IF Homosexuals Are SO Oppressed: WHY Is The “Pride” Flag Hanging At Cali State Capital?

IF Homosexuals Are SO Oppressed: WHY Is The “Pride” Flag Hanging At Cali State Capital?

Our form of Government is supposed to stay the hell out of people’s private sex lives. Not fly sex flags.

The homosexual flag means one thing: Un-Natural Sex between 2 men or 2 women. Thats what it means and nothing else. Why not just hang a vagina flag or a dick flag or a boob flag? This is what the Communist Democrat, filthy pigs are ALL about: Sex, dirty a$$holes, vaginal pride, (ie ‘pu$$y’ hats), pedophilia, militant homosexuality, BDSM, ETC!

NO country in the SANE world hangs un-natural, sex flags at their capitals. Only in SODOM-BABYLON USSA. Only a nation in complete moral decay hangs flags about poop sex. And, that’s what the filthy Communist, disgusting CommieCrats are all about.



4 Before Lot and his family had gone to bed, all the men of the city of Sodom, both young and old, surrounded the house. 5They called out to Lot, saying, “Where are the men who came to you tonight? Send them out to us so we can have relations with them!”

Pray for people like Milo: Milo Yiannopoulos says he is ‘ex-gay,’ & ‘sodomy free. That people like MILO will stand up and declare this what all of this is: an ABOMINATION.

I had a homosexual uncle, he never bothered anyone. He lived lavish in a gorgeous home with the most beautiful garden. This is bs.

Justices Thomas, Alito Question Court’s 2015 Decision In Gay Marriage Case

Justices Thomas, Alito Question Court’s 2015 Decision In Gay Marriage Case

Irony, glorious Irony - LGBT group after Hate Pastor's repo'd church |  SpaceBattles Forums

Its not enough that the Communists have infiltrated every single avenue of our society but they also shoved homo-marriage all over the nation. Now, some of the same pervs are seeking to make pedophilia ‘normal’. PUKE!

Thomas and Alito are questioning some things after:

Kim Davis, the former KY County Clerk who made the news for refusing to issue marriage licenses to fairy’s, is briefly back in the news today as the SCOTUS declined to hear her case. Mother F’cker Jones: Two Justices Really Want To Revisit Gay Marriage Ruling. Let’s Not Panic, Please.

Justices Thomas, Alito question court’s 2015 decision in gay marriage case:

So far, this is a list of what the Left has done to USA:

Cities destroyed, NO Justice system: The system is rigged in favor of leftists only, Education & Schools- IQ from 1910: 114 iq compared to now which is 100, Art is meaningless nonsense, Music is horrible noise pollution, Theater-no more leading stars because that’s not ‘equality’, Trophies for everyone, Emasculated men, Toxic Masculine Women, destroyed SPORTS, with the kneeling stupidity, Movies– horrible movies now , Affirmative action promoting unqualified, ETC!

While The Left Is Grabbing Guns, We Need To Grab “Gay” Marriage And End It

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The left goes around, tampering with our RIGHTS every, friggin day.. Why does nobody have guts enough to start outlawing ‘gay’ marriage?  Why is it ALWAYS them hitting us and never the vice versa? 

Our 2nd Amendment RIGHT is a right, not a modern, written law.  

The Left is on a constant march against America. Constant.  But, the ‘right’ is NOT on a constant march to stop Leftists (Traitors).  If you look at the Communist “Goals” for America, you will see that almost every one of the Left’s Communist goal is practically our daily life, now.  See –  45 Communist goals for America:  https://www.theblaze.com/video/45-communist-goals-for-america

One thing the Left is so cuddly about is ‘gay’ marriage.  END IT! Sign bills, END all of these Leftist programs and fake laws.  End Social Services, End “Gay” marriage, END abortion, END and BAN Radical Leftists.  WHAT THE HELL IS EVERYONE WAITING ON!?  Turn this nation around and END every Left wing ‘law’.  Especially ‘gay’ marriage. 

Just look how militant the ‘gays’ have become.  Now, they’re flaunting their stuff right in front of little kids in Libraries.  END THIS!  It’s true, they’ve turned into the “Gay” Roller!


Christians Banned From @HGTV For Their Opinions Of “Gays”. Many American Gays Are #FASCISTS.

Christians Banned From @HGTV For Their Opinions Of “Gays”. Many Americans Gays Are #FASCISTS.

…..Many American ‘gays’ can’t deal with their ugly self.   It’s not enough that they sink themselves into their own depravity, they have to sink the rest of us.  I remember when I was young and how many people treated queers.  Yet, the ‘gays’ in turn, treat people worse than they were ever treated.  I never saw a ‘gay’ fired for being ‘gay’.   But, now we see Christians and others fired from their jobs because they disagree with ‘gay’ fascism.   Fascism does not come with a flag and a cross, it comes from happy horseshit people that want to shove their show up your ass.  And, call it “One love.”

Commenter:I always supported gay rights and abhorred any sort of discrimination or bullying, but now it is the gay activists who are the bullies.

We are being softened up, being prepared for other tyrannies. What’s coming next? If you don’t vote a straight Democratic ticket, you’re not allowed to vote or work for a living? How about if you don’t support climate change? Will you not be allowed to own property? This is truly getting crazy and scary. PS If you are still using firefox, uninstall it (google for details).

