France Is Out Of Gas & People Are Losing Their Minds

France Is Out Of Gas & People Are Losing Their Minds

Submitted by David Ben Moshe-

Pauli wrote this earlier: In France, French Are Waiting In Line For 2 Hours For Gas.

They voted for Macron instead of Marine Le Pen and now they are getting exactly what they deserve. Just like us.

PARIS: Students On Line For FOOD. Line Stretches On For Many Blocks. This Is What #Covid-#Communism Brought To France

PARIS: Students On Line For FOOD. Line Stretches On For Many Blocks. This Is What #Covid-Communism Brought To France

I feel sick for the French. They protested to no avail and now, they are on Communist foodlines that stretch on for many blocks. This is what Communism looks like. This is what the Commie-Crats want for America.

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Tonight in Paris, the long queues for food distributions are back in this academic year.

A still critical situation for many students since the Covid crisis.

HUGE, NATIONAL STRIKE In #France Against Covid Fascist “Rules”

HUGE, NATIONAL PROTEST In France Against Covid Fascist “Rules”

France is the most guttsiest place now. The rest of us are wussy cowards. We should be giving all governments the great reset they deserve, back to normal, back to free speech, back to freedom, back to medical autonomy, this is the only “Build Back Better” message we want to hear.

Vive La Resistance.

FRANCE: French People Are Protesting Against Covid Passports

FRANCE: French People Are Protesting Against Covid Passports

Of course they are protesting–they can see where this is all going. Forward toward Communism, Nazism – pick your poison of what you think it is: But it IS what it IS. Left wing pigs can virtue signal until the cows come home, but the truth is the truth: This is totalitarianism. Period.

150 Plus Jews Strike Back Against Dirty, Nasty Islamics In France.

150 Plus Jews Strike Back Against Dirty, Nasty Islamics In France.

We have moved. Comments are off on this blog.  See the synopsis:  150 Plus Jews Strike Back Against Dirty, Nasty Islamics In France.

The TRUE Face Of Multi-Culture In France. THIS Is What Leftists Want For USA:

The TRUE Face Of Multi-Culture In France

France then:

France Now…………

AND:  This is what the leftists in America want for all of us:

A protester wearing a kaffiyeh and wrapped in a Palestinian flag raises his fist on July 13, 2014 in Paris. Photo taken from:  Here, Yahoo news

France can’t blame Israel for this.  Blame your own damned selves.

France used to be nice.. This is what Liberalism does.

Before I Go, I Wanted To LOL @ Obama & Merkel Over #Crimea LMAOFF…!

Before I Go, I Wanted To LOL @ Obama & Merkel Over #Crimea – LMAOFF…!


It is IMMATERIAL to me if they are Commies over THERE.  America is our issue & IT’S new-found love for Communism. *Puke*

Yeppers, I DO laugh at BO over Crimea.  I can take humiliation.  Because America and Europe are the ones who want to ‘recapture the Soviet states’, not Russia.

Russia never would have went into Crimea if it wasn’t for McCain and his merry band of neo-Nazi jackals with their terrorist, NGO (“Non governmental organization”) lead in part by George Soros who now wants to throw his new prize, Ukraine under the bus: Soros Predicts Ukraine Could Ruin EU...   ..Russia will be there to pick up the pieces for Ukraine as America & Europe used her like a whore.  Disgusting!  Used her for media purposes to form their new boogey-man: Vladimir Putin.    It’s damned embarrassing & sickening to me.   John McCain should be FORCED to live in Syria with his Muslim bro’hood rebels.  Nuland should have her ta ta’s cut off.

The time of the global cabal of lefty insanity is at an end & dying a slow death…

Paul Craig Roberts (who I dont agree with on a couple of things) is so good telling these animals off:

  • QV says.According to the Crimean authorities, about 135 international watchdogs have registered to monitor the referendum. They come from 23 countries, including Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Latvia and Poland. Members of the EU and national European parliaments, international law experts and human rights activists together with 1,240 local observers are monitoring the voting at ballot stations. Mass media in the peninsula is represented by 623 accredited journalists from 169 international media outlets.

And, I say…..You LOSE again, Obama and also Merkel.  Russia isn’t the ‘bad guy’, you are the oppressive Stalinists now.  Anyone with a brain can see this.


UPDATE:  12:45, I go to get a gall bladder ultrasound, will go back to the Doc and plan my gall-bladder cremation   😀   I will miss him…

See? I Am Right! France Is All Closed Up Over Anti-Mohammed COMIC Book! Their “g”od Hates To Be Told Off!

SEE!! You can’t say a thing about Mohammed! Who is a DEAD man!   They are not a ‘minority’!!  They are the MAJORITY and still can’t take any criticism of their f’cked up ‘g’od!

I don’t can call me any damned name you want.  I dont give a rats ass.  Yesterday I had a really nasty pu$$y for Sharia here.  He was a Jew-hater...I lived!

You can go to Youtube and there are millions of vids that are totally Jew hating.  And plenty that are Christian hating–we live!  We go on with our lives..Not these MuZZies! They are little pu$$ies, just like I said!

Muslims + Marxists=THE SAME


SEE: France in lockdown over Moe-toons, French gov’t orders 20 embassies, schools to close


France moetoon

I did this song, 2010:

And shut up, I will say what I friggin want.