BEWARE: The BIGGEST Terroristic Threat To U.S.A. Is: ADL’s Greenblatt, Yahoo’s Ishikoff & DHS, Mayorkas: All 3 Want To Blow Up America’s White People. TURN THEM IN To The FBI:

BEWARE: The BIGGEST Terroristic Threat To U.S.A. Is: ADL’s Greenblatt, Yahoo’s Isikoff & DHS, Mayorkas: All 3 Want To Blow Up America’s White People. TURN THEM IN To The FBI

If you have seen any of these 3, please inform the FBI that they are in the public and saying hateful & racist words about white America. Please call, email or contact by mail:

601 4th Street NW
Washington, DC 20535
(202) 278-2000

These 3 criminals are using their minority status to persuade America that ‘all white people are like terrorists’. When you contact or call the FBI, your identity will be kept a secret. These are 3 very dangerous men. They could be armed. They could start shooting white people:

They were recently seen conglomerating at CNN: CLICK here

Some Questions On The 2014 FT HOOD Shooting: What REALLY Happened?

Some Questions On The 2014 FT HOOD Shooting:


Yesterday, there was a lot of news regarding Ft Hood in my feed.  It had to do with a terrorist attack, Islamic style.

Because our government is power mad and insane, I hardly ever believe the ‘official’ story they submit when attacks like this occur.  I believe that the media is run by government operatives and they cover-up so many stories like West, TX, Sandy Hook and also the Boston bombing.  One thing we DO know about these events:  They HAVE happened.  But, just what happened?  I don’t believe we will ever know.  If it was a Muslim Jihadist, I can believe that Barack Hussein Obama could cover that up.  After all, he is a Communist with an affinity for Islam.  Don’t believe?  Just take a good look at Egypt, Libya and Syria…

So, here are some questions these young men ask:

Its up to you to ask your own questions.  OR, believe the government media.

FBI, military hunt ex-Army recruit suspected of plotting ‘Ft. Hood-inspired jihad’ CLICK

Shooting at Fort Hood: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know: CLICK


Ashley Judd To Be Probed By FBI For Mitch McConnell Leaked Tape.

Ashley Judd To Be Probed By FBI For Mitch McConnell Tape.

Ashley Judd To Be Probed By FBI For Mitch McConnell Leaked Tape

We believe Mitch McConnell is weak.   But Ashley Judd, Communist enabler would be worse for Kentucky.  Although, who knows anymore.  Judd said she would not run.

FBI probes Ashley Judd tape at McConnell’s request

Is this really want we want in a Senate seat? A divisive female?

Nobody can seem to ‘bug’ Obama’s office and ask about this:


Go to fullsize imageMEN, you get what you deserve. You do. STOP THE MADNESS!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  You are allowing these EVIL women run the show. I blame MEN. Look at this and wake up for gods sakes!!!!!!!!!!!! You have allowed my country to be turned over to evil women, just like Jezebel, who hunted a great man of God, Elijah.. Now we have the whores of USA Babylon running the show because you are doing NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Controversial Jamie Gorelick on shortlist to run FBI

WHY was there an UNDERCOVER agent part of the “Hutaree Militia?”

  You will have to come to your own conclusions.  I know what I feel, the govt is corrupt, sick, wasted, cancerous, illegal, criminal and thats that.

What I believe about this militia is they were nothing more than, what? 9 people that were organized? And these NINE people that live in Michigan, using paintball guns and playing in the woods are now an “Enemy to America”  Charged with sedition. 


  They have been since GWB 41.  I don’t believe that these people were going to ‘kill police’ either. Where is their record of killing police before?  Please.. I aint buying the BS, I aint buying the hype. Of course the SPLC ENEMY combatants, comprised of Marxist/Bolsheviks, One being Potok would be involved in this… Especially since he can pin some ‘evil whitey’  -What a bastard.


  The leader of a Michigan militia group charged this week with conspiring to kill law-enforcement officers was described Tuesday as a private, family-oriented man who nurtured a festering mistrust of governmental authority, according to people close to the family.

“On the inside of this man’s brain, something evil lurks, and until you get to know him, you don’t know it,” said Andrea Harsh, who was engaged to David Brian Stone Sr. until the couple broke up last year.

She described Mr. Stone, a trim 45-year-old man who wears his whitish hair cropped short over spectacles and a bushy gray mustache, as having a “bubbly personality.” But he became consumed by the Hutaree, she said, a southeastern Michigan militia group that described its members as “Christian warriors.” Portrait Emerges of Militia Chief

Here is the bastard, Potok right here.

Message to my STALKER, a Left wing RADICAL JINO that posted my Blog ALL OVER CRAIGS LIST

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By the way, if you ever wonder WHY they threw our people into the ovens, look NO further than the mirror. 

 I am in contact with Craigs List, to inform them that you are stalking me, so now thats another that is added to your list, in your burial- FBI, IC-3, etc.. SOON, I will OWN your ASS. Keep it up, Sweetie… I have your telephone #, I have your address… and I dont always like to play nice 😉 

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