole on her chin.

Add that she looks like a horse face and Reed is correct.  What are these ugly, fat broads doing in Hollywood, anyway?  Hollywood was originally created to be fantasy. Not a cesspool of fatties, sex,violence, hip-hop crap music and downright smut.  

Rex Reed:

“Anti-Capitalist” FAT BOY, Michael Moore Says 20 Mill. AINT Enough & Is Suing For More..

Go to fullsize imageMichael Moore vs Movie Accounting: Sues Weinsteins For More 9/11 Movie Profits After Already Pocketing $19.8 Million; Yes Or No – “He Redefines The Term Greedy”?

  This is the biggest pos in the planet. How does an ugly, fatass, creepy, greedy pig get away with this crap? He is suing a left wing Jew (probably) though…So, THATS a happy thought 😉 Is Moore willing to spread that wealth to some poor right winger? You know….redistribution?  What? Retribution for thee, but not for me?  Fie, fie

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The “BIRTHERS” are now “INSANE”~ “JEZEBEL” says so, so it must be true..








 AOL poll: 81% want Obama to release it
Say president should show American people birth certificate

This next Marxist  ‘tidbit  is from a real b*tch’s web-blog…but this is all par for the course in Obama’s YES WE CAN Land. 

The wench that HATES America;  her name is JEZEBEL….friggin FIGURES.

Obama Birthers Bring The Crazy To The Airwaves…And No One Is Immune  {She’s just a little putz, because when SHE was born, they SLAPPED HER MOTHER.}


This Crappy Hour, the HuffPo‘s Jason Linkins and I torture one another with Lou Dobbs slashfic, make tortured confessions to the sounds of Barney the Dinosaur, and discuss GOP career suicides related to the Obama birther movement.

Just a question, you dumb ridiculous DUP’D psyco-mind-fcking b*tch…

You DO know that this has been going on since LAST JUNE, right? 

 Lady, you are ALL ass, and the crap that comes out of you, is your mouth.

Jezebel and her buddies

Jezebel and her buddies


Why is being FAT, “IN” & “Popular?”


I know that eating is fun. I love it myself, but WTF is up with FAT people not even caring that they are FAT? 

Don’t these poor people even care that being FAT leads to heart disease, diabetes, high-blood pressure- all of the bad things in life that will kill you, if you don’t LOSE WEIGHT!

 I mean, ‘skinny is for punks?’

 WTF is that?!

Normalphobics are destroying pretty, healthy, smart, etc… It is friggin PREPOSTEROUS, that normal, average people are OUT and FAT is IN.

And, another thing….WHY are FAT people ALL over the boob-tube?? Like the semi- new TV show:

 What happened to good looking people that look normal and healthy on TV?  WTF is going on!?   Like Dance Fever?

What happened to shows like that? Why is it just ‘acceptable’ to be fat?  Why is it popular? Why is it IN?   I don’t get it.  I just don’t.  It is not healthy.

I don’t GET IT, because I was a fatty myself- and I was miserable.  I felt so ugly. When I was at my goal weight and maintained it, I felt so much better.  I go up and down, but I know that being fat is miserable, so, you cant fool me

I know that fat  girls need ‘love’ too, but come on..if a person is seriously overweight, if you really love that person, wouldn’t you tell that person, that their health is in jeopardy, so that the person can be around for a long time??

Fine, they have a dance show now, but why do shows such as these take presedence over regular ‘ole TV, like “The Honeymooners” for ie…

I don’t know, people…Call me crazy, call me a weird-o-phobe, but this psychotherapy TV, and having to see FAT people all over, and nobody even helping them, its sick.  It makes me pretty upset and sad.

It is a serious problem in America now.

It’s sad, and maddening.

I am glad I chose this one video, it shows that at least they want to lose weight.