#Feminism Is Dying: Women Selling Naked Pics Online To Make Ends Meet

Feminism Is Dying: Women Selling Naked Pics Online To Make Ends Meet

Stupid communist gasbags call it the ‘gender gap’. What gender, moonbats? Arent we ‘gender free’ anymore? Lol.

There is no ‘gender gap’. Men are just more talented, smarter, stronger, un-emotional, built for work, they don’t get their period or menopause, they’re not drama queens (with the exception of the Rue Paul crazies).

Face it, GIRLS…. You were cut out to be wives, have babies, raise children, eat bon-bons and be comfortable. How can any sane woman fight THAT? Look, ladies… Make life easier by being a decent chick. Find a dude that is doing good, (capable of taking care of family), fawn all over him, dress beautiful for him, treat him like a king, respect him, love him, cherish him, thank God for him and be comfortable in your life. Stop fighting nature.


Keep selling pics online and eventually become just a prostitute (disrespecting your own self.)

Feminism is DYING.

Hugh Hefner Clashes With Nasty Feminists | The Dick Cavett Show

Hugh Hefner Clashes With Nasty Feminists | The Dick Cavett Show

Blast from the past…The Dick Cavett show.

Feminists:  Looked like chit then, look like chit now.  They were not oppressed then and they’re still not oppressed.

A small percentage of women wanted to go work the same as a man. The rest of us were dragged into this bs.   Well, a LOT of us are not brilliant, didnt want to go to college. Didnt want to compete with men and MANY of us just could not handle the same work because MANY of us had very heavy periods. Yes, I said periods. I had a heavy period and it was miserable every 27 days.  I hated going to work. I just wanted to cry during my period and Im NOT alone.

I wish my feminist Granny and Mommy would have taught me how to be a good wife for a husband instead. Thank Heavens — later on, I found a traditional male and he does NOT like me working hard at all. We’re not rich, we live within our means and I am blessed.

PS:   Talk about seducing in this video below….these nasty hags seduced 2 generations to believe that women are better than men. Not equal. Better. And, theyre not.

Women Aren’t Equal To Men & I Only Need One Example

Women Aren’t Equal To Men & I Only Need One Example

My husband is watching this show about men at war.  It’s about the Black Devils, an American and Canadian mountain brigade that was trained in Montana during WW2.  When the Black Devils came to Monte De La Difensa, in Italy, 100 miles south of Rome, there was a 600 ft cliff.  The Black Devils had to climb the cliff  with about 100 lbs on their backs.  The Germans thought they couldn’t do it BUT THEY DID!   They climbed to the top, *in the pouring rain* (3 companies, 600 men) and attacked 400 Germans, killing 75. 

Now, tell me…what woman in this world can do that?  A Woman can’t carry 50 lbs, let alone 100 AND climb a cliff in the rain AND kill 75 German Heir Hitler robots. 



Deal with it.  

Go home, get a life, be a lady and go clean the kitchen like a good girl  😀


Image result for clean the kitchen, 1950s

#Feminism Explained

I’m a hater.. I hate feminism.  I am a man’s gal and love that. I think men are made in the image of God as is written in the Bible and I am cool with that.

Here’s the FACTS, girls…You wake up in a house, built by MEN.  Turn on your shower, built AND maintained by MEN.  Turn on the gas/electric to make b-fast (built and maintained by MEN)  Get in your car, built and maintained by MEN.  Drive on the road to work; built and maintained by MEN.  Go to ofc, built and maintained by MEN.  Then, when you want something heavy in your ofc moved..You call on a MAN to move it for you.

Feminist Supremacy-How It Has Destroyed The American Male


Post Written for SCRIABIN. Yesterday, I was at the grocery store, and I watched this couple bring their groceries out to their car.  These were handsome people; the man looked like a Robert Redford type (when he was in his 40’s, and the woman looked like a cool cowgirl, with a cowboy hat on and a black fringe jacket, she was a little chunky, but pretty).   

    The man opened the trunk, and began to put all of the groceries in the trunk.  As he was doing this, the woman reached into one of the bags, and pulled out a tube of Pringles potato chips, and ate them.  The man was putting all of the bags in the trunk-she did not help with ONE bag, even a little bag, she was motioning him to hurry as well. She did absolutely zero.  For real.. I was looking at the scene, stunned.  Then, she motioned for him to hurry, and she got in the drivers seat and they drove away.. It was obvious who ‘wore the pants in the family’.

  It used to be, back in the 70’s and 80’s, that women wanted to be LIKE men, so they would have put the groceries in the car themselves.  But now, they think men are their slaves. This is sick. But-Its true.  It is feminist supremacy. There is no other word for this.  Tell me, women….Did you fight in WW1? Did you storm the beaches at Normandy? Did you fight on the battle-field of the American Revolution? No.  You didn’t. You didn’t invent anything that we use in everyday life either.

