Israeli McDonald’s Won’t Serve Jews:

Israeli McDonald’s Won’t Serve Jews:

We’re pro-Israel on this blog and we find this disgusting. Nobody is hurting the Jews BUT the Jews in Israel:

HAT TIP: Unvaccinated are banned from buying food at McDonald’s Israel…

And, lookie here: Pfizer CEO — Omicron Vaccine will be ready in 45 days…

45 days to a vaccine now. FORTY FIVE DAYS. No research. NO testing, NO nothing. Just take that shot you stupid sheep. Vaccines used to take 25 years. Now: Just mix together something that will kill off the populations.

Proud To Be An American? Come & SEE America’s Zombie Apocalypse:

Proud To Be An American? Come & SEE America’s Zombie Apocalypse In Democrat Philly:

The Camera-man slowed these scenes down a bit…but you MUST take a look at this. You MUST. This is so repulsive and disgusting that I feel so ashamed and sad to even show this!

THIS is just about ANY Commie-CRAT city in America and the sheep continue to vote for this.

[Streets of Philadelphia, Kensington Avenue, Aug, 2021. HAT TIP: TED NOIZ]

The Communist, TOTALITARIAN FILTH Remove Another Robert E. Lee Statue. Lord: PLEASE Destroy The Commie-Crats Very Soon.

The Communist FILTH Remove Another Robert E. Lee Statue. Lord: PLEASE Destroy The Commie-Crats Very Soon.

  • Inconvenient little fact: General Robert E. Lee was in command of Westpoint in the 1850’s. He was a very admired man. Even up in Commie NY. Another inconvenient fact: The Confederacy was FAR more superior in their fighting skills, killing 350K Yankees. The Yankees managed to get 250K Confederates. Remember this history Communists.

So, keep removing those statues…we ALL know you are only trying to start another aggressive war against Southerners.

Here’s the thing, though:


Lord, please destroy Washington DC and all of the evil people in it. By war, by natural event, by vaccine – by ANY means necessary. Removing memorial stones is AGAINST God.

JPS Tanakh 1917
“Remove not the ancient landmark, Which thy fathers have set. generated Image

By the way… it DOESN’T stop with the south: Leftists Destroy Memorial Honoring 13 U.S Service Members Killed in Afghanistan

Cut Off Unvaxxed From EVERYTHING Says Communist Murderer, Pam Keith ESQ

Cut Off Unvaxxed From EVERYTHING Says Communist Murderer, Pam Keith ESQ

The Communist murderous filth don’t miss a chance to discriminate against people who do not want to try the mark-of-the-beast JAB.

Inside EVERY “Liberal” is a Hannibal Lecter screaming to get out:

This is the FIRST time in my 50 plus years that I have EVER seen vaccinated people attack unvaxxed. EVER. No such thing has occurred in my life until now.

My Mother gets every shot out there. She is convinced she is protected from ANY flu or virus if she gets a shot. She asks me ONE time a yr if I ‘got the flu shot’. My answer is ALWAYS: “No”.

My life for years has been positioned to take care of my immunity. Not getting shots. Thats my choice. But, we are coming to a place where we do not have a choice anymore. Its about power. NOT about health. It’s about the beast system.

Andy Slavitt, Jo’Bama’s Former Covid Response Chief Says Something Is Coming In “3 1/2 Weeks” Regarding Covid

Andy Slavitt, Jo’Bama’s Former Covid Response Chief Says Something Is Coming In “3 1/2 Weeks” Regarding Covid

What will the Communist, murderous Democrats do?? Chop off the heads of people who refuse the poison injection? Put them in FEMA? Gas them? Tent the military in our neighborhoods to intimidate us like they’re doing in Australia?

Read more here: Watch Out, America! A New 9/11 Is Only Weeks Away: As America Enters The ‘Twilight Zone’, Biden’s Covid Czar Hints Something Huge Will Be Happening In 3 1/2 Weeks 

This is about fighting a war': former Medicare administrator Andy Slavitt  on what to expect in the months to come | MinnPost
If you see this sob, spit in his face.

Slavitt accepted a temporary role as Senior Pandemic Advisor[4] to President Joe Biden’s COVID-19 pandemic response team. He stepped down from that role in June 2021

Dont get that shot no matter what.

If we have to die on this hill, then die we must.

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If the Communists have to FORCE you to get this shot, then it AINT just a shot. Its much more nefarious than that.

Philippine City: No Vaxx Card? NO Shopping Anywhere. COMPLIANT #COVID #COWARDS Are Doing To This World:

Philippines: No Vaxx Card? NO Shopping Anywhere. COMPLIANT COWARDS Are Doing To This World:

You who got the shot: You are COVID COWARDS. You have brought HELL upon ALL of us. You made yourselves slaves. I’m not joining you in your cowardice. By God, I will NOT be your slave, you god damned cowardly bastards. And, YES, you ARE damned by God. You trusted in a genetic RNA Vaccine over the the Almighty God. You trusted in a shot that has murdered over 11,000 people at least and has wounded over a million.


