Ugly, Angry, Insane, Satanic Muslims In San Fransicko: “F’ck You Jew” While Being Arrested For Violence

Hurry up, Muslims and leftists…Hurry, call the ACLU and tell them to stop bloggers from showing these pathetic morons.  Stick up for them.  Come to their aid against us ‘aggressors’..   This is what we get for not kicking out the sickass Muslim piece of shit out of the White House.  A country with mongrels who hate Jews AND Christians. 

Enjoy your new AmeriKa.

BTW: Everyone is a Jew to a person that is just a Jew hater.  So, if you like Israel, get used to the love.

Also, to this little pussy-Muzzie who said “F’ck you Jews”:

Google Has The Mad Jewess & Donna Spellbound Heavily Monitored & Censored~They Should STOP Whining About The FCC

Google Has The Mad Jewess & Donna Spellbound Heavily Monitored & Censored~ They Should STOP Whining About The FCC

  Yep, folks, Google has taken The Mad Jewess and Donna off index/indexing.  Result: Our stats suck. Why is google doing this to us? Because we are vigorously covering black on white crime.  I have ALWAYS covered black on white crime, just not as vigorous because it is  very draining.  I know that there are good and excellent, God-fearing black people and patriots. I try to mention this as much as I can-but we cannot stop reporting these crimes and if we are tired, then so be it.  We have to do what we have to do. 

  White people are being MURDERED, beaten, robbed, raped by many blacks.  Caucasian people are not some shit that you pick up off the ground and shovel into a pooper-scooper. IF you are white, you should be reporting these crimes. If more people would report these crimes, all day, every day (or as much as you can), this would be in the media, daily.  Racial crimes would not be silenced anymore (against white people) who suffer more at the hands of blacks and minorities than ANY OTHER GROUP in America.

  Google is whining about the FCC and THEIR monitoring of google. Yet, it is OK for google to censor us?  Its never fascism when they do it, is it?  Google wants free speech for Chinese people in CHINA, but not Americans for America.  Typical leftist-Jew FASCISM.

Its Not Fascism  When WE Do It!

We Hate White People.

It’s Nazi Pelosi’s Birthday~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY B*TCH! � Pelosi Celebrates 70th Birthday With Health Bill Signing, Cake.

Take a nice Slap, from WE THE PEOPLE.


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