Authored by Goldbug
Stick ’em up! Gimme’ all your dough ..
“Don’t worry .. be happy .. the economy is picking up.” Don’t you just love how the TV media dolts talk down to their audience fools? What they mean is, “STFU and quit whining .. you’re all peons, and you don’t deserve s**t.   The real unemployment rate (topping 20%) says we’re in a DEPRESSION. Yes, and this depression is going to make the Great Depression of the 1930s look like good times.
I love the way Gerald Celente explains things .. the greatest robbery in the history of the world is taking place, and the banks are doing the robbing. The banksters are keeping Wall Street artificially afloat for one purpose: There are a few bucks yet to be stolen from the people, and they want them! Simple as that! When the dollar collapses, they want everyone to be in debt up to their eyeballs; then, they will swoop in and relieve the encumbered fools of their mortgaged real estate, automobiles, and possessions. What? Still no outrage? Hmm, I wonder .. what does it take?
My suggestion: Get out of debt, get out of paper, and get out of mega-banks. Do everything LOCAL.