Texas Feminist/COMMUNIST & “Constitutional Law Expert” Calls To “Repeal 2nd Amendment”

Texas Feminist/COMMUNIST “Constitutional Law Expert” Calls To “Repeal 2nd Amendment”

What part about the Constitution (2nd Amend) does this broad not understand, being an ‘expert?’  She said this to ‘test the waters’

Mary Penrose, Texas Wesleyan Law School

It never amazes me anymore when I see a photo one of these hideous witches who want to repeal the whole 2nd Amendment.  They are always very ugly.  Why is that???  At any rate.. She said this because of the Gabriel Giffords shooting in 2011.. (G.G. is armed with an AK, by the way) The Tuscon massacre  was perp’d BY a radical leftist…  Penrose wants women at the mercy of rapists, illegals and bad men but she calls herself a ‘civil rights’ activist?  How would leaving women unarmed help them?  How can a man protect his family from a robber/rapist if he has no arms?  How can we protect ourselves from people LIKE HER!!!!??? Just another control freak bitch.

Professor Mary Margaret “Meg” Penrose joined the law faculty in 2009 after teaching nine years at the University of Oklahoma College of Law.  Professor Penrose taught Civil Procedure, Constitutional Law, Criminal Procedure, Gender Discrimination and International Human Rights at OU.  She continues to practice in federal court with an emphasis on federal habeas corpus representation of Texas Death Row inmates and Title VII and Title IX litigation challenging gender bias and discrimination in the workplace.

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