YES! Executive Order from Governor Jan Brewer blocks IDs, benefits for illegals

NO ID’s FOR YOU! HAHAHA…Watch Obama the bastard come to sue her, again.  The SOB should be forced to live in Nogales.

Keep saying that ‘this is “Aztlan”, you disgusting, little moochers.


Way to go, Jan Brewer.  I am so happy I live in AZ.

NO ID's For You, & Take Your Kids & Get OUT Of AZ


After the order was issued, supporters of the program and the DREAM Act took to the streets of Phoenix in protest. Video from Air15 showed the protesters carrying signs and walking down Central Avenue toward the State Capitol.

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MURDERED BY ILLEGALS-Border Agent FORCED 2 Defend Himself With BHO Weapon Choice~BEANBAGS

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  When is enough enough? WHEN! This man had to DIE by murder by these lousy, no-good, rotten ILLEGAL, OCCUPYING, CRIMINAL, INVADERS because of Barack HUSSEIN Osama, The TERRORIST occupying the BLACK HOUSE- PERIOD!!  HOW MANY MORE AMERICAN MEN MUST DIE FOR THIS USURPER/RAT!?

This jokerman SLIME was playing his MOTOWN music while a family is in mourning.  Obama, you ARE A SICK, demented, disgusting FRAUD, even WORSE than BUSH.  I say we send Obama the MUSLIM PIG to the border and give that SOB a BEANBAG.

When do men march to the White house and DEMAND this IMPOSTERS total and complete RESIGNATION! 

For GODS SAKES MEN, eat STEAK and grow some dang cohones!! COME ON!

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Time To Oust All Of The “Liberal” Cults.

There are too many cults, and we need to get rid of them all. Just look at the Cults below, and see for yourself how these people love evil and hate what is good, right, and just. At one time, the “peace sign” was rightside, it stood for VICTORY- so now we need to reverse the curse, and make it ours again, before the terrible 1960’s came along and screwed up our world.

1) The gay cult
2) The everlasting-victim cult
3) The Obama-is-messiah cult
4) The Hollywood-is-great cult
5) The celebrities know best cult
6) The do as I say but not as I do cult
7) The cult of hypocrites
8).The intolerant cult
9) The forced charity cult
10) The race-baiting cult
11) The unborn child murdering cult
12) The jet flying large house living global warming cult
13) The global warming alarmist cult
14) The Anti science pro junk science cult
15) The free known murderers cult
16) The nambla cult
17) The teach fisting to kids in school cult
18) The anti-Christian cult
19) The anti-American cult
20) The pro Socialist cult
21) The pro Mao cult
22) The pro Stalin cult
23) The pro Karl marx cult
24) The buying the vote cult
25) The anti-Capitalist cult
26) The anti-corporation cult
27) The anti-Military cult
28) The anti-free speech cult
29) The anti-God cult
30) The anti tea party cult
31) The pro UN cult
32) The animals are more worthy than humans cult
33) The anti-lumber cult
34) The anti-fur cult
35) The anti-beef cult
36) The anti-meat cult
37) The pro human secularist cult
38) The anti-Constitutional cult
39) The anti-states right cult
40) The control freak cult
41) The drug using cult
42) The Race baiting cult
43) The kkk founding cult
44) The anti-civil rights cult

Now that you know what the “Liberals” –most of them stand for, you must get in the crusade to denounce this.