Wake-Up Calls Become Catalyst for Improvement | Production Machining

In a PHILIPPINES city, Ya cant buy or sell without your vaxx card. COMPLIANT people are bringing in this hell. People have let the FEAR of a virus rule their lives. Bunch of COWARDS. This WILL be in every single country. The ‘666’ is here. Many of you are waiting for it… You just dont GET that it is HERE. Hollywood has made you think that life is in ‘scenes. A ‘big bang’. An ‘announcement’


So, help me God.

H/T Brena

Think it cant happen here? The Communist and Globalists STOLE the White House. Without firing a shot. On EITHER ‘side.

San Fran’s Homosexual Male Choir (We’re coming for Your Children) Put Their DISGUSTING Vid On PRIVATE

San Fran’s Homosexual Male Choir (We’re coming for Your Children) Put Their DISGUSTING Vid On PRIVATE

Puking Rainbows GIFs | Tenor

If these disgusting, militant, Commie-Marxist fairies don’t want a bunch of straight men going postal, they should shut their asses back in the CLOSET.

They don’t want to be ‘converted’ by Christianity but they sure are ready to go and convert YOUR children to being little fruit loops, acting like jackasses in ugly, bright colors that look like a drag queen with a head cold.

  • But: It’s still on Twitter:

This song was NO joke and they are NOT joking. Recruiting young boys and girls is a major goal of the LGBT crowd – fresh meat. That gay “icon” Harvey Milk provided drugs to recruit underage teens in San Fran. When the Superintendent of SF schools opposed “gay friendly” high school counselors as positions that could recruit young people, he was outed as a homosexual, so he knew what it was all about and actually had a conscience about it.


Meet Joe Biden’s ‘Transgender Secretary of Education’

Meet Joe Biden’s ‘Transgender Secretary of Education’

Here we descend, back into filth, degradation and shame. Back to the disgusting days of Obama’s rancid rule. The people who voted for Biden, I mean OBAMA must love this smut.

A Tranny is in charge of your children now.

God has returned us to the days of obscenity. Meet Joe Biden’s Transgender Secretary of Education

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Im so repulsed, I’m just weeping. Communist Democrats are filthy, depraved pigs. Look for the complete normalization of pedophilia and beastiality.

Snitches Should Be SHUNNED By Society

Snitches Should Be SHUNNED By Society

The Communist, piece of garbage, FAKE Italian, Mayor Garcetti of L.A. thinks snitches will get rewards…. Maybe by the government but NOT by society….

When I grew up, if a person was caught ‘snitching’, that person was totally outcast, beaten up,  treated like a piece of garbage and was NEVER trusted.  If you have reason to believe that someone has snitched on you or any of your friends, do NOT go near that person.  Give that person dirty looks.  Stay far away.  Mock that person, laugh at that person and give that person that mark of the squealer if you happen to be accosted by the snitch.

Any person willing to call the cops over a mask or gloves or whatever should absolutely be shunned.  

How can you find out if a person is a snitch.  Thankfully, most Leftist fascist statists are ugly, smelly, disgusting, wear shitty clothes, have filthy demeanors and have the ‘coexist’ stickers.  If you detect a snitch, do NOT just ‘let it go’….  Call it out. Shame that person IN REAL LIFE.  Nevermind the social media stupidity. We’re in a WAR now.


DESTROY THAT Snitch:  MOCK the talebearer, SPIT around them, Loudly CALL THEM SNITCHES AND RATS.

B.O. “I Don’t Have To Run For Ofc Anymore, I Can Just Let It Rip” (Lawless, Asinine, Spoiled Brat)

B.O.  I Don’t Have To Run For Ofc Anymore, I Can Just Let It Rip” (Lawless, Asinine, Spoiled Brat)

Look at this creep as a baby.  He did what he wanted to do. He was already an uppity Nigga at 4 years old.

Same nasty smile we see today.

Obama is a spoiled brat who does what he wants because that’s the way he has always operated.  See his baby pictures sometime.  He was a brat then.  What you are at 7 years old will be what you are at 70.   Imagine if WHITE GWB said this?  Obama gets away with everything because he is sort of black.  Black males get away with murder–every damned day.   Look at Obama:  He droned over 3000 innocent civilians in Yemen/Pakistan.  He aids the terrorists in Syria and Libya.  He funds Nazis/fascists in Ukraine.  If Boehner the crybaby does not do something, Obama will continue his slaughter of the world.

“I don’t have to run for office anymore, so I can just let it rip,” he said.  And rip he did, after days of Republicans beating him up for not doing anything on the border but refusing to pass the money to pay for what he wants to do on the border.  Read more: here

Obama is the black Prince of America, he be doing what he wanna do.

Obama is like a child.  A brat. Spoiled, rotten and a BAD leader.  Well, he was never my leader.  A CIC must have TWO citizen parents.  He broke the law from the beginning of his reign of Nigga-dom.