#Gazprom; Was Company Paul Pelosi On Board Of DIRECTLY Connected To The Russian Govt?

It would appear so.. We’re not ‘anti Russia’ on this website, but it seems that so many D’s are working with the RU govt and then blaming Trump for doing what they do.

Determine this for yourself… hat tip, S.

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#SouthStream @SenJohnMcCain In #Bulgaria Yesterday. The OLD Bastard WANTS WW3 W/ Russia

#SouthStream @SenJohnMcCain In #Bulgaria Yesterday. The OLD Bastard WANTS WW3 W/ Russia

After the Bulgarian leader met with the smooth-talking, lying, psychopathic American politicians, he halted all construction for a gas line with Russia.   I hope you all know that your sons and daughters are going to be slaughtered in WW3 so that John McCain can get rich from his energy deals in Eastern EU.  

Bulgaria’s prime minister has ordered on Sunday a halt to construction work on the Gazprom-led South Stream pipeline project planned to bypass Ukraine as a transit country and consolidating Russia’s energy grip in Europe.  Plamen Oresharski said after meeting U.S. Sens. John McCain, Christopher Murphy and Ron Johnson that he has ordered all work on the disputed project to continue only after consultations with Brussels.    The rest….

ALSO: US Imposes Sanctions on Contractor for South Stream Project in Bulgaria: Read that here…

McCain undermining Russia’s business in Bulgaria?  Russia Sees Underhanded Sanctions

Here is the senile, old bastard in Bulgaria:

BULGARIA, Sofia – Bulgarian President Rosen Plevneliev welcomes US Senators John McCain, Senator Christopher Murphy and Senator Ron Johnson prior to their meeting in Sofia on June 8, 2014. Bulgaria suspended the preparations for the construction of the Russian-Italian South Stream gas pipeline scheduled to begin this summer in Bulgaria, announced on Sunday the Prime Minister Plamen Oresharski after his meeting with US senators.

And….this is all Putins fault, by the way….Putin is intentionally causing EUSSR/USSA to sanction Bulgaria because he likes losing money or something.  Makes sense if you are a brainwashed American dope.

Putin right now...