The Vaccinated Walk Around SCARED To Death Of Covid While The Unvaccinated Aren’t Frightened At All.

The Vaccinated Walk Around SCARED To Death Of Covid While The Unvaccinated Aren’t Frightened At All.

In a sane world, people who received a vaccination would not walk around in fear because they received the ‘magic potion’ serum. But, not now. These are magnificent, evil times. A strange age. A Twilight Zone, indeed … where everything is bass ackwards.

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From the beginning of this Communist instigated virus, I was not afraid. Around me were people who looked like chickens without heads…like scared little girls.

I remember when the Leftist-Globalist schmucks ‘allowed’ us to start going to the store, (how thoughtful…) My husband and I were the ONLY people without masks. The fools with the masks gave us the dirtiest looks. I just smiled back, thinking: ‘Aren’t your masks safe, you silly flibbity-gibbits?’ I would ask these fearful, little, toddler, bed-wetting adults if their masks only worked if I wore mine. It’s kind of comical but it’s definitely lunacy run amok.

At present, its the Vaccinated, scared chickensh’t bastards that are walking around filled with horror-movie type paranoia. They are vaccinated but their vaccine does not work if you don’t get a vaccine, also. DUMBBELLS.

The unvaccinated do not walk around scared because God has removed any fright from us–all together. It’s not there. The fear of covid is non-existent for the unvaccinated. The vaxxed walk in dread because the spirit of the Lord has allowed them to be so. God has sent the frightened vaccinated camp into a delusion of complete terror. They no longer own their souls: their fear possesses them and the state owns them. Of course there are a few that are OK but not many.

Most vaccinated people I meet along the way are scared to death of Covid & the unvaccinated. They live in a type of mental prison, giving dirty looks at the free. Welp, keep giving your nasty looks. The answer is still NO.

This should be the anthem of the vaxxed.

Have pity on your vaxxed acquaintances….because they may NEVER come out of their mental prison of paralyzing dread.

#ToiletPaper, How to deal with the lack. #JOBS, #Trump, #Chaos & Lord ROTHSCHILD Resigns, YAY!

#ToiletPaper, How to deal with the lack. #JOBS, #Trump, #Chaos & Lord ROTHSCHILD Resigns, YAY!

I just woke up…my thoughts for the day.. A little tired as I have not had a good sleep in a couple days because my spirit gets restless in these uncertain times…    😦


Glenn Beck of FOX News had a red telephone on his desk on Dec. 16, 2009. On Dec. 16, 2009, the White House supposedly called Glenn back, after months of attacking the conservative talk-show host, who has repeatedly asked them to contact him.  On Dec. 17, 2009, we awaited what the evil left wing White house had to say to Mr. Beck.  On Dec. 17, 2009, the telephone was not there for the first time since the Anita Dunn attack against FOX News, and Mr. Beck was silent on the issue, thereafter.

So, where is the telephone, Mr. Beck?  what happened??


In the next 3/4 years?


 This IDIOT suggests that the 2nd Ammendment does NOT ‘give the individual the right to keep and bear arms’-  gee, ahole, what would we have EVER done without YOU all these years….?

 This Youtube is from 2007, folks. 3 years time is HERE.  This COMMUNIST,  he is a COMMUNIST & has every intention of taking our rights away. How bout we force this ANIMAL to get divorced since he is not for marriage?? HYPOCRITE!