Everyone LOVES The 1950’s Except The Psychopathic, Idiotic, Asinine, Moron “Liberals”

Background of rock music (1950s–early 1960s) ~ The Music History

Last night I was watching “Under the Streetlamp”, 4 young men that perform tributes to the 1950’s Doo-wop & Pop.  These guys are dressed sharp, sing fabulous (no screaming rap crap) tap dance and WOW audiences that love the music from the 1950’s & early 1960’s (Before sicko hippy & acid rock made it big for stupid, leftist jerks).

…And, it’s not just the music of the 50’s.  Its was the dress, the cars, the little white house & the picket fence, the safety in the streets, the common culture, the new shows on TV (Ed Sullivan, I Love Lucy, The Honeymooners), the movies in wide screen, the fashion was wonderful (It is copied now on a pretty big scale, especially with women that HATE feminism.)   Restaurants had great entertainment, a single income earner made enough to supply his whole family.  Manufacturing (jobs were HERE, not in Asia). America exported over 50% of manufacturing to the whole world.  Now, its China because of LIBERALISM (in both evil parties.)

But, the idiotic, jackass, moron liberals only bring up; that women were not equal, or racism that existed in the SOUTHERN states.  These are the only points that the liberals can ever remember. They never ponder on the good because liberals are bad, evil, crummy people.  And like all bad folk, only focus on the negatives, never the positives. 

What do liberals have to show for their own “Utopian” sick 1960’s decade? Soaring high crime, Racial riots, Feminist-supremacy, black-supremacy, an anti-war movement that was NOT anti war, it was just anti-American patriotism.  Truly, if it was an anti-war movement, they would have united and fought to bring the men home in a moral way, not by getting stoned on drugs and acid..  In fact, X-radical Commie, David Horowitz, who conducted most of the protests through the leftist rag; “the Rampart” magazine, confessed that it was a movement to tear down America and instill a Marxist utopia. (Something that never works in ANY country.)  The only reason that the liberals hated the 50’s is because they were bratty, nasty, rotten, no-good kids.  Their parents gave everything to them and like most spoiled shitheads, they hated their parents for being ‘too good.’    In all essence, their parents should have whipped their sorry asses.

The Obama campaign of lunacy seems to think it is a great put-down to say we all want to ‘go back to the 1950’s.‘  It is NO put-down to love something that was just better than now, more moral than now, by far.  More Christian than now and they were proud of it.  Definitely more patriotic, God fearing and nationalistic in a GOOD way, not the leftist/NAZI, fascistic nationalism we have now.

We love the 1950’s here in my home and appreciate the price that our grandfathers had to pay during WW2.  True, there is always wrong and always right in any decade, war etc…  For the most part, the WW2 generation made America what it became through the 50’s.  The liberal slobs can shove it up their ass.  I am proud of what America WAS.   I would give just about anything to go back to a to a time when this country was not immoral, with creepy-sounding music, horrible movies and TV. It is now; Communist, filthy, faggy, slutty and a downright disgusting, debaucherous, reprobate nation of zero’s.

These 4 guys inspired me to write against the Commie crud that Hussein Obama is preaching from the anti-Christ pulpit against apple-pie America.

“Can You Get Into Trouble For Lying About Rape?”

Click the link below.

Lying about a rape is DISGUSTING. Yet, there are women who are conspiring to do this to men. And these LIARS have the Marxist/NAZI courts on their side.  My advice to men, at this point: Do not go out alone with an American woman. Take friends with you. Do not have sex or sleep with a woman, either. I am serious. Is it worth going to jail, or prison? NO. 

Can you get into trouble for lying about rape?‘.

An Interesting Look On The Net At Feminist Supremacy Images

You have got to see this.  Unbelievable.

I have many “conservatives” in my life absolutely hating my guts because I refuse, absolutely REFUSE to endorse a woman for President. In my opinion, we will be no better off with a female prez than we are right now with a minority as Prez.  3 words: Caucasian White Male.  Just as it has always been, and then keep his feet to the fire.  Don’t bother telling me that ‘It is men that screwed the world up.’  A real man has a good woman.

Anyway, click here if interested:

Women Have Become MANS Worst Enemy

  Last night I was reading Breitbart. Sarah Palin wants to be the Prez. She thinks a woman can do the job.    Does anyone realize yet, that Palin already gave us Obama 1 time, as did Hitlery?  You think I am kidding? Everyone that I know that voted GOP this last prez election, has flat out told me, that they voted for PALIN.  You think she will not give us Obama again, as will Hitlery?  I dont know, you all better think about it…..For the most part; The only people that really want Palin for the Prez are the T-partiers and the GOP. And most of the people that want Hitlery are just die-hard Democrats. Palin is a good uplifter, but I wont EVER vote for a woman. Sorry readers.

