Brainiac, Jamie Foxx: “Most Of The Gun Violence In America Comes from African-Americans”

Brainiac, Jamie Foxx: “Most Of The Gun Violence In America Comes from African-Americans

We blog this daily.  When we post and talk about it, we’re racists.  Truth from a bad actor & a stupid Obama-voter with an IQ just north of a bedroom slipper:

Video by: Truth Revolt

Commenter on Youtube:

Vitreous Slag

“50% of U.S. murders are committed by NEGROS.  Pick any year in the last 100 years: that statistic is invariant. Who teaches them to murder? Whitey? Or their mamas? Or is it genetic instinct? Have you noticed that every time they start talking about “stopping the killing”, they can’t quite seem to put their finger on why it is happening. It’s just “someone else doin’ it … but not themselves.”

-David Ben Moshe

FL: Obama Sons Race-Riot Theater On Christmas, Attacking & Not Paying For Movie: No Hate Here

FL Obama Sons Race-Riot Theater On Christmas, Attacking & Not Paying For Movie: No Hate Here

They should have all been shot down.   This must be the liberal black version of love since it’s never hate when the blacks do it.

Police say six hundred people were involved.

Click- Movie goers attacked during Christmas Day race riot at Jacksonville theater

Handsome, eh?  Don’t they make ya proud to be American??


#BlackPrivilege: Son Of Obama Executes Beautiful, Young, White Girl (21 Yrs old) In Jacksonville, FL

#BlackPrivilege: Son Of Obama Executes Beautiful White Girl In Jacksonville, FL

If Obama had a daughter… oh wait…wrong color. Where is the outrage? Only the sons of Obama matter in black privileged America.  The news story leaves out the race of this murderer—Do you think they would have done that if she was a black girl?

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Police have arrested a suspect in the death of Shelby Farah. He has been identified as 21-year-old James Xavier Rhodes. Farah was gunned down Saturday at a Metro PCS store at 21st and Main Street where she worked. Police say Rhodes walked into the store and pointed a gun at a witness before approaching Farah. Farah gave him money. Before walking out, police say Rhodes shot Farah three times. “He basically executed her,” said Lt. Rob Schoonover with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office

The rest of this tragic event here: Suspect ‘basically executed’ Metro PCS clerk Shelby Farah  Thank you to  New Nation News for their diligent work.

Son of Obama who took Shelby’s life:

James Xavier Rhodes

Here is the lovely young woman who has no life anymore because of black privilege:

Shelby Farah was killed at work at the Metro PCS store on North Main Street this weekend. (Shelby Farah, 2013)

Our heartfelt prayers are with this family.


Obama Deploying Drones To WA, FL, CA, HI. -Terrorizing Liberal Whitey Is Obama’s Fav Pastime

Obama Deploying Drones To WA, FL, CA, HI. – Terrorizing Liberal Whitey Is Obama’s Fav Pastime


All of the phoney, anti-war rhetoric is now going to haunt the Commie Liberals in Washington, CA, HI and Florida.. These people were never against wars, they were into undermining the USA back in the days when we still had a country.  Now, the true anti-war folks are not heard because the Stalinist Obama is the liberal fav totalitarian.  Obama is not much more different than Bush–but don’t tell them that. They won’t ever listen.


#Zimmerman – If George Zimmerman Was Female.

If George Zimmerman Was Female:

We live in a supposed gender-less society where you dont have a gender identity. (Koo-Koo, the Commie Libs are serial, moronish, wacko-birds.)

So, let’s just assume that Zimmerman was a female.  Let’s assume Miss Zimmerman saw an unknown, tall, male-person in the dark.  Let’s assume she followed this male-person to make sure her neighborhood was safe.  Then, the male-person in the dark attacked her out of nowhere, banged her head into the ground and then punched her face in.  In anxiety and desperation, she reached for her gun, fearing she may have also been raped, and shot this person dead. 

Now, what do you think of this case?

[George Zimmerman as a female.]

Think about it.  And, I am letting this go, now. Unless Obamas kids start rioting.

