TREASONOUS, SEDITIOUS Obama & His Traitor Fascist Followers To Protest Against The 2nd Amendment & NRA

TREASONOUS, SEDITIOUS Obama & His  Traitor Fascist Followers To Protest Against The 2nd Amendment & NRA

What more does this house need to rid DC of the monster?  You dont protest against the 2nd Amendment. It is sedition and treason to do so.  What will our do-nothing congress do about this?  Nix, Nil, Nine, Zero–as usual.  

People, NOTHING changes without violence.  I am sorry to feel this way, but it’s the truth.

See Free Republic

GOP Will “Impeach Obama” Ha Ha Ha…Nice JOKE~Option: Deportation

Below here, in this link, New Republic believes that the GOP will impeach the foreign Muslim from Kenya, or Indonesia, where-ever this alien is from. I tell you; NO THEY WILL NOT. They are COWARDS.  If they were going to do something, they would have done it long ago.  They totally ignored the vetting process that a candidate MUST go through, and now America is stuck with some foriegner that nobody in congress has the gutts to just kick out. Impeachment is a laugh, a cruel joke.  IF he were a natural born citizen,  which I, and many others have doubted since 06/2008, impeachement would have been the American thing to do.  But, there is NOTHING “American” about Obama, therefore impeachment is not necessary-deporting his ass IS the only option.


SEE: New Republic: GOP Will Impeach Obama


THROW THE BUM OUT. HE IS NOT EVEN AN AMERICAN, and we have the testimony of his WIFE, Manchelle- to prove it.

Mrs. Obama says his ‘home‘ country is KENYA. NUF SED.

Obama: 1st US Pres. To Hold Conference WITHOUT US FLAG

Found on Free Republic by Donna-S-ita, our Joan Of Arc Gentiless.

Did anybody notice at President Obama’s Press Conference on the Deep Water Horizon disaster than something was missing in the background? I noticed something didn’t look right and then it hit me. The American Flags was missing behind. Why? Behind him was just yellow curtains, and a couple of gold columns with chandeliers.

See the rest by Retired Intelligence Officer







I just do, I see it, and one thing people, whites stand alone while the vermin RAVAGE, pillage, plunder and rape. 

And they WILL.  When there is NO $$$, they WILL RIOT.

If anything I can see from the election of Barack HUSSEIN Obama is a massive UPPITY attitude from American ‘minorities’

You know who I am talking about….3rd worlders, uh…black people…uh.. illegals…uh mean Mexican people.


 The people I know that are black and Mexican, are GOOD, God fearing individuals that LOVE America,  I REFUSE to hang with the dregs of society, whether they are white, Jew, Christian, black, brown, yellow, etc..but the FACT is that the ‘minorities’ will RIOT when things get out of control. 

The bad part is we DO NOT have morally sound people in the W.H., but traitors that will probably let the streets go to hell. 

 I need to REFRESH your memory how BAD IT CAN GET:

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“White people will never riot a la Watts.”

You’re right, White folks would have a chain of command and a strategy for getting what they wanted, not just a mindless desire to raise hell. They’re also a good bit more lethal once aroused, something many seem to have forgotten in their haste to blame all the world’s evils on white folks. Sooner or later, they’ll figure, “we’re already getting blamed and paying for being evil, let’s do it”.

Rev. Manning is more in touch with things that most I’d say. People are fed up and they’re only waiting for the straw to come along to justify their declaring the camel’s back broken. If history is any guide, some stupid democrap will break the camels back with something they intended to be just for gaining the upper hand in democrap infighting…. see where I got this from: