An Interesting Look On The Net At Feminist Supremacy Images

You have got to see this.  Unbelievable.

I have many “conservatives” in my life absolutely hating my guts because I refuse, absolutely REFUSE to endorse a woman for President. In my opinion, we will be no better off with a female prez than we are right now with a minority as Prez.  3 words: Caucasian White Male.  Just as it has always been, and then keep his feet to the fire.  Don’t bother telling me that ‘It is men that screwed the world up.’  A real man has a good woman.

Anyway, click here if interested:


Lets just start off by LOOKING at these hags, that are the ‘leaders’ of the REAL MOB:

Isnt she lovely...
Isnt she lovely…

Eleanor Smeal, (SCHLEMIEL) president of the Feminist Majority, joined other feminists in endorsing Barack HUSSEIN Obama Tuesday at the National Press Club. ( Starr) 

……. In other words, she endorsed a MOSLEM, that passed HALAL laws, in Shitcago…Brilliant..

Not saying what I think..
Not saying what I think..

Wow. Just wow:  Feminist Magazine MS To Powerful Israeli Women: Sorry, You’re Too Jewish To Be In Our Magazine

Below FEMALES I clicked were at RANDOM, (they are naturally HIDEOUS man-haters) choose YOUR poison:

 <<LOL!!! rotflmao!

Come on…WHAT man in their RIGHT mind would even look twice at these creatures? And the book “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” to me…is plum RIDICULOUS. 

 Man is MAN, woman WOMAN.  These wretched creatures are miserable hags.

Penis ENVY.

If they are so ‘equal’, simple as this……………GO PISS OUT A CAMPFIRE!  


………….And do it without getting your puss burned!


the BRA!


Thumbs Down


This below (IMO) is depicting that women are somehow ‘physically STRONGER’ than men, which is pure bullsh*t. 

 It also shows that men are stupid and dumb. Which is preposterous.

(Other propaganda artists and historians disagree, but this is how I see it NOW)

 Who WROTE out laws?? Women?? NO!


 And I know all of this, because I AM A WOMAN, hear me WHINE.. 😦

This PROPAGANDA is Vintage- about 1910. 

(It can be looked at EITHER way, IMO, sex-filled eyes, or SHE BEAST, which is how I see it.)


This one down below, 1910- doesn’t it show how men are not even good at taking care of babies, let alone making decisions on VOTING??  Thats what I SEE.


REAL American men……

The feminist movement brought you HUSSEIN Obama, the patsy, COWARDLY, devil-FASCIST.  If women never became the excrement on society as they are now… we would NOT be in the MUSLIM mess with a FOREIGN alien as a president, and the WOMENS movement, that does not want riots to happen, because people’s feelings might get hurt..whaaah..

But, MEN….Don’t say you were not warned:

Below here, shows the ramlifications of women in politics, and…. O-M-G, they were SO right.  Whether it was FOR women OR against them, below is the TRUTH.

IT HAS hurt the home, it HAS hurt MENS employment, it HAS made women into MONSTERS in many ways.

Voting “RESPONSIBILITY” A key word that is now our COMPLETE and total issue, and why we are DOOMED..  Dumbing down comes from WOMEN, NOT men.  Women want to be ‘fair’ and nuturing….You see what has happened here??

Below makes me sick.  But this is what happens when women are being afforded things that they should NEVER have been afforded (in the FIRST place) and what it has gotten our once great nation:

So…’uppity women unite’  Real brilliant.. “Failure is Impossiblity”….

Tell the Liar PELOSI THAT- or Babara Boxer who disrespects GENERALS.

 The FACT is, that if women who are lesbians left good and decent women well enough alone, women would be able to enjoy the things they are REALLY fit to do, have babies, nest, look pretty, and be constant pleasures to men.

Sounds GREAT to ME!  I am TIRED of having to try to do MANS jobs, and that is what is now ‘expected’ of me.

Face it, women and men…this nation with women in charge is brought to you by people like;

NANCY PELOSI, Barbara Boxer, Hillary Clinton, Janet Napolitano, SOTOMAYOR….. etc..

I could go ON AND ON about the UGLY, disgusting, hate-filled VOMITOUS creatures, but I believe that you follow the general idea. 

This blog is mostly comprised of very excellent MEN. 

At this point, people, sorry FEMALES, I am NO big fan of YOURS…Especially since you think it “A-OK” to have a MOSLEM as a President…

Go to IRAN sometime, and tell me ALL about how women have ‘equal rights’ in a Moslem country.. N.O.W. REFUSED to help Miss California, and REFUSES to go out to bat for Palin…

Feminists SUCK, BIGTIME!

People like the below didn’t help your plight either:


By the way…this is the way “I” see things now.  I dont see what others may see, it is what it is, imo. Men have been dumped on for the longest time, and I am just sick of it.