Black Teen Animals Murder White Baby For The “Fun Of It”

Black Teen Animals Murder White Baby For The “Fun Of It”

Young black thugs shoot white baby in the face at point blank range

We don’t ever hear about the extreme hatred and racism for white people coming out of the black ghettos.  Only white people are racist according to Chris Matthews & the left wing media liars.

Click: Black teens murder white baby for the fun of it

-David Ben Moshe

Posted on Mar 22, 2013 @ 12:33


Posted later this afternoon by: The Blaze

 (Who left out the race of the attackers)

Posted later this afternoon by: Gateway Pundit
 (Who left out the race of the attackers)
*Nothing scares Americans more than being labeled ‘racist’.  Even a terrorist attack will not scare an American more.  That’s why they won’t put the color of the perp in the news story unless the perp is white.  Our country is anti-white.

Jewish Nazis WILL Seek to SILENCE Beck, They Did It To Dobbs

Beck rants about “power grab,” claims “they are going to silence voices like mine”  Yes, Beck, you are 100% right.

  Amazing.. Beck only shows the quotes and words of the people that MMFA follows, Left wing Kommies, Van Jones, Dunn, the Bald Kommie, Wallis- ETC..and they are petrified of this…Why?

 It EXPOSES them for what they are, Marxist/ NAZI-Communists.

 See Also: Media Matters & Civil Rights Coalition preparing to get RID of Glenn Beck once and for ALL. 

God is NOT a DICTATOR!!!

 Maybe they (MMFA) do not see this in themselves, (That they are Marxist-Nazis) but they are.  They thrust out Dobbs because he asked where Obamas Long Form B.C. was- it had zero to do with illegal occupiers that have murdered over 30,000 Americans on our borders. It is not “hate” to want to protect your nation from this invasion.

 This IS Communism people, this is what murdered over 25 million in the Bolshevik Russian revolt and murdered over 12 million in Nazi Germany. 


Don’t tell ME that these Jewicidal-Jews @ MMFA and Militant Leftists are not in it to Silence Beck….THEY ARE. 

See also: Beck claims there is “evil at play” in Obama admin., but he is “on to them,” suggests they’re trying to destroy him

Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers

“The revelation that Germans of Jewish blood, knowing the Nazi regime for what it was, served Hitler as uniformed members of his armed forces must come as a profound shock. It will surprise even professional historians of the Nazi years.” —John Keegan, author of The Face of Battle and The Second World War

“An impressive work filled with interesting stories. . . . By helping us better understand Nazi racial policy at the margins–i.e., its impact on certain members of the German military–Rigg’s study clarifies the central problems of Nazi Jewish policies overall.”–Norman Naimark, Stanford University, author of Fires of Hatred: Ethnic Cleansing in Twentieth-Century Europe

To see more photographs from the book, click here

Instigating the KILLING of Glen Beck, in a ‘sane’ world…

Click In A Sane World, We’d Just Kill Glenn Beck

“Yes We Can?” Stay Away From Glenn Beck! 

This too, he is OBSESSED with me, because he HATES God and is looking for excuses to NOT repent and USE the Shiksa  Where Do Idiots Come From? He is DEMONIC. Watch out Shiksas!

Onward:  Is this the ‘Change’ you all wanted?  Offing a talk show host that shows what is going on with the far left?  Anita Dunn? Van Jones?  Andy Stern? Bill Ayers, Cass Sunstein??   This is the ‘tolerence’ of the left wing??   THIS  is ‘Liberal Love?” Peace and harmony? TY, NO.

 Keith Olbermann is a gasbag, but WHO calls for his killing and death, and it would be a ‘sane’ world if we killed him???????  This is OUT OF CONTROL.  With people that are gunning down buildings, a blog like this persons should be taken HEED to, BIGTIME! 

 CousinAvi  Spew: But when you start inflicting your insanity on the rest of the world by ginning up a bunch of imbeciles, idiots, wingnuts and a rainbow of assorted desperate, fearful morons, infecting them with the toxic pollen of your batshit night sweats, it’s time to drag you out in the field behind the barn and put you out of our misery.  

Also see; Bill Maher: Maher on Pentagon Shooter’s Death: ‘Why Couldn’t (it) Have Been Glenn Beck’


This is the last thing I told the EVIL Erav Rav, Cousin ASSHOLE:

themadjewess, on March 9, 2010 at 2:47 am Said: Your comment is awaiting moderation.JTf is right, you are like the Jews that followed Hitler, right into the gas chambers, as you are stabbing blood brothers in the back.
You dont like facts, its all about ‘fuck you, stupid, ashole, bitch, coont’ etc, you cannot debate, so you defame. Proof that Kahane was right.

None of that is ‘propaganda’ you are just a self-hating Jew that hates yourself, so you take it out on the Shiksas. YOU ARE THE REASON that Jews are hated, with that being said, may God now curse you, Yimach Shemo Vizchero.

(This idiot blogger is living in the 1960’s still.  He cannot even see that there is severe reverse racism against white people, my own family suffering beatings and rapes, along with many of my bloggers.  Proof that leftists have zero mercy. See the stats, and wake the hell up:) 

There is also over 39,000 MURDERED Americans since 9/11 as a result of open border to illegal occupiers &  )