#Feminism Is Dying: Women Selling Naked Pics Online To Make Ends Meet

Feminism Is Dying: Women Selling Naked Pics Online To Make Ends Meet

Stupid communist gasbags call it the ‘gender gap’. What gender, moonbats? Arent we ‘gender free’ anymore? Lol.

There is no ‘gender gap’. Men are just more talented, smarter, stronger, un-emotional, built for work, they don’t get their period or menopause, they’re not drama queens (with the exception of the Rue Paul crazies).

Face it, GIRLS…. You were cut out to be wives, have babies, raise children, eat bon-bons and be comfortable. How can any sane woman fight THAT? Look, ladies… Make life easier by being a decent chick. Find a dude that is doing good, (capable of taking care of family), fawn all over him, dress beautiful for him, treat him like a king, respect him, love him, cherish him, thank God for him and be comfortable in your life. Stop fighting nature.


Keep selling pics online and eventually become just a prostitute (disrespecting your own self.)

Feminism is DYING.

Ted Noiz On Miserable, Feminist Hags

Ted Noiz On Miserable, Feminist Hags

‘HEY, Ted Noiz

This is what oppression looked like before feminism’


Ah, so THAT’S what the modern bitches are complaining about! They hate looking good, respectable and gorgeous: looking like women!

I can see how those long dresses would keep them from spreading their legs and giving full access of their genitalia to any dude who walks by and commands them to do so. What a struggle the ladies have had over the years! Well, now they’re free! They can wear whatever they like, especially those tight pants that hug every curve, show off their fat, their twat lips and their tits and nipples… just in time to hide their identity behind a suffocating mask on orders from their government, stay in their homes, and to take a potentially lethal injection of killer fake Covid vaccine!

You’ve come a long way, Baby!

Hideously Ugly, Mean-Spirited Lesbian Writes Book To “Eradicate” Men

Hideously Ugly, Mean-Spirited Lesbian Writes Book To “Eradicate” Men

She wants to eradicate all men. She claims she only consumes things made by women. That’s a lie. She, no doubt uses a smartphone: Made by a man. She probably uses a computer: Made by men. She takes a shower: invented and maintained by men. She cooks in a microwave, invented by a man. She sits on furniture: made by men. She drives a car: Made by men. She also drives on highways: built and maintained by men. She turns on a light switch: Made by men. She washes dishes in a sink, built and maintained by men.

Everything this hag uses is MADE BY MEN. Nice try, ugly!

Women CANNOT exist without men. However, men CAN exist without women.

Paris city Councillor Alice Coffin, has revealed in her debut book, Lesbian Genius, that she doesn’t listen to music, read books, or watch films made by men and her partner Yuri also only consumes things that have been produced by women. ‘It’s not enough to help one another, we have to erase them. Erase them from our minds, from our pictures, from our representation. I don’t read books by men anymore, I don’t watch their movies, I don’t listen to their music’, she writes. The rest: https://rb.gy/9xkb2h

Totally looks like…
Owen Wilson Biography | Fandango

How bout we eradicate ugly feminists and their allies… ūüėÄ

Commie Feminists Actresses Dumping On Kirsten Dunst Because She’s NORMAL

Commie Feminists Dumping On Kirsten Dunst Because She’s NORMAL

So, an actress arises out of the feminist gestapo..

Here is the deal with the man-hating, brown shirts… They hate pretty, sexy, modest, children, family and anything feminine. They are fascists who do not want an opinion that is contrary to their man-loathing.¬† That’s all feminism is anymore: Male hate.¬†¬† This is what the ‘evil’ anti-feminist, Dunst said:

“I feel like the feminine has been a little undervalued. We all have to get our own jobs and make our own money, but staying at home, nurturing, being the mother, cooking ‚Äď it‚Äôs a valuable thing my mom created.”¬† -Kristen Dunst

Oooo, so awful…….! (Gag)

We here salute Miss Dunst and I have even made a couple of Polyvore sets (one above) before I even knew they were dumping on her. She is a fine actress and was gorgeous in Marie Antoinette.¬† That probably made the male-haters gag & foam at the mouth…

A fashion look from March 2012 featuring Maloles sandals, House of Harlow 1960 clutches and OGI earrings. Browse and shop related looks.


See- Feminist Says Actress Kirsten Dunst Too ‘Dumb’ to Have an Opinion

girl animated GIF


Sports Radio Host, @DamonBruce Is Tired Of Women In Sports & Feminized Men. YES!

