SUITCASES W/ BALLOTS UNDER A TABLE! We Need To Do Re-Vote’s In GA, WI, MI, AZ, OH, PA, NV: All the States Obama & Holder Targeted During Election

Since the newly discovered suitcases appeared, I believe we should do a re-vote in all of the states where there is fraud. My husband believes every single state should be re-done. I agree. Vote, IN person with ID.

Why were there suitcases under tables with ballots AFTER everyone in the GOP left, people? Video Footage From Georgia Shows Suitcases Filled with Ballots Pulled From Under Table AFTER Supervisor Told GOP Poll Workers to Leave Tabulation Center

Why? Because there is major fraud. We’ve been hearing stories like this for a month. And, the news refuses to cover it. Why? Because they knew they would be STEALING the election. There is NO other reason to cover this up unless you’re complicit. This should be a concern that stretches beyond political parties.

Everything in a voting station is IN THE OPEN. Not under a table with a black tablecloth. As it should be to keep elections fair and honest. When you drop the ballot into the box, it is done in front of a poll worker. Its all supposed to be IN THE OPEN.

Every one of the states where there is known voter fraud, Obama and Holder “Targeted”. See that here: This leads me to believe that he and Holder were ‘in on’ the steal.

Who Knew Biden Was SO “Popular?” He “Beat” B.O.’s Popular Vote With LESS Counties. Lol.

Who Knew Biden Was SO “Popular?” He “Beat” B.O.’s ‘Popular’ Vote With LESS Counties. Lol.

This is VERY confusing to me. I dont even think I wrote it correct because I am so confused by all of this..Mr. Biden beat King Hussein Obama’s popular vote with LESS counties..

This young man chimes in… (Interesting that Twitter has DJT censored). Why do they do this? Because they are Communist filth.


Then, this guy says:

Biden ‘rally’

In key swing-state rally, Joe Biden condemns Trump as a 'divider' - Los  Angeles Times

Trump rally:

President Trump to Hold Rally in Melbourne Florida 02-18 ...

Mmmm Hmmmm.

Sure Biden ‘won’

Unseen Property Cons and Land Scams in History | Hankering for History

2018: How Dems Stole 7 Seats In Calif By SWITCHING To Dem, AFTER The Election

2018: How Dems Stole 7 Seats In Calif By SWITCHING To Dem, AFTER The Election

The Communist Democrat party passed “Ballot Harvesting Laws” for NO other reason but to fraud the people.

California lost 7 of its 14 Republican House seats in the 2018 election cycle. This was after the state legislature passed ballot harvesting laws. Ballot harvesting is illegal in most states. GOP Lost 7 of 14 House Seats by Ballot Harvesting — After Election Day

On election night, the Republican Party lost 26 seats in the House, a serious erosion but not a catastrophic one. But two weeks later, seven races that had been called for Republicans switched and the Democrats were certified to have won. All seven were in California and no seats moved the other way — from blue to red.

The rest: How Dems Stole Seven House Seats in California

Another link as to what happened: California GOP Lost 7 of 14 House Seats AFTER ELECTION DAY …

NEVER EVER EVER Trust a dirty, lying, thieving Democrat MONSTER. And, just look now… More fraud:

The Mad Jewess Open Video Statement To #POTUS Trump Re. #CDC Numbers

The Mad Jewess Open Video Statement To #POTUS Trump Re. #CDC Numbers

If you can make a video as an open statement to Trump, please do it. Trump needs to stop the national ’emergency’ NOW.

Please pass it around IF you can and if you could make your own video, whoever you are.. I will post it here for you.

The COVID19 Fraud, Commie, CDC Freak Show…And, Our #POTUS Who Allows This To Continue

The COVID19 Fraud Commie Freak Show…And, Our #POTUS Who Allows This To Continue

My ‘feelings’ …..can be summed up into this woman’s look-
I made this one today. 

I really like her face. Because this is how I feel lately with this nation.

 First off…I know this will tick off a lot of readers…But I am really blown away by Trump’s inaction in the metropolis areas. I dont ‘get it’.  Leaving violent people to be more violent is a strategy?  This is what ‘3D chess is?’ You know those “Q” people think Trump is gonna save us.  I DONT think so.  How has he ‘saved’ you so far? Are not many cities locked down, still?  Have not the numbers of the CDC been WAY OFF?

  Secondly..What has Trump done to STOP this and the lies about the virus?  I see nothing being done.  All I see is MORE masked morons who believe what the government tells them.  A  total of 9400 + people actually died FROM Covid19 in the USA according to the CDC’s updated website numbers–The “Pandemic”– The LEAST of the Pandemics, in fact.   With this lie, all of the nations are KAPUTZ.  And, not one reporter in the Main Stream ‘feels’ like informing its audience that we have been PUNK’D.  

