The Fish Of The Sea: God Made Them ALL!

My Digi: “Fish fam”, TMJ, 6-2022

Hashem, GOD has made every, single thing so beautiful. What a fabulous Lord we have that he can paint every little fish a different color. He made all of the beautiful jellyfish. Seahorses. Crabs, Lobsters and on and on!

Isn’t He great and awesome? Fish look like flying flowers to me! How can we even begin to thank God for all of these beautiful things. He is so wonderful. In times that are so horrible, look at the things God has created thru Jesus Yeshua.


I’m trying to take it easy because of these stupid hives. I went to the Dr today and she gave me a cream. I bought “Oxy Hives”, a holistic spray. The Spirit of the LORD will walk me thru this – he ALWAYS does.

At Least 3.8 Million Fish Killed During Texas Winter Weather

At Least 3.8 Million Fish Killed During Texas Winter Weather

This global warming has us all freezing our tuchas off! Dang!

These poor fish in TX. This is so sad. We are in apocalyptic times. Some know this—most are in oblivion. See the whole story here: At least 3.8 million fish killed during Texas winter weather

And, if that is not bad enough for you….See what is happening in Saudi Arabia: Freak biblical weather sparks apocalyptic warnings as sandstorm blocks sun and turns sky blood red in Saudi Arabia