Cops In Lootersville, ChiTown: “Let Gangs Shoot Each Other”. Good Idea, Guys:

Cops In Lootersville, ChiTown: “Let Gangs Shoot Each Other”. Good Idea, Guys:

Because….This way, the anti all Police troglodytes cant say anything and the Left will be crying over their future voters.  Let the Cops allow the gangs to duke it out.  Who gives a damn anymore.  Theyre animals, let them lose their souls..The cops must have had a movie night watching the Godfather..

Cops in Lootersville, Chitown say about gangs… “Let ‘Em Do It” Chicago PD Scanner Audio Suggests Cops Let Gang Members Shoot Each Other!

Latino & Dominican Gangs (Not White “Racists”) Turn On Black #Rioters In ChiTown, Lootersville & NY.

Latino & Dominican Gangs Turn On Blacks In ChiTown & NY.

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All you white ‘racists’ must have plotted this! 

Well, its a sunny day up here, 100 miles from the border of Utah in no man’s land.  The birds are singing, the trees have a nice breeze running thru their leaves and Dave and I had a nice Egg Sandwich at the country pie place up here in the boondocks.  Far away from the Left wing city of Phoenix where the radical slimes are going to cut 180 mil USD from the Phoenix Police force..  

But, its not such a sunny day in Lootersville, Chicago: Latino Gangs in ChiTown come to the aid of the cops.  Black radicals are pissed about this on Worldstar hip hop

In the Communist Progressive shitty, once called the “Big Apple”…it’s not too wonderful either the last few days because the Dominicans are turning on the black rioters who they thought were going to loot.  Unfortunately, the bad blacks are bringing shame to the whole race and even tho they were not ‘looting’, the Dominicans just cant trust them anymore. It’s kinda like how Left wing looney-toon “Jews” make all Jews look like unhinged jackasses.

“Rip These F**ks Heads Off” -Dominican Goes OFF & Thanks The Latin Kings In Chicago! “Dominicans, Ricans, This Is How You Do It”

Cops in Lootersville, Chitown say about gangs… “Let ‘Em Do It” Chicago PD Scanner Audio Suggests Cops Let Gang Members Shoot Each Other!

Saner heads like Candace Owens prevail.

In Rochester, this store owner just can’t take any more of the bs.. Starts shooting at the rioters.  


BOSTON: Brockton High School~Sons Of Obama Yelling “NIGGA We Be Graduating”, & Get Into Rival Gang Fight

BOSTON: Brockton High School~Sons Of Obama Yelling “NIGGA We Be Graduating” & Get Into Rival Gang Fight

Things escalated quickly after a confrontation at the Brockton high School graduation on Friday, leading to the arrest of seven men.

According to, Brockton police arrested Anthony Carvalho, 19, Luis Resende, 20, Rayshawn Dacruz, 17, and Shane Simms, 18, all of Brockton, on several charges including disorderly conduct.  More here click.

Move along. Nothing new.  Blacks beating each-other up this time. Just 1 question…How in the frick did these kids graduate?  Oh yeah..just more of that lowering standards so we raise a nation of dummies…More ‘liberalism’ at work to destroy ALL of our kids.

ILLEGALS/GANGS~Gorgeous Illegal-Infested Monterey, CA Is #1 Nationwide In Youth Homocide

Go to fullsize imageI had to put this up. For D.D., our writer/blogger.  This is my old haunt.. Monterey, Ca…. It used to be the most lovely place. Gorgeous ocean, and right outside of that, was Salinas, which is the salad bowl of the country. But, it is also NUMERO UNO in homocide. Sad. Sad.  I warned these people in Salinas, Ca-evidently, nobody listened, even made fun of me, told me I was crazy, inc. this bitch named “CiCi”, a blog-stalking, left wing Judenrat who claims she is a model from  Ha Ha Ha! Sure…And we have got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell ya… 



From DD:

By DomesticDame 


WOW…..looks like the county I am living in, Monterey County has an alarmingly high murder rate; read it all here.

Pretty sad because the city with the highest population, Salinas, has about 200,000; yet, we managed to surpass the bigger metropolitan cities for the number one position!

It’s obvious what the problem is: gangs**AND ILLEGAL OCCUPIERS.

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America, then~’MeriKa now

What happened, I ask myself over and over everyday. I have been asking myself this question for at least 15 years. We were a nation of class, panache, and ethics. Loving our neighbor and bringing justice, we dressed fabuolus and had excellent manners. We loved our country and were good neighbors to the surrounding nations. In the 30’s, even though we had reached the depths of despair, we still retained dignity. The men looking for jobs– any job, and they didn’t demand that the US Govt feed them..


The 40’s was a time of unity and patriotism. We had gotten attacked, and contrary to stupid Tom Hanks, we got attacked 1st, it had zero to do with ‘racism’. We had great generals, we had the best music to get us through terrible times, a world war. We had to unite and do what we had to do to bring these boys home from war. Everyone played a part in their patriotic duty. Today, if you could get a left wing jackass to shut his/her mouth and unite to bring these guys home, it would be a miracle..

1950’s.. A return to normalcy. Little white houses and picket fences. Owning a home after having worked hard, having a nice car. Doo-Wop, Rock N Roll..ELVIS..Industry…decency.

THEN..The 1960’s, always the 1960’s, the creepy 1960’s, the beginning of the END. Hippies, sex, drugs, MARXISM, a liberal MESS.


70’s and 80’s. The 80’s was more of a turn to normalcy again, but not totally, not entirely. Reagan brought in a sense of national pride, patriotism, glamour- but the left, always the satanic left, pushing their way in, to ruin, destroy, and never stop destroying, always a war on decency; their love for filth, debauchery, sin, glorifying in ugliness and the very thing they always accuse, is what they are; hate-filled against good.

NOW, there are NO words to describe this BS.


This is what you have done, leftists, you have screwed up decent society and made our nation into a trainwreck of sin.  You’ll get yours, your time is on the horizon.