Programmer Under Oath Admits Computers Rig Elections

This is an older testimony.  I doubt we will see a testimonial like this now that the HNIC won election, fraudulently.

Nah, in America? Never…..

Tampa, FL: The Cowardly Convention

….Is my opinion of last nights masquerade at the RNC brigade of idiocy in Tampa, FL.  I am sick and tired of cowardice.  Can the GOP be any more stupid than they already are?  Willingly, they are enabling a Marxist psychopath with Obama.  Obedient to the leftist MSM, they didn’t even address the issue of Obamas executive orders, let alone their own e.o.’s that they shoved down our throats during Bush’s reign of dumbass.  Obama, whose executive orders are so treacherous and anti-Constitutional, these blowhards casually left out of their dog-n-pony show speeches.  I believe 100%,  that the GOP sucks even worse than the DEMS because they are like the American Churches that will Sing As The Trains Are Going By, which  I wrote about the other day. READ IT!!!

Nothing about the 19 African Newspaper Sources, Plus Obama’s own 1991 Pamphlet (that HE submitted) that Says Obama Was “BORN IN KENYA” and is not eligible to be president because his father was never a citizen of the united states of AmeriKa.  Nothing about Obama’s records.  They have all the ammunition, yet use none of it–the same way they have done our troops for decades.

I am completely and thoroughly disgusted.  These people have NO courage: too afraid to be called racists if they bring up the foreign usurpers birth certificate issue.    Andrew Breitbart was murdered for his defiance in the face of this liberal fascism  These weak, knee-jerks couldn’t  even muster up the strength in one large room to lam-bast Obama and his Stalinism.  

I thank GOD everyday that I am not with the GOP, anymore.  The DEM is traitorous enough, but these sonofabitches enable them, which is even worse in my opinion.

No repentance, just the same old song and dance.

Its coming, you rat bastards.

ANOTHER Cannibal-Liberal, Man-Eating, NAKED “Zombie” On LSD Happened A MONTH Ago In Miami-Dade, FL

ANOTHER Cannibal-Liberal, Man-Eating, NAKED “Zombie” On LSD Happened A MONTH Ago In Miami-Dade, FL


Police on Tuesday were investigating the death of a man they shot with a stun gun during a confrontation after he allegedly tried to bite another man while naked.

The incident began when officers from the West Miami Police and Miami-Dade Police departments responded to the 2300 block of Southwest 58th Avenue Thursday afternoon to a call of a completely naked man exhibiting bizarre behavior, Miami-Dade Police spokesman Alvaro Zabaleta said.

Zabaleta said the caller told police that the man was trying to bite his neck and tear his clothes off.

The rest: Here.

Obama & Race-Hustlers Starting Race War? White Man Randomly Targeting Blacks In OK, Are Neo-Nazis Taking Up Arms In Sanford, FL?

Obama & Race-Hustlers Starting Race War. White Man Randomly Targeting Blacks In OK, Are Neo-Nazis Taking Up Arms In Sanford, FL?? Donna, H/T.

Know this: We will *NOT* stop reporting black and minority on white crime.  You got that?  It was not Trayvon Martin that started this, this has been long coming because white people are murdered, raped and robbed and nobody cares.  So, you f’n ‘liberals’ are calling down the thunder. You make me SICK. You have DESTROYED this nation. 
It’s sick, & terrible because innocent people will get targeted. This is grieving. Sad. Unfortunately…not shocking.
Read this, it is reported that neo-nazis are not doing anything in FL:

You ‘liberals’ will pay in the end, one way or another.

I look forward.


White Man On Life Support After Hammer Attack By 2 Black Teens Near Sanford, FL

White man on life support after hammer attack by 2 black teens near Sanford, FL.. If we pretend this is not happening long enough, maybe it will just go away. Right?  Kinda like the NAZIs would go away, or the Bolsheviks would disappear?  Just keep sleeping O’MeriKan sheep… Keep eating your green peas and CRACKER-doodles. Nothing is wrong.. These 2 miscreants below are probably ‘sufferin’ that phoney ailment called ‘black rage’………