Sports Radio Host, @DamonBruce Is Tired Of Women In Sports & Feminized Men, YES!

This dude is so right on….Its just downright refreshing. ¬†His 9 minute speech made me laugh like crazy.

Don’t forget, ladies: it’s a man’s world according to KNBR sports radio host Damon Bruce.

Damon Bruce: “The Sports world is “set to men.” ¬† How true..!!! ¬†He says ‘Men will be men and will be disrespectful in the mens locker room.’ ¬†& ¬†“Ladies, we’re not going to your sensitivity classes.” ¬†“It’s a mans world in sports.” ¬† HAHAHAHA…….!!! ¬† ¬†I bet a billion females are in full PMS mode over this one~ LMAOFF! ¬† ¬†

I was an EXCELLENT baseball player (yes, baseball) and even as strong as I am, I was NEVER stronger than a male in sports.. ¬†I knew that sporting was geared for men. ¬†How do I know this and other women will just get pissed off at Damon Bruce? ¬†Why lie to yourselves?? ¬†The Communist/left will probably see that this dude is shut up forever. ¬†Sick bastards. ¬†People can’t even have an opinion in the ‘land of the free.’

‚ÄúA lot of sports has lost its way and I‚Äôm gonna tell you, part of the reason is because we‚Äôve got women giving us directions,” he said. “For some of you, this is going to come across as very misogynistic. I don‚Äôt care, because I‚Äôm very right. I’m willing to share my sandbox, as long as you remember you’re in my box.‚ÄĚ

Hey Damon:


See the story-¬†Radio Host¬†Damon Bruce¬†To¬†Women¬†In Sports: ‘It’s A Man’s World’

Females In Countries All Over The World Are Jealous Of American Christian, Judeo Ethics, Seriously…

Females In Countries All Over The World Are Jealous Of American Christian, Judeo Ethics. ¬†Seriously… ¬†(Sarcastic post)

I looked at Drudge a few moments ago and saw this link:

 Liberal, foulmouthed, ugly, preacher-she-male beast speaks to fed-up debaucherous morons..

You can read that link for yourself. ¬†It is the story of a ‘pastor’ who looks like a man, curses worse than even me (I am trying to stop that BTW) Tells 70 year old women in the pues that they are ‘hot to get it on.’ ¬† ALL females in every nation on Gods green earth are dying to become an American Christian or a Jew. ¬†Fact….U.S. Christian and Jewish women are just so soft. ¬†Kind-hearted. ¬†Gentle-spirited, lovely, quiet, peaceful… Just the epitome of grace and beauty:

Sweet, huh?  Makes ya wanna become a Christian woman of God?

¬†Now, let’s take a good look at the gorgeous, ‘Esther’-like RABBI…Probably a teacher in a Communist ‘synagogue’ (Grab your cojones, Jewish brethren):

Hey religious guys/dudes…Isn’t it wonderful that you don’t have to be men, anymore? ¬†We have women who will do it for you, even in ‘holy’ places. ¬†Yep, we women are the envy of every nation. ¬†AmeriKa….., where women are men and men are girls. ¬†Makes me want to vomit.

SATAN IS SMILING………Because this is the “Christianity” & “Judaism” that the EVIL main stream adores…In Opposite land AmeriKa.

By the way: ¬†A woman shall not be clothed with man’s apparel, neither shall a man use woman’s apparel : for he that doeth these things is abominable before God. ¬†Deuteronomy 22

#Feminism Explained

I’m a hater.. I hate feminism. ¬†I am a man’s gal and love that. I think men are made in the image of God as is written in the Bible and I am cool with that.

Here’s the FACTS, girls…You wake up in a house, built by MEN. ¬†Turn on your shower, built AND maintained by MEN. ¬†Turn on the gas/electric to make b-fast (built and maintained by MEN) ¬†Get in your car, built and maintained by MEN. ¬†Drive on the road to work; built and maintained by MEN. ¬†Go to ofc, built and maintained by MEN. ¬†Then, when you want something heavy in your ofc moved..You call on a MAN to move it for you.

Erick Erickson Is Right About Family, Moms, Etc. Megyn Kelly Is A Dumb Bimbo (Like Most Liberal Women Are)

Erick Erickson Is Right About Family, Moms, Etc. Megyn Kelly Is A Dumb Bimbo (Like Most Liberal Women Are)

Most American women just hate men. Use them for sex the same way some men used to be chauvinistic. Everything is reversed, now.

