Get Ready: The Beasts Have Released The ‘Delta Variant Strain’:

Get Ready: The Beasts Have Released The “Delta” Variant Virus:

It’s all over the media, this “Delta” variant. I believe they’ve (the population reduction Commies) released another virus into the atmosphere. YOU don’t have to believe it–but I DO.

So- Take your Super Lysine, folks. Get ready for another round of resistance. They’ll probably lock down many places again, but who knows… I don’t. I only see they are beefing up this “Delta” strain–bigtime in the C.I. Media. And, that spells madness. These are hardcore Communist/Globalists and murdering off or making sick the population is nothing to them. They have NO souls.

For USA:


  • Israel says it’s facing a new COVID-19 outbreak fueled by the Delta variant, despite having the world’s most vaccinated population:

Naftali Bennett on Tuesday described a recent surge in infections as a “new outbreak” in the country. And the director of the Israeli Health Ministry said about 70% of new infections were the Delta variant.

[Of course they would kill off the Jews, first. Leftists HATE Jews & especially hate Israel. But, that does not stop American Democrat “Jews” voting for them!!]