Michelle Malkin Brings Down The Roof At AFP, Fails To Bring UP The Birth Certificate & Obama’s 1991 Pamphlet

Ms Malkin claims ‘You didn’t build that’.  Well, Obama DID build this, Ms Malkin:

Meanwhile….Andrew Breitbart was MURDERED because of this, above.  You bet he was.

This was and still is the most explosive bit of information we have against the foreign usurper occupying the White House… yet, it is ignored by the devilish talking heads.

Silence is CONSENT.

And Ms Malkin has no guts because she  leaves out the most crucial issue of our time. Just “You’re a circus, birthers.”  Easy to say that, harder to refute Sheriff Joe and this above pamphlet..Ms Malkin.

Why am I not surprised she didn’t mention this…..?

CLICK to hear Malkin bring up everything BUT the pamphlet: Michelle Malkin Brings Down the Roof at AFP Defending the American Dream Summit (Video)