“The Week” Mag-The Democrats New Hero For 2016: Lard-ass, Chris Christie

“The Week” Mag-The Democrats New Hero For 2016: Lard-ass, Chris Christie

Here is the next prez, I bet.  This was “The Weeks” front page magazine photo for November.  As usual, demonizing a patriotic person (Ted Cruz) and building up a fat monster, Chris Christie.  You can all vote for this Lard ass, but I will not.  Go ahead & let the Benghazi Bitch, Hitlery have it.  We’ll just fight that evil, miscreant, too.

This magazine was for Thanksgiving.  Perfect for the huddled masses.  The month where they can eat just like Christie and not feel guilty about it.

Chow down, porky pig:



He’ll be just like Obama only fat.

FATASS, Ed Schultz Claims Govt Shutdown Is Because Of “Racism” Against Hussein Obama

FATASS, Ed Schultz Claims Govt Shutdown Is Because Of “Racism” Against Hussein Obama

So, are we racist against Hussein Obama because his ‘law’ is forcing us into exchanges?  Fat, slob Ed does not bring up the countless victims of black on white crime.  You know, real racism..not this phoney garbage.. He is just a Communist liar.  

Look:  The govt is shut down and I don’t give a damn.  I just don’t.  Let it burn. I am tired of this fascistic, totalitarian, government in our lives.  Drones, NSA, NDAA, forcing poop-chute sex marriage on us against our will. Baby murder.  This government is psychopathic and I hope they all die with the exception of Ted Cruz, Louis Gomert and Trey Gowdy.  Rand Paul is OK. A few others..

I Won’t Vote For Chris Christie For Prez, Even On Pain Of Death. Go To A Fat Farm, Not The WH

I Won’t Vote For Chris Christie For Prez, Even On Pain Of Death. Go To A Fat Farm, Not The WH

They say the Porky Pig Schmuck is #1 in the polls…

Many people say I would be ‘throwing away my vote’ for the Democrats.  I say bullshit.  I am so sick of what is happening now and Christie is just another Obama the Bush, 4.0.  Not only that, he is a porker. And, too old to be a lard ass, fatso.  What is he? About 50 or so? 

This idiot is an open-borders wacko.  He loves Obama and helped the Kenyan get elected again. People in NJ sleep in tents because of this high-taxing Commie.  YOU can vote for whoever you wish, but I will write in someone or vote Independent. I will NOT be held responsible before God to have put in another jakobite.  I won’t turn on my founding fathers…and, if I was a man, Christine Christie- I would use for target practice.  (If I was practicing to shoot elephants for their ivory)


Debbie Wasserman Schultz Gets A Serena Williams Make-Over By The Mad Jewess

Debbie Wasserman Schultz Gets A Serena Williams Make-Over By The Mad Jewess

I see that Miss Wasserman Shitz loves softball, & sports..  Me and @ZillaStevenson decided to give the old dog a new do to fit her love for the game.. 

Here is Miss Williams:

Shitz is dog ugly, so we helped her for you, APB

Here is Debbie before:

Here is lovely Debbie after with her Serena Williams make over:

WHAT A JOKE: Vogue Magazine Portrays Shultz as a beauty queen  – The Mad Jewess

FAT SLOB, Michael Moore Calls For Revolt In Michigan-He Should Just Stick To Eating & STFUP!

CLICK, this is funny:  Unions Protest Right To Work Vote -Michael Moore Calls for Revolt!

I’m still trying to figure out when Michael Moore will realize that the only people who listen to him are the ones taking his lunch order.

How many union employees did the slug use on his films???  

Why doesn’t Moore just eat and shut the f’ck up like a good fatty? This fat shit could never lead a revolt, he’s only good for target practice.. The guy is so fat, he leaves footprints in concrete! Michael Moore is so fat NASA orbits satellites around him. He’s so fat, he had his baby pictures taken by satellite…




FAT-LESBO, Rosie O’Donut: Call It Communism, ETC.~ MY FAV Post Of 2010

HOSE-Y is a fat lesbo bitch. An Irish Militant Bolshevik SLOB.  She wants Communism, and only wants it so that Rush Limbaughs ‘head will explode’.  In a sane world, we would hang this bitch for treason, along with her debaucherous, counterpart, whore friend, Madonna. You cannot ‘seize the assets’ of a foreign company, you insane asshole!!!!!

I am sorry, people, you left wing gasbags WANT Obama now in charge of the Gulf? He is the fking REASON that ZERO is getting done.  See who is the blame, Rosie you dipshit: UPDATE~Who Is To Blame For Oil Spill……..? ENVIRONMENTALISTS

Cookie Cookie This is the fat witches blog: rosie.com » r blog I can’t even believe I lived in the same town in the summers as this insane militant creepy slugRemember what this fatass, carpet-munching bitch did to Tom Selleck? About the guns? And the bitch had body guards WITH guns- what a GORDO hypocrite!  That was when I never watched this sickass, psycho-dyke again. The scuz tried to humiliate Selleck and got her ass in a sling and basta, off of TV, Halle Lu Yah. Too bad people like her don’t roll over and fking CROAK.


FEED ME & I might shut the F&%K Up!

Yeah, Rosie: Buy A Gun...You