NEW: Joshua & Caleb Expose A FAKE “Palestinian” Riot That French AP Reported As “Real” @AmerZahr

NEW: Joshua & Caleb Expose A FAKE “Palestinian” Riot, @AmerZahr

Hey Amer, you stupid Arab ashole – your cause is fake. Your people are fake, screw sheep, beat your wives and stage FAKE ‘protests’.

Start at 14.50

Arab Muslim Nazi poop chute suckers are liars.

Gaza is fine.

Ramallah is doing great:

@bellahadid – “From The River To The Sea”, “Palestine” IS ALREADY Free & Then Some!!

“From The River To The Sea”, “Palestine” IS ALREADY Free–And Then Some!!

A supermodel chick, Bella Hadid (I’ve never heard of her) is crying over the “Palestinians” and thinks they need to be ‘free, from the river to the sea‘: Boo boo….

Grow up, Bella.

Get your head out of your ass.

In my own research for many years on the net, fighting Jew haters from the ocean to the north pole, the equator to Timbuktu – I have sought out through google images, Youtubes, MSN photo’s, etc just to see how ‘oppressed’ the Gazans and the Ramallan’s are.

I didn’t find ‘oppression’ with these people like I have found with white people in South Africa–who are having their land confiscated and starved off their farms… On the contrary, in the ‘Pali/Gazan land’, I found Hotels, Restaurants, Jewelry stores, Fashion shows, Deli’s, beach resorts, horse racing, and more in Gaza and Ramallah.

Here is my journey through “Palestinian” land. This is what supposed ‘oppression’ looks like:

Some nice olives and peppers in ‘oppressed’ Gaza:

How about a few banana’s, pears or peaches?

PA warns it will stop Israel produce imports in retaliation – Middle East  Monitor

How about some avocado’s or plums?

A Palestinian vendor displays fruits at a market in Gaza | apaimages

Maybe some Gazan nuts?

5 steps to ecommerce success in Gaza

How about a field of strawberries in Gaza?

How about the annual horse race in Gaza?

Gaza horse race takes place on destroyed airport runway - YouTube

How about a nice dinner in Gaza at the “Rooftop”?

Palestinian families sit at “Maldive Gaza” cafe on a beach in Gaza City:

Need a necklace for your girlfriend? Gaza’s the place to get jewelry cheaper.

5 star hotel’s in Gaza on the beach:

A nice day on the bay with Pali kids and families..

Gaza's first five-star hotel provides luxury and hope amid the blockades |  Gaza | The Guardian

You can always head to Ramallah and stay in a nice hotel there: ,  Tereh Area, Ramallah, Palestinian Territory – Great location – show map

How about a trip to see the cars ‘oppressed’ Palis drive? Or the homes they live in?

Let’s go eat at a restaurant in ‘oppressed’ Ramallah:

AZURE RESTAURANT, Ramallah - Restaurant Reviews, Photos & Phone Number -  Tripadvisor
PALESTINE PLAZA HOTEL - Prices & Reviews (Ramallah, Palestinian  Territories) - Tripadvisor

You can fool some of the people some of the time and most of the people most of the time but you can’t fool ALL of the people all of the time.

Look through Google images yourself to see how ‘oppressed’ Palis live. Im sick of these lies. Maybe you like the lies because you just hate all the Jews. Go ahead. Who cares if you do. I will still choose to think you’re a duped, brainwashed dope.

#ISRAEL: Palestinian Fauxtography of the Day: Russian Doll Edition

ISRAEL: #Palestinian LIARS Use Little Russian Girl’s Photo To Gain Sympathy From Idiots Who Believe Them

Palestinian Fauxtography of the Day: Russian Doll Edition

The Liars are passing this off as a little “Palestinian” girl that was supposedly ‘murdered’:

However, this little girl is Russian from Russia. See here at Israelly cool



People get angry with me recently because I am pissed off that the Israeli government jabbed a million Jewish people. I am against the magnetic covid19 ‘vaccine’ experiment injection, therefore, I am angered that the Israeli govt did this to their people just the same as I am angered with my own government. I think ALL governments are evil. Israel’s included. NO exceptions when it comes to governments & what they foist upon their OWN people.

By the way: Biden Administration Shown ‘Smoking Gun’ Evidence Proving Terrorists In AP Office Building

#Israel: #Palestinians Using Fake Photos From 2016…As Usual

Palestinians Using Fake Photos From 2016

This happens every conflict the Palis start. People believe them though because they just hate all things Jewish & Israeli. We don’t care for most of the politicians in Israel for jabbing Jews and giving up land..But, the Jew haters just hate Jews, Israel, etc.

Earlier, I read some ‘conservative’ blogs that are faking ‘upset’ over Israel blasting a ‘news’ holdout. These so-called Conservatives ‘suddenly’ believe the news submitted by the Palis because they just hate Israel. Who gives a damn if Al Jazeera lost their bunker. I wish it was CNN.

Come & Take A Virtual Trip Thru Beautiful Palestine & Gaza

Its a beautiful place.   Hardly the territory we always see the Muslims whining about.  In fact, “Palestine” looks better than Los Angeles!

The 10 largest cities in “Palestine”


Here is Nablus, “Palestine”



And now, for the finale to bring us back home! ….Los Angeles:

Hope you enjoyed the trip!


Why Is The #Gaza, ‘Anti-War’, #FreePalestine, Pro #Hamas Crowd Almost ALWAYS Violent & Nasty??

