Ted Noiz Speaks To A Feminist At The Grocery Store:

 I met a woman at the grocery today. A real freak leftist apparently. We stood in line at the checkout and she read aloud to no one in particular something off a magazine about International Women’s Day. She smiled and looked around as though she were accepting an award. Obviously she wanted everyone to hear her comment because she wanted attention. I gave her some, “Yeah, soon Women’s Day will be a thing of the past.”

“Really? What do you mean?”

“Well it has been determined by society and culture at large that gender is nothing more than a social construct, has it not?” She looked at me nervously as I went on, probably wishing she hadn’t opened her mouth. “Well, since gender is a mere social construct it can mean only that there are no women to begin with and that anyone identifying as a woman is merely fantasizing–because gender does not actually exist… it’s just a construct, a figment of the imagination. Furthermore, anyone identifying as a woman or a this or a that can never be whatever they claim to be or identify as, not only because gender is a mere construct to begin with but because they are working off the false premise and the pretense that they are something other than what they actually are. They must first positively identify and then deny what they actually are in order to claim to be that something or someone they, which, by their own thinking, are… neither. Therefore there is scant need to recognize anyone, including one’s own self, for their gender, real or imagined–because there is none, therefore they have none. It does not exist. It’s just a construct. You have to make up your minds if you want to keep Women’s Day. Are there really women–or is gender just a construct? It’s the same thing with the false premise that you can not be racist against a White person and that White people don’t exist. First you must identify the person as White before you could not be racist against them, and if you’ve done that it means you’ve identified and acknowledged that which exists, a White person, and his race, White… while at the same time denying all of it. In other words, it makes no sense.”

The woman stared at me, enraged, biting her bottom lip, clenching the handle on her shopping cart. She turned her back to me and said nothing. I turned my head and saw another lane had opened up and went to it. I got checked out before she did! Ha!

#Twitter @vijaya Is A Horrible #Feminist. #ResignVijaya NOW

Twitter @vijaya Is A Horrible #Feminist. #ResignVijaya NOW

Vagina Gadde is a HORRIBLE immigrant and a rotten feminist bimbo. Resign this horrible trashy witch.

This is the story: HUGE! TWITTER SHUTS DOWN After Tucker Carlson Announces He Will Release NEW HUNTER BIDEN EMAILS on His Show Tonight — Updated

Entertainment Weekly Mag: Tina Fey: ‘Bitch Is The New Black’ – Referencing Hillary’s Libyan Clusterf*ck?!

Entertainment Weekly Mag: Tina Fey: ‘Bitch Is The New Black’ – Referencing Hillary’s Libyan Hillary Clusterf*ck  12:20, Oct 23, 2012 The Mad Jewess

These Marxist, feminist gasbags never cease to amaze me. They hate babies and they love murder.  Its disgusting.   Does this stupid hag even know it is against our own laws to murder leaders of countries at will?  I doubt it. Put a GOPer in and this broad will be screaming 6 ways to Sunday.  

Well, her BITCH, Hitlery took blame for OBAMA’s murderous mess.  How’s that for ya, she-beast?  Is this possibly how she feels about the Benghazi massacre of Hitlery’s?? 

Enjoy America, folks… Women rule like devils, minorities are king, illegals are precious and you, American, are jack-shit in your own country.

I photo-shopped her all nice for you:

If some of you USE my pic, LINK ME.

Ann Coulter, Tragedy Queen~Can’t Get A REAL Man, Now She Pals Around W/ The Fairies.

  Before I came onto the blogosphere, I told many people that Ann C is a fraud.  She is. Ann can’t get a real man (because she is a feminist) so, what does she do? She accepts an invite from the ‘gays’ of GO Proud.  Coulter said in a statement, according to  Chris Moody of the Yahoo.com blog The Ticket, “I am honored to serve in this  capacity on GOProud’s Advisory Council, and look forward to being the queen of  fabulous.”  Just what are they ‘proud’ of?  WHAT?!

