Prepare For WORSE Left Wing Violence Going Forward

Prepare For WORSE Left Wing Violence Going Forward

As the Communists in our government, coupled with the Marxist media are warning of ‘right wing extremism’ on election night, we feel compelled to tell you that ALL of the violence, terror and murder will come from the left wing. In fact, they have been admitting this for months.

To this date, the Leftists have practically destroyed Seattle, WA. Portland, OR. Minneapolis, MN. Louisville, KY. Kenosha, WI. And, a half a dozen plus other cities run by Democrats. As they have allowed the violent mayhem, they have demanded the Police departments, ‘stand down’ and the stupid PD’s have listened to them in these aforementioned cities.

The Democrat Party and their propaganda arm, the media, will tell you that there has been ‘no violence’ and that all of the action has been peaceful demonstrations, but then on the other hand, admit there is violence but it’s all coming from right wing extremist groups, which much of stupid America (the ones who listen to the Communist media) will believe, even though there is video after video in city after city of left wing rioting, violence and looting.

So, we are telling you to get prepared. If you are NOT battle oriented, stay out. If you are prepared for this fight–for Gods sake: Do NOT fight unarmed or you WILL be dead and the Leftists will dance on your dead body and cheer on your demise.

If you need reminding of what they have done to our country so far:

WaPo Gives Portland Antifa Activists A Glowing Photoshoot ...
Federal agents, Portland protesters in standoff as chaos ...
Seattle's violent May Day protests - CBS News
George Floyd protest turns deadly; Minneapolis mayor ...
Those Who Can See: Whence the Minneapolis Riots?
Minneapolis Calls in National Guard as Protests Over ...
REPORT: Looter shot dead by pawn shop owner as Minneapolis ...
George Floyd protest turns deadly; Minneapolis mayor ...
‘When the looting starts, the shooting starts’ Trump ...
VIDEO: Fires blaze and looters rampage during second night ...
Do the Riots in Minneapolis Forebode Greater Civil Unrest ...
Rioting in Minneapolis over Police Killing Highlights ...

These are NOT ‘right wing extremists’. There are not nearly enough ‘right wing extremists’ to cause this much damage.

The Left is funded by MANY groups and outside foreign influences. They are a thousand times more dangerous.

Fire Type Eruption? In South Lake Tahoe? Apocalyptic Flooding In China. Volcano In Guatemala. REPENT World!

Fire Type Eruption? In South Lake Tahoe? Apocalyptic Flooding In China. Volcano In Guatemala. REPENT World!

Let us turn to the Lord with humility. Let us pay homage to the LORD.

Isaiah 34:2  For the indignation of the LORD [is] upon all nations, and [his] fury upon all their armies: he hath utterly destroyed them, he hath delivered them to the slaughter.

My God… Its ALL over the place.  Its as if…well, not as if..but the world is literally living IN the book of Revelations.  Watch this satellite play and you can see how ONE fire ignites fire/smoke like a volcano for hundreds of miles and sets off other fires.

More:  South Lake Tahoe: Heavy smoke from the Creek Fire over South Lake Tahoe and new fire has started: Click to read. 

Here is what is happening to the people in China:

In Guatemala:

Think all that was bad? Take a look at this:

Monterey Peninsula, (Carmel & Salinas) CA ON FIRE, Thous Of Acres Burned. Bay Area On FIRE

Monterey Peninsula, State Of CA ON FIRE, Thousands Of Acres Burned. Bay Area On FIRE

River Fire update: 3,793 acres burned, six structures destroyed.  I used to live about 12 miles from the river.  The whole nation is under serious judgment.

Today, Mount Toro is on fire.  My friend just called to tell me.  She still lives in Salinas, CA. 

Right outside of the city of Monterey is Salinas, about 17 miles away. The river is on fire.  It is an underground river.  It has already burned thousands of acres:  See what the Salinas River Fire looks like

The Monterey County Herald is reporting that over 10K acres are charred: Click to see this horror  UPDATE: River Fire grows to over 10,000 acres

Carmel Fires a growing concern

Man arrested in southern Big Sur on arson charges in connection to Dolan Fire

PHOTOS: Fire breaks out near Carmel Valley Village

River Fire August 19: Fire grows to 10,672 acres as evacuations expand

The San Fran area was hit with lightening.  The lightening is said to have sparked over 300 fires.  This is near the Oakland area:

East Bay and Oakland News | ABC7 KGO - ABC7 San Francisco

Bay Area thunderstorms sparks fires throughout region

East Bay and Oakland News | ABC7 KGO - ABC7 San Francisco

Bay Area fires: Nearly 70,000 acres burning with barely any ...