And, thirdly…

‘We the people’ (corporately) have no damned shame at believing the LIE.  Do the mask fascists even feel like apologizing for dumping on the anti maskers because WE didn’t believe this BULL?!

The whole nation is going down because of this LIE.  We are in a serious economic depression.

Now ya know why I and so many more refuse to get on the Commie Media, psyop-driven roller coaster of insanity run amok.

Its not going to stop ’til you wise up….and, don’t pray to God….because he is sick and tired of our collective a$$hattery.

Colorado: Sorry, USA. We’ve Been OVER-COUNTING Covid19 Deaths:

Colorado: Sorry, USA. We’ve Been OVER-COUNTING Covid19 Deaths


This is just repulsive.  This tells me that the #’s are screwed up in ALL the Communist Blue states. Why would they do this?  

1. To steal more money from tax-payers. 2. To make it look like more deaths by Cov19 to justify the Dems push to completely destroy the whole nation.   3. They had foreigners count the deaths.  

I believe 1 and 2.  

3. Is highly possible given the CommieCrat love affair with diseased 3rd worlders as Americans get the shaft.

The change came after Colorado’s Department of Public Health admitted that its COVID-19 death toll was counting those who tested positive for the coronavirus but had died of other causes, Fox 31 Denver reported late Friday.

You either die of a disease/virus or you don’t.  What the hell is ‘died among’.  Who does that in a sane world?  Why this disease was singled out and chosen to mock death and kill the economy is beyond me.

CDPHE now reports that as of May 9, 878 people had died “due to” COVID-19 and 1,150 people have died “among” COVID-19 cases.

Polis…send this clownass to the psych ward.

By the way:Colorado Inmate Released From Jail to ‘Slow the Spread of COVID-19’ Rearrested, Accused of First-Degree Murder

‘NikkieTutorials’ Comes Out As Trans AFTER Making Millions Teaching Girls How To Do Makeup

Image result for nikkie tutorials public domain
If there’s anything I cannot respect, its a person who is deceitful.  ‘Nikkie’ can go ahead and pretend to be a woman.  Anyone can do what they want with their body.  We live in a society that puts feelings over reason in any event.  You can do what you want, Nikkie. 

Nikkie made his millions and now it’s time to ‘tell the truth’ and shock jock as many people as possible. She/he might as well say:  ‘Tee hee, kiddies, I was born a boy!! And, I faked ya’all!’

Nikkie has had his/her makeup channel for years. He/she decided to share this ‘news’ of her ‘transition’ today.  He/she finally told the boyfriend.  This person is concerned only with ‘being herself’ and not the lives of millions of people around her/him.  This is the way many LGBTQ etc are: Selfish humans who care about themselves, first.  

So, Nikkie can go ahead and ‘be what she wants’…and we have to ‘support’?   Well, NO.  It doesn’t work that way.  You scam everyone pretending you’re a female and we ‘have’ to support?  Cold day in hell..  This is why I am sick and tired of the LGBT club.  We HAVE to ‘love it’ or we’re a ‘hater’.  
Its all a crock of shit.

I feel terrible for his/her boyfriend.  This is so damned deceitful and selfish. Utterly uncaring. I blocked his channel.  Its the LIES that make me want to vomit!  This is false advertising as well. Shame on this liar.  He also says: “I was born in the wrong body”.  Fine thing.. Telling God in front of millions that GOD made him wrong.  Terrible.

At least, with the fruit-loop, cuckoo, crazy nut, Jeffree Star…HE has always just been himself.


Here is the puke story:

Eric Cantor Is Jew-Baiting. Says “Immigrants” ‘Struggled Like Jews’ LIAR, Fraud, ERAV RAV Filth

Eric Cantor Is Jew-Baiting. Says “Immigrants” ‘Struggled Like Jew’ LIAR, Fraud, ERAV RAV Filth

Moses was warned BY the Lord to not bring in the Erav Rav. They were mixed in with the multitude.  The Erav Rav were sorcerers, magicians, and smooth-talkers..

This is classical Jew-Baiting. What else can we call this? Anyone with a brain knows that ILLEGALS can shit all over Americans. He is an asshat. In a sane world, we would hang him from the highest yardarm.

What a lying crock of shit. This rascal fits the stereo-type of the Jewish people.  To the max.  When people see the posts on Jews who are trying to help destroy the nation, they will see Eric Cantor. Sell out.  

“Immigrants are struggling like the Jews did”  Phoney jackass:  ILLEGALS are not ‘struggling’—they are MURDERING, raping and robbing Americans. I believe that non Jews should call out these progressive, COMMUNIST “Jews” that are snake oil salesmen. 

This type DREK is the leading henchman for Jew hatred. Jews are supposed to be the best of citizens in any country they inhabit.  


This is what these ILLEGALS do:


We pay this filthy traitor and he is FOR the illegals. GET RID OF HIM.


Now, I have to go settle down my BP for another 2 days.