Read here…

The Pro Fascist Homosexual Gestapo Force Christian Couple To Pay $6837- Fine Over NOT Filming “Wedding”

The Pro Fascist Homosexual Gestapo Force Christian Couple To Pay $6837- Fine Over Filming “Wedding”

This is your “Christian” America?  This is not Christian America or Judeo-Christian America, its SodoMeriKa.  When the homosexuals have the rights and you have none because your faith says that sex before marriage and homosexual  relations are wrong–TOO BAD, you marry these militants. Hear me?  You do as your told or else.

How would these Liberal fascists and Homosexual fascists like it if we FORCED them to be Baptized or FORCED them to become Bat/Bar Mitzvah’d  and become an Orthodox Jew?

Today the US Supreme Court announced it will not hear a case on whether a New Mexico wedding photographer was within her rights when she refused to work at a same-sex ceremony. The penalty stands.
USA Today reported. (Jim Hoft)

Why did the homosexual militants wait so many years to marry each-other and force their way in the courts against the will of the people?  They waited for an immoral, gay President so they could shove their show on you.

I have many friends that are gay and they bother NOBODY.  What these militants have done to this couple is FASCISM. Period.

This should be SodoMerika’s new anthem:

If you want to read a book about leaving militant homosexuality: No, I Was Not Born Gay!


“NO, I Was NOT Born Gay” Book Written By My Fabulous Friend, Jay L. Hudson

“NO, I Was NOT Born Gay” Book Written By My Fabulous Friend, Jay L. Hudson

I met Jay in 1986 at the “Wharf Theater” in Monterey, California.  He was a ‘flaming queen.’   At any rate, I instantly loved Jay-He was a class act & dressed immaculate…Possessed beautiful, big, white, teeth -black hair and the most gorgeous, deep, blue eyes, a drop dead gorgeous physique…  Jay can sing like you can’t believe & is an extremely talented individual.

When I met Jay, we were instantly connected.  Our spirits were kindred.  Jay had an open heart as did I.  I can remember to this day, walking down the wharf after a production:  He, in his long, black, leather trench and a leather black fedora and me in my black/gold lace pants with a gold sequin cap…What a pair   😉     I remember asking Jay, straight up:  “Are you a fag?” (That was how I talked because I have always been a blunt individual)  Jay, sadly said “Yes.”   “What a shame,” I replied…  Then, I said: “Well, whatever, I really like you and I believe in 2 years time, we’ll meet again and everything will be different.”  We walked back to the theater, gave each other a hug goodbye.

2 years, we DID meet again at the Hartnell College in Salinas, California.   Jay was so sad.  I asked what was wrong and he just said “I don’t know, just in a turning point and don’t know where I am going.”  A few months later, we were at an audition for the musical, rock opera “Tommy.”   Jay landed the part of Tommy’s father and I landed the part of the Acid queen.  Jay was different this time:  He had a light in his eyes.  I asked him what it was that was in his eyes, “He said JESUS!”   ‘Jesus?’ I said… I was thinking, what the hell is so special about Jay A GAY that this Jeeeesssssus cared about and didn’t care for me… I was jealous.   😉

At any rate:  Jay had become a Christian & left the gay life-style, completely.  He married a beautiful woman (I will call her Lara) and they had a beautiful son.  Jay was diagnosed with AIDS in 1994-95 and has been living with AIDS for 20 years.  Jay’s life is an amazing testimony of how GOD can change things.  Please read my wonderful friend, Jay’s book.   This is Jay’s twitter handle: @JayXGay. (Please add him to your twitter page)   I will be teaching him how to utilize twitter and we will be building him a website on Tumblr.com so you can read his daily excerpts about his life, struggles, joys, etc…

You can buy his book, 3 different ways on Amazon:

No, I Was Not Born Gay! Paperback

See all 3 formats and editions

There is hope, people.  Believe me.   God will NOT put up with the militant homosexual for long.



Weak, Fairy Obama Warns Uganda Of Anti Gay Law. He Wants All Nations To Be Militant Homo Friendly

Weak, Punk Obama Now Warns Uganda Of Anti Gay Law. He Wants All Nations To Be Militant Homo Friendly


Our sissy-boy, el Presidente’ is very, very angry with Uganda because they don’t want militant homosexuals turning their poor country into a freaky, gay-land like America.  Obama will probably threaten to cut off their foreign aid.  Good.  Uganda should say “Fine”, we would rather be poor than be pussies like many American men.

Obama warns Uganda over anti-gay law

These Africans hate Obama.  They are not stupid idiots like black, Liberal Americans.

The Left Wing Probably Wants To Start WW3 Over “Racist’ Banana Pic

The Left Wing Probably Wants To Start WW3 Over “Racist’ Banana Pic

The left-wing is foaming at the mouth over the ‘racist’ banana picture that a former Russian figure-skating star tweeted last year.  Liberals are unhinged like the little rats they are.  If their man could not take the heat, get out of the kitchen.  This is politics….you stupid, Communist moonbats. 

Meanwhile…The left wing MSM pretends that ‘knock-out games’ are fictitious. Benghazi is a fabricated hoax that the ‘right wing’ made up to impeach poor Obama because the NYTimes says so.   IRS-gate is hype (according to the left)  and Fast & furious has been ‘debunked.’ 

The banana picture is an OUTRAGE but 2,400 Dead civilians as Obama’s drone campaign marks 5 years in the middle east is OK..

Stupid?  Hypocritical?  I believe so.  If all of the aforementioned transpired under a white, Republican Prez, we would have a more honest media…(Well, as honest as one can get being a liberal..)

An art collage from November 2013

On this outrage ‘racist’ pic: Russia’s Irina Rodnina Lights Olympic Flame: Tweeted ‘Racist’ Picture of President Obama Last Year