Liberal women (and so many women) are seriously dumber¬†than a bag of rocks re. women’s rights… ¬†In the video below, Megyn Kelly is sooo outraged that Erickson and Dobbs are trying to save the American family just because she wants a 14 hr career no matter the cost to her own children.

I wonder if this broad even knows that she is only a pawn. ¬†The reason that women have become so powerful in the workplace is because of Rockefeller -who advised putting women to work to GET MORE MONEY IN TAXES. ¬†Feed the government beast, “The Man.” ¬†

The American family is destroyed because women have been taken out of their natural role of being mothers. ¬†Megyn Kelly is just another dupe. ¬†Fine, she goes to work, that’s great. ¬†Why did she have a family, then? ¬†It is very hard to have both. ¬†

But, I need to get myself back into perspective, here: Women rule, men drool.  Better now???


Hat tip.. Gasbag, Becca CommieWitz

New Study Finds Conservative Men Are Strong, Liberal Men Are Weaklings

New Study Finds Conservative Men Are Strong, Liberal Men Are Weakings…

Of course they are. ¬†Metro-boys are married to dominatrix bitches who treat them like shit. Pardon my language but I believe it’s appalling that man, who was made in the image of God… cow-tows to female who has not invented much of anything. ¬†Women have not won wars, do not build cities, and now, murder their own babies like felines do. ¬†I am down on women in the united states because they are arrogant, bossy and downright mean. ¬†I have to say that even many conservative women are this way as well. ¬†No, not all, but many.

Women have a natural place in life that they seem to want to reject. That place is to be a friend to man. To love a man and to be loved. To be pleasant, sexy, nice, patient and kind.  Instead, they choose the worst characteristics that are enforced by left wing-feminist supremacists.

When the shit hits the fan, you can bet your bottom dollar that the first place most women will run to – is a man for protection. ¬†Personally, I think that each man should look at the fruit of the women around him and determine from their acts, or lack of good works whether he will help her….or not – on that day.

Back to the story & end of my rant: Conservative men are stronger than liberal wussy boys. ¬†These weak, gasbag, liberal ‘men’ will fail in the day of adversity which is coming upon all people/s. I look forward to the day when liberal boys AND their enablers; feminist freaks-are punished to the max.

Article by Andrew Malcom, Investors.Com (Click to read)-New research finds stronger men are conservatives, of course; Weaklings are libs

Liz Taylor in “Taming Of The Shrew”

Learn something ladies..

What Would Be Better? No More Leftists Or No More Islam?


At one time, the question was posed to my Nana: “What would you rather have, Lillian? ¬†Money or health?” My Nana answered; “Money. You can take care of your health with money” ¬† ¬†She must have been out of her head. ¬†Health is the only answer to a question like that. ¬†If you have health, you are well, in and out.

This question got me thinking about Muslims and Leftists and which one would we be better without. ¬†My answer is plain to see. ¬†This blog hasn’t been a site that posts endless crimes Muslims commit all over the planet on a daily basis. ¬†Plenty of others do that. ¬†Our little blog has always been about the leftist cancer all over the earth & how it destroys our own once great country. ¬†A couple times a month we post on the Islamic disease.. But, a disease can be cured. ¬†Leftism can’t be cured.

At any rate, my resolve: ¬†If leftism didn’t exist, we would not have Muslims. ¬†The Kennedy’s put that evil immigration bill into play and illegals became our daily life. ¬†The Kennedy’s were Progressive/Communists. ¬†If we never had the Kennedy’s, we would not have had illegals and 3rd world immigrants who hate this place and want to destroy it.

If there was no Gloria Steinem, (Progressive/COMMUNIST), we would never have this out-of-control feminist supremacy with a 50% plus divorce rate. If she didn’t exist, no militant feminism, just basic rights. ¬†That’s a happy thought. ¬†If there was no Jane Fonda, we would not have modern-day treason. ¬† Ditto, John Kerry, BHO, Hillary Clinton, and every other Bolshevik you can think of. ¬†We would not have rampant abortion or militant homosexuals marrying in churches and synagogues. ¬†

The answer is obvious to me and it should be to everyone.  I can give the Muslims this one thing: They kill quickly.  Not so with leftists.  They kill slowly. So, you see.. if there were no more leftists, AmeriKa would not have an issue with Islam. 

A commenter was here and was more worried about what I think of Islam or whatever.. My question to every disgusting, debaucherous leftist is this;

Shouldn’t you be more worried about what I would do with you if I was in charge?

Read this, too:

Veteran psychiatrist calls liberals mentally ill…