  And….what’s up with the Sarah Palin worship? It really is NO different than the Obama-BOTS.  Can you name a really GOOD reason that you want her as the Pres?  Can you? Tell me what it is.  When in interview, Palin couldn’t even name her favorite founding father. Palin is ‘gay’ friendly. Palin thinks the ‘birthers’ are a distraction. Palin is gorgeous, this is the truth, but little more than only a reactionary, which is TYPICAL female -like. She is a patriot and I admire this.  But for a Pres? Sorry- I will not EVER endorse a woman. Even Bachmann. And I think she is the toughest woman in the house. I still don’t want a woman as a Pres in an insane world. I want a Patton type man. That’s just me, I dont expect everyone to feel as I do. At least consider.

  How do we find a Patton?  It is really not that hard.  Women: stop being such supremists toward men. Build up the men around you- men need your influence. Men need you. Men have ALWAYS needed women to fight. Why do you think you see cheer-leaders? It ENCOURAGES men to ‘win’.  And war, whether psychological or physical-men NEED encouragement, and that only comes from women, who possess that gift.  More Patton, less patent leather as Savage says..

I hate feminism, and it is all over the place. It has infected good, Christian women and turned Jewish women into monsters.  I HATE IT.  American feminists SUCK. This is why so many men are looking abroad into the Asias for a decent woman now. Face it, you have chosen this EVIL, Jezebel, Vashti spirit that is totally satanic and it’s time to REPENT.


When American Women WERE Great:

  I know that I am down on women a lot of the time. That is because feminists suck. But there was a time in America, when American women were great. They were patriotic, loved this nation, did not seek to ‘be men.’  They loved their femininity, they loved being mothers, they were part of the WW1 & WW2 effort to bring our troops home, because that is the only way to get troops home, to unite with America, not against.  They were an honor to their sex, that men could come home to, to love. UNLIKE now, because of the left-wing brainwashing. Thank G*d that the womans conservative movement has kicked into gear.

During the Revolutionary War, there was a heroic woman named Molly Pitcher This is an excellent site on the heroism of Molly Pitcher, also known as;  Mary Ludwig Hays McCauley.  Molly Pitcher: An American Heroine

During World War I,  thousands of women worked in munitions factories, offices and large hangars used to build aircrafts. Of course women were also involved in knitting socks and preparing hampers for the soldiers on the front, as well as other voluntary work, but as a matter of survival women had to work for paid employment for the sake of their families. Nursing became the one and only area of female contribution that involved being at the front and experiencing the horror of war.


During World War II

A Great Woman of the WW2 era, Carole Lombarde Victory Theater: Hollywood in World War II – The comic actress, who was married to Clark Gable, died in a plane crash on 1/16/42 returning from a War Bonds tour.

Francis Langford: She was an entertainer for the troops with Bob Hope, to keep morale high.

Bette Davis:  Created  “The Hollywood Cantine”  The Hollywood Canteen operated at 1451 Cahuenga Boulevard in Hollywood, California between October 3, 1942 and November 22, 1945 (Thanksgiving Day) as a club offering food, dancing and entertainment for servicemen, usually on their way overseas. Even though the majority of visitors were U.S servicemen, the Canteen was open to servicemen of allied countries as well as women in all branches of service. The serviceman’s ticket for admission was his uniform and everything at the Canteen was free of charge, and got to dance with a ‘pretty girl’.

There are so many to count, it would take all day long. But who can forget 3 of the greatest little ladies this nation has ever seen? In fact, it would be sac-relig to not mention them. So patriotic, fresh, and great morale boosters, that were NOT “Liberals”

It is HIGH TIME, Women of America, to become an honor to our sex, rather than a nasty, bitter, she-beast that is in constant competition with a man, who we are not equal with, no matter how hard we try.


Jerry Brown Calls Meg Whitman A “Whore” & Receives N.O.W. Endorsement-FEMINISTS SUCK

 Cowgirl  Cowgirl I have written that feminists suck for 2 years and most of you know it’s the truth, but this latest Jerry Brown attack; “Whitman is a whore”, takes the cake…NOW did ZERO on behalf of Whitman to come in and bat for her, after this vicious rhetoric….Then, the National Organization “FOR” Women adds insult to injury, proving once and for all- ‘feminism’ was/is a SHAM, by endorsing Brown, the sexist slime.           The biggest SCAM imposed on the American male & American conservative patriots IS feminism.  Why would anyone take these girly-fluff-snatch-groups seriously? If you are a woman and are still a feminist after this, you are the biggest asshole in the planet.

