I Can’t Take It Anymore. Muslims Are Thin-skinned Little Pu$$ies.

I just can’t hold my peace any longer.  You say something about the Muslims book, the Ko’ran and defame their bogus ‘prophet’  on YOUTUBE, (not even regular TV) and there is rage all over the east?  I thought the mid-east was poor.. How do they even have access to the net??  Anyone that refuses to bow to their bullshit must be killed..

Every single day I am told that I am: A “Zion-Nazi”, An “Israel-firster”, A “Jewish bitch”, A”Kike”, A “Zio-fascist”, “ZOG”, “Hooked Nose”, “Yenta”, “Christ-Killer”, “Sloped-head”, “Rat”, “Rodent” “Hasbarat”, “White-hater”, “Nigger lover” “Talmudic-Devil”, “Bankster”-by ‘Christians’…  BUTI live, I go on.  It rolls right off of me.  Even though none of it is accurate.

I am also told that I am a traitor, (because I refuse to renounce my Christianity- My father is a Christian, I love the Christian faith) by other Jews.  SO, I have to deal with the nastiest innuendos about Christianity as well: “Jew-killers”, “Nazis”, “white Supremacists”, “White Devils,” “Satan-Worshippers”, “Whores of Babylon”, “Apostate”…It just goes on and on.  I just let that go as well.  Let God sort it all out..

But, you talk about this pedo-‘prophet’, Mohammed and these bastards want to kill you, take your free speech, demand you don’t tell the truth about their craziness while they hack off your head and chop off your hands…And GOD FORBID one of your daughters goes with a non-Muslim, she will be a dead girl because of their freako ‘honor’ killings.

I just cant stand it anymore.  People tell me all the time that the “Jews” are in control of the MSM..And keep things quiet.. Well, not me.  There is NO way that I would ever be allowed on the Main Stream.. What “Jews”, by the way?  Rachel Maddow?  She is from a Christian family.  Chris Matthews?  He is from a bi-polar, psychotic family.  Lawrence O’Donnell?  Isn’t he a Mcc?  Hannity?  Isnt he Catholic?  O’Reilly?  Irish/Catholic?  Megan Kelly, Irish?  Fox and Friends, all Christian, ETC…  Doesn’t Saudi Prince Alwaleed own the largest share of stock in Fox?  Rupert Murdoch is a born-again Christian.  The Hearst family? Jews? Okkkkk…Oh…and the ZIONISTS own the media…If that is true, why is the media so anti Israel?

Look….Moslems…You act even weaker than the weakest left-wing Jewish idiot.  Hows that make you feel?  YES! You are weaker than a Woody Allen, stereo-type Jew.  WEAK little pussies that have a ‘g’od that is SO weak that he can’t take being called what he is:

A PEDOPHILE, MURDERER, SODOMITE, THIEF, TERRORIST, & FREAK.  Get a grip, you weaklings.  If your ‘g’od is so tough, how come he can’t take a little criticism?  Why?  Because Islam is FASCISM. Period.  AND….I Can’t Take It Anymore. Muslims Are Thin-skinned Little Pu$$ies.


And, I dont even like talking about you Muslims.. You get WAY TOO MUCH attention.  Nasty brats.

(By the way…dont even tell me not to say what I feel like saying.  I will say what I damned well please.)

The Most Hideous Picture Of Hillary Rotten Clinton EVER

This is the ugliest picture I have ever seen of the most corrupted bitch in the planet. Send this absolute disgusting hag to some Muslim land where they will cover her face with a burqa. How in the hell does that gasbag, Bill Clinton wake up to this freak everyday?  No wonder he was acting like a devil with that blue dress. This witch is positively the ugliest nag alive.

I just have one thought:


Communist JACKASS, George Clooney Is Throwing A Fund-raiser To Raise $15 Million For The FAILED “Prez” Obama Campaign

Communist JACKASS, George Clooney Is Throwing A Fund-raiser To Raise 15 Million For The FAILED “Prez” Obama Campaign

I hate these rat-bastard, Hollywood freaks. There can be no other reason that Clooney wants to throw a shin-dig for Osama, (oops, I mean Obama), unless he is just a f’n Communist. If any woman tells me this asshat is a hunk, I promise to chop her to shreds, spit her out, and throw her to the friggin coyotes up here in N. AZ.  This moron drinks stupid for breakfast, jackass for lunch and by dinner, he is THE perfect asshole. 


Mm hmm

Insane Obama-Woman Beats Up A Cadillac

  This is Obamas America. . Look at this moronic, savage, crazy lady in the link provided… WTH is she all upset with a Cadillac for?   Anyway….click the link, below and watch the Obama-voting freak.. {If you ask me, I believe that minorities are acting like the crumbs they are, and dont think for a minute that my own people are not included in this little rant.  It is time to take out the white trash AND the black trash…}