Throughout California, firefighters are battling 367 known fires, many sparked by rare summer thunderstorms and lightning earlier this week, and are now fueled by hot, dry and windy weather. That includes the three major blazes burning in the Bay Area:

• The CZU August Lightning Complex Fire in Santa Cruz and San Mateo counties covered 10,000 acres, forced 22,000 people to evacuate and was burning out of control as of Wednesday morning.

Read the rest of this whole disaster:    Right here.


California On Fire Issues Rolling Blackouts. 2 Million W/out Power

California On Fire Issues Rolling Blackouts. 2 Million W/out Power

Cuckoo California is on fire and nobody really knows what started these fires because they are sporadic. As the fires are not under control, the stupid Governor issues rolling blackouts.

California refuses to build power plants. They are more worried about geckos and scorpions. Idiot Calis.

California On Fire Issues Rolling Blackouts. 2 Million W/out Power:

Lunatic California.

Illinois FIRE At Magnesium Elektron Plant. Magnesium Used For Chloroquine & Azithromycin, PLUS

Illinois FIRE At Magnesium Elektron Plant. Magnesium Used For Chloroquine & Azithromycin, PLUS

Everything seems to be just toooo coincidental lately..doesn’t it..?

Tiff says:

[this is bigger that the Hydroxy-choloroquine! Do you realize how many supplements, and vitamins have mag. stearate in it? It is to keep the ingredients flowing through the machine easily and not clump up. I think they are trying to make it difficult to produce natural supplements and make people more reliant on big pharma.]

Nazi Germany - The Reichstag Fire - History

It was determined oil and trash had caught fire at the facility. Magnesium was not involved as a fuel source for the blaze. The exact cause of the fire has not been determined.    More: At FOX News 2

Chloroquine (Oral Route) Before Using – Mayo Clinic

Apr 1, 2020 – Safety and efficacy of chloroquine to treat extraintestinal amebiasis have …Magnesium Carbonate; Magnesium Hydroxide; Magnesium Oxide …

INSIGHT on Freedom: Why Obama’s Foreign Policy Doesn’t Make Sense ... Baryy Rubin
Makes ya wonder what’s really happening…..?

1,300 Firefighters Battling Blaze, Started By ILLEGALS~GO HOME ILLEGAL!

 Whip A fire that blackened nearly 900 acres in San Diego County was caused by illegal immigrants who were apparently lost and set off a signal fire….

See the rest, from SAVAGES website: 1,300 firefighters battle blaze started by illegal immigrants

 anchor babies and go home! Just what the hell is it going to take before America wakes the HELL up? What will it take you stupid-ass ‘liberals’?  Your homes being burnt? Your children suffering from disease? Bed-bugs?


    Will you have to be the next to be murdered before you idiots get a grip? You can keep it up with your Americans are ‘xeno-phobic’ bullshit.

  Meanwhile, because of you ‘liberal,  fake~tolerent’  sub-humans, being accessories to murder, more Americans die everyday because of your treachery.


The real story is not the brush fire caused by illegal aliens, but the intentional strategy by democrats & RINOS to flood America with illegal aliens.
Why, these illiterate, unskilled, very poor people will need lots of services:

Title 8 Housing
Title #1 Schools
Food Stamps
Phone Subsidies
Electric Subsidies
Gas Subsidies

Democrats & RINOS promise US Citizenship to illegals so they will vote democrat OR republican for the next 100 years.

Democrats & RINOS selling out their own country.

Senior Citizen Couple Wake Up To Their American Flag BURNED.

of Treason(2005)Everything you were taught about the liberals being toLLLLerant, was a total lie.  They are not tolerant, they are the enemy within. How and why they are this way, I will NEVER GET.

Marcus Tullius Cicero quotes:  
A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague.