Communist Maniac, McCaskill Is Shaming “Trumpers” For Not Taking The Killer #COVID19 VAXX

Commie McCaskill Is Shaming “Trumpers” For Not Taking The Killer #COVID19 VAXX

These people can kiss my flat ass. Im not taking this vaccine. Forget it. Ive seen nothing but horrible side effects, death, even tattoos bubbling up and burning off post covid19 vaccine recipients. To me, this vaccine is evil. Nefarious. They are using HUMANS to test it. That, my friends is EVIL. Plus the fact that the Communist Globalists want to force people to carry a vaccine card and that will eventually bring us to the place where we can’t buy or sell without the covid19 vaxx?!


No, thank you! : Discontinued & Outdated : Elder Scrolls Online AddOns

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Death rates skyrocket in Israel following Pfizer vaccination…

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