Here Is My Faith In A Nutshell

This meme makes more sense to me than any religion. Yes, I know I am ethnic Hebrew/Jewish mind-centered. And, yes, I am Christian-oriented but I found the most apt meme that just says it how it is, point blank — for me. I’m just really not interested in religion, per se.

Capiche? Maybe some of you are like this, too. 🙂

Yes, I stand by devout Jews and devout Christians. And, always will. As well as Buddhists and well meaning Sikhs. Some non religious Moslems I have enjoyed as also.

Communist Bitch @ The YMCA Thought She Could Silence The Mad Jewess This AM. I DON’T THINK SO

Unreal… I was at the YMCA this AM, I was talking to my Mom and another lady about our foreign Muslim/usurper from Kenya.  A female Commie bitch walked in as I was dissenting,  I was saying; “He can just go back to Kenya where he is from.”    The Commie said; “I don’t want to hear about your views while I am working out.”    WTF!! Why not just ignore us or debate?  Why try to change people’s conversation that you are not even a part of!? We were talking BEFORE the evil snatch-monster even walked in!!

..People… Do you really think I am just a loud, tough gal on the net?  Sorry. WRONG. I am MORE aggressive in life.  The bitch messed with the wrong American. Totally.

I told her (loudly):


Do you really think I shut up after that?  NO, it just began and not softly like other people I know (Actually most Americans I know are very quiet about how they feel) Nope…it went on and on until the bitch ended up fleeing the room.

I said; “When Bush was in office, people went on and on from both sides and that was OK, -I was one of them- but not now, when the Muslim-Hitler is in power.  You can’t say anything about this sonofabitch or how he is screwing this nation 6 ways to Sunday worse than ANY of his predecessors.  You can’t talk about Fast and furious because that’s racist. You can’t discuss his exec orders, one after the next without being a ‘hater.’ You can’t discuss his war-mongering, psychopathic ways because that’s hateful. You can’t discuss his birth-certificate because THAT has ‘racial tones..”

At this point, my mother was also mad as a hornet and she said: “All of our family members fought and died for this country so that people could have free speech, and now they want us to just shut up? No way.”

 I said: “Absolutely, Mom.  On both sides of our family…they bled this ground going back to before the Revolutionary war, and we can’t talk because their poor feelings might get hurt?”  “Well, I may as well just KILL MYSELF before THEY come to kill me!”

Fuggedaboudid…..the bitch was already walking out of the room…And when she exited, I said loud…


Let me tell you something… you f’cking, leftist traitors to freedom.. You will have to come to kill us.  Got it?  YES! You will have to come to try to kill us. Just remember-Hitler and Stalin did the same.  You ARE, in essence.. what you pretend to fight against.  You still don’t see the enemy because the enemy is YOU.

Just remember this, you Communist f’cko’s.. We ARE locked and loaded and we will take no g’d-damned prisoners.  You try to hurt and kill our family, let me just say…Like G Patton said: “We will murder every last one of you lousy hun bastards by the bushel.”   So, don’t even friggin think about it.

I am sick of you a$$holes.  Who the hell do you think you are? Who died and made you the f’cking Grand-Poobah?!?!

This should be the national anthem for leftists:

TY for linking me, C.B. God bless. I changed some of the…

Drones To Patrol Skies At RNC Convention?? Ahhh… “Freedom” Isn’t It Rich..

I guarantee that most Repubs will not be bothered by this.  They would probably welcome these drones in case some rabid left-wing lunatics start acting insane.  Don’t we have a 2nd Amendment to protect us from moonbats?   Why push for the 2nd Amendment if you are OK with drones in your own country, spying and shooting you down.

In my opinion, Obama has created this violent atmosphere.. We are now ‘reactionaries’ because of Bolshevism/Marxism.  I would not go anywhere without my gun.


Predator drones patrol U.S. skies for stray cows… no joke

And, they may not…Who knows..