Jut a heads up before you proceed:  Remember, this is not our blog anymore.  This is only a site for forwarding until people get used to our move.. BUT, already our stats are in the mega thousand range.  WordPress used to monitor our stats, daily.

click- Why Is The #Gaza, ‘Anti-War’, #FreePalestine, Pro #Hamas Crowd Almost ALWAYS Violent & Nasty??

Love, me 😀

The True Scoop Regarding The Israel/Pali Situation In A Few Sentences

The True Scoop Regarding The Israel/Pali Situation In A Few Sentences


The Pali Muslims kidnapped 3 Jewish boys, one was American. 

Israel begged the Arabs to let their boys go.  Asked them to not murder their teens. 

The Pali Jihadists didn’t listen and murdered all 3 boys. 

Israel retaliated–big. 

The Pali’s then began to hurl their rockets. 

Israel retaliated with their rockets & planes.

The End.


If you believe anything more than that, you’re an idiot who just hates ALL Jews and wants all of us dead.  Die first, then defend yourselves….

  • BBC reporter, Jon Donnison reported this the other day:

Only one problem: The photo was actually taken in Syria, 11/2012.   The BBC reporter didn’t even look at the time stamp from 2012.  And, THAT is how journalists report the news in the modern world.

There are 47 Muslim countries.  There are 250 million Muslim Arabs, add 80 plus million Iranians.  (Some say 410 mil, total)  There are 6.7 million Jews in Israel.  The Jews are not allowed to have ONE state without the world going nuts.  Among the crazies are Bolshevik Jews who support their enemies and people ask why so many of us Jews are nuts.

Hey @MaxBlumenthal EU Union Auditors: Stop Paying Lazy Pali’s In Gaza Who Don’t Work

No Outrage @MaxBlumenthal? EU Union Auditors: Stop Paying Lazy, Pali’s Who Don’t Work.

It’s all Israel’s fault that these Gazan’s don’t work, right Max?


The Palis are so oppressed that they’re getting paid to do nothing while they are oppressed.  Friends..We’re just in the wrong business.  Why work when you can get paid to sit on your ass?

Where is Max?  Hello?  Crickets and Retweets only.  Never a refute.

Maybe they are eating some candy at a local market in Gaza where they’re starving to death, Max?

Or playing on the beach in Gaza?



European Union auditors are recommending that the EU stop paying the salaries of Palestinian civil servants in Gaza who don’t work.(Wapo).

BRUSSELS — European Union auditors recommended Wednesday that the EU stop paying the salaries of Palestinian civil servants in Gaza who don’t work.

The findings were made public by the European Court of Auditors, which scrutinized how 1 billion euros ($1.3 billion) in EU financial support to the Palestinian Authority has been used.

Hat tip: MFS News.

Border-Jumpers In Action!

I want you to take a good look at the border jumpers..


So…What is the difference in these 2 pictures?  Can you spot the difference?  Who jumps fences like this? Criminals, thieves & welfare moochers.  You know, Illegals.  BUT, there is a small difference in these pictures.  

Give up yet?

OK, I’ll let ya know.. The top picture are illegal Meztizo’s.  The 2nd picture is in Israel.  The Palis are jumping the fence. I got this pali-picture from Palestinian-firster, Jew-hating slob, David Dukes website..

Ya see.. the Docta Duke is an oxy-moron.  He does not want illegals jumping fences in EU and USA, but its OK for them to jump the fence in Israel.

You wonder why America is cursed?  Take a look no further than David Duke.  He curses Israel, daily, just as the Japanese govt does & just see how they suffer because of their Jew hating govt…  Duke knows nobody IN Israel, EXCEPT the Marxist/Commies like Finkelstein and Chomsky (Chomsky was banned for treachery, btw).  Koo koo, Koo koo Duke…. He does not know decent Jews, Messianics or Christians in Israel.  So, he ‘sides’ with the Jihadis.  Brilliant…NOT.. Chalk one up for Docta Duke being a conservative-‘Christian’.  What a laugh riot this cat is… 😀

You white people that think he is ‘for’ you.. Ha Ha Ha.  He is for Palstine-FIRST before you.  He has NO recent articles on white-oppression.  NONE for many days.. What a phoney.  I bet some of you idiots give him $$, too! LOL!!!  The nasty Mad Jew bitch cares about the plight of whites, but ‘Aryan’ asshole, Duke does not.

The world is upside down.

Fuckestine Is Now A State. This Means There Should Be NO MORE Rockets From Bomb throwing Palis, Right?

Fuckestine Is Now A State.  This Means There Should Be NO MORE Rockets From Bomb throwing Palis, Right?
If you actually believe that these people will stop the rocket attacks, you are a stupid moonbat.  This news also makes Jew haters (UN LOVERS) wrong….AGAIN!!!  Jew/Israel haters can pretend they hate the UN, etc.. But, its all bullshit.  They LOVE this news AND love the UN–They LOVE IT….!!! This means that the ‘anti war, anti government, anti NWO’ Libertarians are now UN Lovers? Yuck.
  There MAY be a cease-fire for a little time, but a very little time.  This is prophesied of, by the way.  In the end ages, this is in prophecy.  This also means there is a satanic devil man & regime that is alive and kicking.  Probably Barack HUSSEIN Osama.  There will NEVER be a real peace until the Messiah shows up in POWER and authority to save the Jewish people.
Hunter T • 

  • Haha, this is like giving an out of control kid a lollipop to shut them up for 15 minutes. Nothing’s changed except the UN, whoever really cares what they think anyways, has allowed you pathetic Palastininan losers to call Gaza a state, now what? They will never have economic power, millitary might, or influence on anything significant in the world, they breed violence and stupidity…nuff said.’