  I was in show business for YEARS, in NYC (in the late 1980’s) and Central CA.  A woman that hangs with the ‘gays’ is a woman that is totally insecure with herself. They call them ‘fag-hags’ for a reason. “Gays” don’t mind if you are completely obnoxious. They think it a ‘hoot.’  Another thing with straight women hanging with ‘gays’, they always fall in love.  And the ‘gay’ plays it for all its worth.  Most women that hang with ‘gays’ fall madly in love.  They believe that ‘gays’ can reLLLLLLLLLLLate to their feeeeeeeelingsssss.  BS.  The ‘gay’ tramples all over their heart, and then you have a ‘fag-hag’ hater.  Women that hang with ‘gays’, cannot handle a real man, its just the facts.

  Anyway, Ann, you are a fraud.  Next thing, you will be endorsing ‘gay’ marriage, and all the stupid women and metro males that follow your weak, pathetic ass will listen to you.  I hope that smart people didn’t but her book. She laughs her ass off when you buy them.  I hope that Bachmann does not follow suit.


This Is What Leftism/Feminism Has Done To Rachel Maddow

I don’t need to say anymore. This picture I found of Rachel Maddow explains it all.  Imagine this pretty, blonde, feminine young woman who looks like a man now. This saddened me. I just can’t believe how far a person can sink. This person, in this link provided has a little opinion of her…he seems to be taken with her ‘intellect’…. What ‘intellect?’  Screwing America with sarcasm?  Whatever.. G’ Damn, Rachel.

 Perturbed Perturbed Perturbed 

LADIES vs FEMALES in LINGERIE throughout time in the USA

I see so much, that it makes me SICK, and have only God to thank for not taking part of the debauchery and SIN run rampant in our nation that was once a GREAT nation.  A HOLY nation, where the CHRISTIANS were HOLY and the Jews were HOLY- they considered a person to vote for based on CHARACTER and not ‘charisma’….just as a man chose a woman that he LOVED out of her being PURE and not because she was ‘great in the sack’ 

Lingerie at the turn of the century:

The Late 30’s, early 40’s there was a turn back to MODESTY as the nation was at war, The nation ALSO returned to GOD.

30’s-40’s demure lingerie/bra set:

the return to MODESTY

the return to MODESTY


In the 1950’s there was a COMPLETE overhaul and women REJOICED in being glamorous, beautiful and classy, EVEN in lingerie:


 The 1960’s came, and with it, the SEX revolt, it was a VOMITOUS time, and DEBAUCHERY and SIN was BAACCKKK, and stayed until the 1980’s..

1960’s and 70’s:

1960s-70s...CLASSLESS and CLUELESS about MYSTERY

1960's-70's...CLASSLESS and CLUELESS about MYSTERY

1980’s came, and with it SOME sense of SEMBLANCE and order- women wanted to be CLASSY again, because the LEADER of the nations wife was CLASSY.
The 1990’s with BJ Clinton, women were resorting to being “SEXED” and dressed that way, even in their LINGERIE.

Like beat me up and then sex me til I PUKE.

Like "beat me up" and then sex me til I PUKE.

 The 200o’s- the LOWEST possible common denominator:



 Why do I pick lingerie to prove a point?? Because it was UNHEARD of before MADONNA the tramp came along and wore a BRA in public and made it ‘fashionable’ to be a SLUT.

madonna-bra.jpg image by Dustbunny3

Elena Kagan: A Face That Could Stop A Clock!

Thumbs DownYuck!


How Dare Elena Kagan Criticize the Three Fifths Compromise?

Excerpt: So the Constitution, as it was originally written, was racist. Let’s just get that out there.

Slavery, yes. It was acknowledged and accepted in the document. Representatives and taxes were apportioned according to population, except “all other Persons”–non-free persons, i.e. slaves–were counted as three-fifths of people. This was a compromise necessary to get the thing ratified, if my memory of high school history class serves. The Constitution didn’t mandate slavery, but it accommodated it, to some extent, by adapting the nascent system of government to slavery’s existence in certain states. It was agnostic to the practice. This is history. Pointing it out should not be controversial. (See the rest of her BS a mile deep above)