   When Carrie Prejean, 22 years old- was getting landblasted by the media, where was N.O.W.? When the MSM unleashed horrible, verbal assaults on Palin, where was N.O.W.? Where are they for Christine McDonald? Jan Brewer?

FEMINISM IS A SCAM. There is NO legitimate ‘feminist’ movement in America. They lied to America. It was only about left wing politics, radical Marxism and that’s all. Anyone that buys into ‘femi-NAZI-ism’ now, is a fool and a tool.  These phonies only help women if they are left wing, anti-American scum—thats the facts.

I am not alone in this:  Feminism Sucks Masculinity Out of Men – Associated Content ..

SEE: Fem-nazism: a new breed of oppression

SEE: Feminism Sucks


LADIES vs FEMALES in LINGERIE throughout time in the USA

I see so much, that it makes me SICK, and have only God to thank for not taking part of the debauchery and SIN run rampant in our nation that was once a GREAT nation.  A HOLY nation, where the CHRISTIANS were HOLY and the Jews were HOLY- they considered a person to vote for based on CHARACTER and not ‘charisma’….just as a man chose a woman that he LOVED out of her being PURE and not because she was ‘great in the sack’ 

Lingerie at the turn of the century:

The Late 30’s, early 40’s there was a turn back to MODESTY as the nation was at war, The nation ALSO returned to GOD.

30’s-40’s demure lingerie/bra set:

the return to MODESTY

the return to MODESTY


In the 1950’s there was a COMPLETE overhaul and women REJOICED in being glamorous, beautiful and classy, EVEN in lingerie:


 The 1960’s came, and with it, the SEX revolt, it was a VOMITOUS time, and DEBAUCHERY and SIN was BAACCKKK, and stayed until the 1980’s..

1960’s and 70’s:

1960s-70s...CLASSLESS and CLUELESS about MYSTERY

1960's-70's...CLASSLESS and CLUELESS about MYSTERY

1980’s came, and with it SOME sense of SEMBLANCE and order- women wanted to be CLASSY again, because the LEADER of the nations wife was CLASSY.
The 1990’s with BJ Clinton, women were resorting to being “SEXED” and dressed that way, even in their LINGERIE.

Like beat me up and then sex me til I PUKE.

Like "beat me up" and then sex me til I PUKE.

 The 200o’s- the LOWEST possible common denominator:



 Why do I pick lingerie to prove a point?? Because it was UNHEARD of before MADONNA the tramp came along and wore a BRA in public and made it ‘fashionable’ to be a SLUT.

madonna-bra.jpg image by Dustbunny3



 To learn to cook.

 Sexy night-gowns to learn to be more appealing again.

 Retro Kitchens to bring back  the ‘good ole days’ feeling.

 A baby, or adopt a baby to make you feel natural, you know, MATERNAL.

 Always keep a really nice garden so that you will always have nice flowers.

 A super-cute sexy apron, so that you stay clean and fresh.

 A sewing machine, so that you don’t nag your husband for a bunch of new clothes.

 Strive to get a hair-do like Farrah, your husband will LOVE you for that.

 Try to stay barefoot a lot, because it means #1. that you LOVE to be made love to, and #2.  that you LOVE babies.

 Pretty fingernails is really important, because it shows that #1. You take care of your looks, and #2. That you will scratch his back well.

 A great wiggle dress. It shows that you feel that you are sexy, because he makes you feel sexy and pretty.

 Make sure that you take your midol so that the whole house doesn’t suffer at that ‘time of the month’

 At least 7 really cute panties. These are a MUST.

I am trying to save you with these remedies, you dont want to look like this:



Lets just start off by LOOKING at these hags, that are the ‘leaders’ of the REAL MOB:

Isnt she lovely...
Isnt she lovely…

Eleanor Smeal, (SCHLEMIEL) president of the Feminist Majority, joined other feminists in endorsing Barack HUSSEIN Obama Tuesday at the National Press Club. (CNSNews.com/Penny Starr) 

……. In other words, she endorsed a MOSLEM, that passed HALAL laws, in Shitcago…Brilliant..

Not saying what I think..
Not saying what I think..

Wow. Just wow:  Feminist Magazine MS To Powerful Israeli Women: Sorry, You’re Too Jewish To Be In Our Magazine

Below FEMALES I clicked were at RANDOM, (they are naturally HIDEOUS man-haters) choose YOUR poison:

 <<LOL!!! rotflmao!

Come on…WHAT man in their RIGHT mind would even look twice at these creatures? And the book “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” to me…is plum RIDICULOUS. 

 Man is MAN, woman WOMAN.  These wretched creatures are miserable hags.

Penis ENVY.

If they are so ‘equal’, simple as this……………GO PISS OUT A CAMPFIRE!  


………….And do it without getting your puss burned!


the BRA!


Thumbs Down