  Onward….Man has been ripped off and robbed by women. Man, who was made in the image of GOD…… Good Christian “BITCHES”?! Bad Bible Belt Feministic Sleaze….This Is Really ‘Messed Up’!

Women now control the USA. Think this is a joke? Look at that wuss of a faggot you have in the W.H. who is occupying a mans seat. Men are the ones that are supposed to be the leaders.  I know…you want to tell me that man has royally screwed everything up, Right? If MAN had MEN behind him instead of deceptive women, things would not be the way they are in the Western world. 


Look how women have done things; Look at this in general terms. Women get a divorce, they get the kids, they get alimony, they get the home, the car, etc. Its the truth, generally speaking. Women are murderers as well. Yes they are. They murder babies through abortion faster than they can ‘spread their legs’.   Women connive their way into jobs that they are not qualified for by using affirmative action. If this disgusting affirmative action was not there, things may not have turned out the way they have.

There will be more on this subject.. But I would like if you watched this Youtube below, while I rant at a later date.. If you dont like my OPINION, thats your beef.

OH, and men, sorry for being so rude: GET A DOG, you will find more loyalty. 

  Recently, in a magazine, I saw this quote: “TRUST NO MAN, FEAR NO BITCH.” That sweet aint it? Here is another I came across:

This is what BOB, a blogger says on another website:

I would leave my wife if she took up feminism. Its unnatural.

By: bob on November 10, 2008
at 8:26 pm


Feminist Supremacy-How It Has Destroyed The American Male


Post Written for SCRIABIN. Yesterday, I was at the grocery store, and I watched this couple bring their groceries out to their car.  These were handsome people; the man looked like a Robert Redford type (when he was in his 40’s, and the woman looked like a cool cowgirl, with a cowboy hat on and a black fringe jacket, she was a little chunky, but pretty).   

    The man opened the trunk, and began to put all of the groceries in the trunk.  As he was doing this, the woman reached into one of the bags, and pulled out a tube of Pringles potato chips, and ate them.  The man was putting all of the bags in the trunk-she did not help with ONE bag, even a little bag, she was motioning him to hurry as well. She did absolutely zero.  For real.. I was looking at the scene, stunned.  Then, she motioned for him to hurry, and she got in the drivers seat and they drove away.. It was obvious who ‘wore the pants in the family’.

  It used to be, back in the 70’s and 80’s, that women wanted to be LIKE men, so they would have put the groceries in the car themselves.  But now, they think men are their slaves. This is sick. But-Its true.  It is feminist supremacy. There is no other word for this.  Tell me, women….Did you fight in WW1? Did you storm the beaches at Normandy? Did you fight on the battle-field of the American Revolution? No.  You didn’t. You didn’t invent anything that we use in everyday life either.

  And….what’s up with the Sarah Palin worship? It really is NO different than the Obama-BOTS.  Can you name a really GOOD reason that you want her as the Pres?  Can you? Tell me what it is.  When in interview, Palin couldn’t even name her favorite founding father. Palin is ‘gay’ friendly. Palin thinks the ‘birthers’ are a distraction. Palin is gorgeous, this is the truth, but little more than only a reactionary, which is TYPICAL female -like. She is a patriot and I admire this.  But for a Pres? Sorry- I will not EVER endorse a woman. Even Bachmann. And I think she is the toughest woman in the house. I still don’t want a woman as a Pres in an insane world. I want a Patton type man. That’s just me, I dont expect everyone to feel as I do. At least consider.

  How do we find a Patton?  It is really not that hard.  Women: stop being such supremists toward men. Build up the men around you- men need your influence. Men need you. Men have ALWAYS needed women to fight. Why do you think you see cheer-leaders? It ENCOURAGES men to ‘win’.  And war, whether psychological or physical-men NEED encouragement, and that only comes from women, who possess that gift.  More Patton, less patent leather as Savage says..

I hate feminism, and it is all over the place. It has infected good, Christian women and turned Jewish women into monsters.  I HATE IT.  American feminists SUCK. This is why so many men are looking abroad into the Asias for a decent woman now. Face it, you have chosen this EVIL, Jezebel, Vashti spirit that is totally satanic and it’s time to REPENT.