FOUR Presidents Who Opposed #Covid #Vaccines ‘Conveniently’ Died. Now, Theyve Been Replaced By Pro-Vaxxers

FOUR Presidents Who Opposed #Covid #Vaccines Conveniently Died. Now, Theyve Been Replaced By Pro-Vaxxers

This is so horrifying. Whats even more terrible is that Americans just do not care. As long as they feel ‘benefitted’ by the kill-shot, everyone, everywhere can go to hell.

Just disgusting:

The Caribbean country has been eligible for free vaccines through the COVAX scheme, run by the World Health Organisation as well as global vaccine charities, but Moise had notably refused the AstraZeneca shots. Only days after his murder, the US dispatched vaccines to Haiti, together with a team of FBI agents. The rest here: FOUR Presidents Who Opposed Covid Vaccines Have Conveniently Died – Replaced By Pro-Vaxxers

By the way….. Israel: Half Of Adults Infected In Latest COVID-19 Outbreak Were Fully Vaccinated