‘APOCALYPSE’ in #AUSTRIA. Salzburg destroyed. Flood Washes Away Houses, Cars, People, ETC

‘APOCALYPSE’ in AUSTRIA! Salzburg destroyed. Flood Washes Away Houses, Cars, People, ETC

Horrible floods hit Austria and flood a lot of Salzburg. May God help Europe turn to him. May there be repentance with hearts turning toward the Lord.

Its really flooding all over the earth right now: Is your ARK ready? Floodings are surging around the world and seem to become a new normal…

My God, my God, have mercy. Prayers for the people in Austria.

If you need comfort, or this is frightening you, please read the Bible: Bible in One Page : King James Version KJV, especially Romans 10, 9 and 10.

‘2020 The Terrible’-Insect Plagues, Volcanoes, Tornadoes, Quakes, Floods, Fires. Just AWFUL!

‘2020 The Terrible’: Insect Plagues, Volcanoes, Quakes, Floods, Fires, Etc. Just Awful!

Yes, this is really all happening and does not look like it is going to stop anytime soon.  Of course, if you believe the book of revelations, you know this is supposed to happen because it is written that all of this would happen.

There is still time to just start accepting God, Jesus, the Bible and live holy.  Its up to you.

Most of these stories have just happened:

As all of this is happening (most of these catastrophes,) Obama’s rotten kids, (ANTIFA, BLM: modern fascists) are still burning, looting and rioting and demanding people come out of their homes because nobody stops them:

“Out of Your Homes and Into the Streets!” BLM Militants March Through Seattle Neighborhood Demanding People Leave Their Homes (VIDEO)

The “CHANGE” Americans Will Want 2 C, 2012 Is: “ANYONE THAT CAN STOP THE NATURAL DISASTERS, 2012!”

You think I am joking?  We have turned over to debauchery run amok, sin run rampant, cloaked liberalism, which is satanic, using the name: ‘tolerance’.   We defy GOD–day after day.  The MSM reports deceit. The Churches and Synagogues rule by their own power and the American people LOVE to have it this way.  They want to hear ‘peace and recovery’. We are stupid, dumb, sheep- not knowing GOD.

Look at what is happening with the weather, and now the latest:

Rainbow flag dresses up Richmond federal building for LGBT month

We have turned from the HOLY ONE of Israel, we have an unrighteous ruler that is a plant for Communism and catastrophe. We have a Republican party that lacks any morals or ethics to can the usurper with his fraud docs of proof of his birth-place. We have embraced disgusting ‘life-styles’ that are an ABOMINATION to GOD.  I say we will suffer, immensely.

Here is another fiasco of filth:

EVIL people helping HAMAS/TERRORIST against our troops in FAKEstine–they are on a ship called “The Audacity of Hope”. On a pretend mission to Gaza to help these ‘peace-filled’ palis. Who are not peaceful in the least bit.….AND DO NOT fight back Israel, or America, the MONSTER will bomb you next– We are EVIL people and GOD will not spare this nation: If we refuse to repent and turn to him NOW.

Obama Inspired Ship to Join IHH Gaza Flotilla



The cry in 2012 for the next KING of America will be:


But, If America refuses to repent, we will have diaster upon disaster, it will NOT end. And when we still refuse to REPENT;


The prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests bear rule by their means; and my people love to have it so: and what will ye do in the end?  Jeremiah 5:31