jOBAMA Offers $ To FL Educators Who Mandate Masks, Defying DeSantis

jOBAMA Offers $ To FL Educators Who Mandate Masks, Defying DeSantis


I blogged for 8 years under the Obama junta. I remember all too well Obama ‘getting even’ with states like Arizona… Remember when Obama sued the state of Arizona for daring to enforce federal border laws? I remember it well.

Now, he’s back and is the defacto “President”. Anyone who believes this ‘in ya face’ BS is Biden is a dummy. Its NOT Soros, either, Steven Bannon.

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Quote of the Day: Obama Isn't the Antichrist (but He's ...

Obama is the anti-christ. He is just sitting back, licking his chops until he can create a crisis big enough to install himself back into the WH.

Revelation 13 2-4 “And I saw one of his heads, as slain into death; and the wound of his death was cured [and the wound of his death is cured, or healed]. And all the earth wondered after the beast.”

(Past Presidents are ‘dead’ in the eyes of the public. It IS a ‘death wound’. For a past President to take the White House by force would be an evil event. Of course the world will marvel & wonder at it.)

#TRIBULATION: Crops DESTROYED By Hail In Neb, 9 TONS Of Fish DEAD In FL, Grasshopper Invasion Out West:

TRIBULATION: Crops DESTROYED By Hail In Neb. 9 TONS Of Fish DEAD In FL. Grasshopper Invasion Out West:

Repent America! Politics is Destroying Our Country! | For ...

I don’t know why people are ‘looking’ for signs of the times.. Its all over the nation. We are totally cursed because of the debaucherous Leftists and the apathetic Conservative men. It’s going to get worse. And worse. AND WORSE.

Vegas Scorched, Fires all over the west – See.

Stop worrying about meaningless things.

While there is time, lets REPENT America. Turn to God.

Read the Bible: Bible in One Page : King James Version KJV

Santa Rosa, FL Fire? Or DEW ATTACK? You Decide:

Santa Rosa Fire? Or ATTACK? You Decide:

Strange fire like the ones in Paradise, CA in 2018.  Where houses were ‘hit’ by the ‘fire’ but eye-witnesses showed that there were strange lasers in the sky.  


Direct energy weapons - Album on Imgur

Proof of evidence of Direct Energy Weapons used Susan San'angelo ...


Well, 2 days ago,  these same type ‘fires’ hit Santa Rosa, Florida:



More news on this:

Maybe this is why there is a sudden ‘fascination’ with aliens… The GOVT will blame ‘aliens…’

"I don't know the answer" - Pink Elephant Communications

Zimmerman Can Be Called “Vigilante, & WannaBe Cop” In Court. Can Defense Call Trayvon @No_Limit_Nigga?

Zimmerman Can Be Called “Vigilante, & WannaBe Cop” At Ct. Can Defense Call Trayvon “No_Limit_Nigga?”

This is what Trayvon Martin called himself: “No_Limit_Nigga”  Did he not have limits?  The MSM had America believing that Martin was a 12 year old boy.


The media would not show this picture of Zimmerman:

Today, Trayvon Martin is a much better citizen, due to George Zimmerman.

PROJECT VERITAS EXCLUSIVE: DNC Staffer Assists Double Voting In Support Of Obama

Nah. We all know the Democrat party is moral and would never do anything like this..

ANOTHER Cannibal-Liberal Zombie Attack, Palmetto FL~Man Running Around Naked, Eating Another Man

ANOTHER Cannibal-Liberal Zombie Attack, Palmetto FL~Man Running Around Naked, Eating Another Man.  This is the end product of LIBERALISM; Man eating cannibal savages.

Blacks Looting Store In FL, Using Trayvon Martin For Their Justification

Remember this, store owners:

Several Korean store owners and staff head to the rooftops armed with rifles and shotguns during the 1992 LA riots.

White Freshman @ MSU, John Sanderson Murdered In Cold Blood By At Least 3 Black Males. Motive: He Was White

Make sure to not report these crimes, MSM…Just shhhhh, be quiet.  We ‘evil’ whites must continue to protect bad blacks because of slavery, 140 plus years ago.  We have to keep feeling ‘guilty’ for crimes we didn’t commit… We must be quiet like good people do..Just be quiet and maybe this will all go away….Kind of how the Jews were quiet in NAZI-Germany…This will all disappear….So-who is John Sanderson?


“Song” “Kill all de white man”….Keep sleeping.

It will all fix itself.

This t-shirt below is all  over the streets of Florida.. Imagine if it said “Pussy Ass Nigger”. Puhlease..