The Fords are not junk! Neither is GM or Chrysler…This months Car & Driver Magazine, and all the High End Trade and Car Mags confirm that statement is Dead Wrong..

  In fact, the combination of in this case, ignorance and the people who know the price of everything and value nothing is why this country is dead or dying …..THEY ARE THE ONES WHO ARE ALL FOR KILLING A GIANT AMERICAN ICON AND STRATEGIC/VITAL MANUFACTURING ASSETT SUCH AS GENERAL MOTORS. IT’S THE SAME MENTALITY OF LACK OF IT THAT ENABLES THE JAPANESE AND NOW THE REST OF THE PREDATORY PACIFIC RIM TIGERS TO DESTROY THIS ECONOMY…It explains why we don’t manufacture electronics, audio, video and televisions…and why the Steel industry in Indiana is the rust belt…joined by a thousand more industries like textiles, etc… It’s the same “price of everything and value of nothing” attitude that’s behind selling of the land, property and America’s institutions to the highest bidder, because we are a nation of whores.

  A whore will sell anything …. and the whores are selling everything in America that’s not nailed down…. And last but not least, it’s the same sons of bitches who wouldn’t pay an American a decent wage for a days work is what enabled Unions to gain the power that they had…It’s the same son’s of bitches who wouldn’t pay an American a decent wage for a days work who brought the blacks here and destroyed the country…..they are the same bastards who are doing it again with Mexicans. The same dimwitted morons who for 35 years ago said, “to hell with politics, I got mine.” and bought Jap cars and went bowling, are now screaming bloody murder about taxes or their son being laid off at IBM….now they give sh-t… Ha Ha General Motors is on life support….they will get around to you also..

Try this one for a quote:

“What goes around comes around.”

©2009 Dave Baker:  Author, Writer