My friend George Who Refused To Wear A Motor-cycle Helmet

Back in the mid 1980’s, California (fascist, liberal, left-wing state) passed a law.  People who chose to ride a motor-cycle had to wear a helmet or face tickets, fines, etc.  It had just become ‘unlawful.’   This did not sit well with a college class-mate named George;   He was very upset over this law and decided that he would ‘buck the system’.  George was in my Drama class, so, I thought perhaps he might be doing this just to get attention.  This was not the case, and how wrong I was about George, laws, etc.   Many people made fun of him, I did not.  I would sit and listen to him and how mad he was, day after day.  I told him one day “George, why don’t you just ‘let this go?’”  (George had been receiving many tickets, fines, etc AND paid them all.) “Let this go? Have you gone crazy, Pauli!!??””  “Don’t you understand that if they take away my right to not wear a helmet, they will come after another freedom and another, until we don’t have freedom, anymore, Pauli.”


George had so many tickets, fines and it just added up, everyday, more and more.  Finally the news-papers took notice and George was pictured in the news-paper without his helmet, standing next to his motor-cycle.   I was  happy that he was fighting so passionately for this.  I realized early on, after I unrighteously confronted him, that he was not just fighting to ‘look cool.’

He was fighting for FREEDOM.


George was also married and had a few children; I believe 3.  His wife was a wonderful lady, she worked as a waitress.  She stood by him, 100%- for many years to come.  They did get divorced and I believe the fines caused much economic strain.  Every so often, I would see George, without a helmet and I would smile.  It was him that helped begin my own anger at fascist governing and gave me the strength to stand up to them in my town.   (In 1989 & on to this very day, I have been involved in my own town, city, country for our freedoms in our streets, govt and nation.)


Many years later, I saw George’s wife.  She was working in a different restaurant and I asked her “How is George?”  She said; “We are friends now, but we have gotten divorced.”  I told her: ‘Sweetie, George was right’.    I began to explain to her the many things that the dictatorship of Calif had passed since George’s stand.   She just looked at me slack-jawed.  I said: “He was right.  To him, I owe much.”   She smiled and said:  “I will tell him this, Pauli, he is still fighting the governing powers of California”


I dedicate this song to a brave soul and patriot, George:

It does not matter if it is dangerous to ride without a helmet.  It should be left to the person that chooses to ride the way he/she wants to ride.

I no longer fly my flag .. but if I did, I’d fly it upside down in distress

Authored by Goldbug

I no longer fly my flag .. but if I did, I’d fly it upside down in distress.  I am so horrified and ashamed of our evil and wicked government and the terror they are spreading around the globe.  But, of course, this government would not exist were it not for the ignorance and stupidity of the masses.
When a friend or neighbor professes his/her “patriotism,” we should ask, “Why are you patriotic?”  The response, of course, will be, “Because I love my country” (and then they’ll chant, “USA, USA, USA!”).  Then one should ask, “What exactly is it that you love about the U.S.A. ….?”  Of course, after much hesitation, they’ll say, “Uh .. uh .. our freedom?” 
Freedom?  Oh, do you mean freedom to be surveilled by drones?  Freedom to be disappeared or killed by our tyrannical government, without due process?  Freedom to have massive taxes extracted from you by force?  Freedom to be dumbed down at an institution of higher brainwashing and take on massive debt for a degree in joblessness?  Or might you be enjoying the freedom to be sexually assaulted and nuked every time you want to fly somewhere?  And don’t forget .. freedom to guzzle a daily fluoride cocktail, eat gene-spliced monster foods and be sprayed daily with aluminum oxide, barium, and God-only-knows what other toxins and poisons.  And the list goes on and on …
Don’t you all feel better now knowing that we’re free?   

Tribute To The American Flag (via My Blog)

I thought this was the best tribute 🙂

Tribute To The American Flag I am the Flag Howard Schnauber I am the flag of the United States of America. My name is Old Glory. I fly atop the world's tallest buildings. I stand watch in America's halls of justice. I fly majestically over institutions of learning. I stand guard with power in the world. Look up … and see me. I stand for peace, honor, truth and justice. I stand for freedom. I am confident. I am arrogant. I am proud. When I am flown with my fellow banners, m … Read More

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Nigel Farage WARNED EURO-LOON, Sarcozy To NOT Interfere In Ireland..& Look At What Is Happening TODAY!

Go to fullsize imageI have never heard a voice so powerful and reprimanding.  Brava to Nigel Farage.  He is like a Winston Churchhill, I swear.  PLEASE DEAR GOD, please.. bring us a man that is a good leader like this, unafraid of the left wing soul assassins.

SEE!!!!! Trade unions call for national strike and civil disobedience

See how Farage attacks Brussels bureaucrats: