#GMO MONSANTO Pushes Its Way Into Ukraine: All Putin’s Fault….America Innocent.

#GMO MONSANTO Pushes Its Way Into Ukraine: All Putin’s Fault….America Innocent.

So far we have seen John Kerry’s former senior campaign adviser secure a position with Ukraine gas: John Kerry’s Former Sr. Campaign Adviser Has A Secured a position with major Ukraine gas company.

Then, we witnessed Joe Biden’s son secure a major position with Ukraine gas: Farce Is Complete: Joe Biden’s Son Joins Board Of Largest Ukrainian gas company …

Now, we see that Monsanto putting its grubby hands all over Ukraine: Monsanto/GMO’s In Ukraine, hat tip: Lisa Michalek @defendressofsan  ALSO:  Breaking: Russian Lawmakers Want to Impose Criminal Penalties on those Conducting GMO Business

People of Ukraine, please wake up!! Once Monsanto gets a foot in the door, it will destroy all natural seeds and plantsBut, but…this is ALL Putin’s fault.. Vlad the impaler making America do these bad things…!

And, our media, even your beloved FAUX news lies…

EVIL AmeriKan government.


Countries Banning U.S. Agricultural Products

Countries Banning U.S. Agricultural Products

Contributed by GoldBugGal:

Thank God somebody has a brain in this world .. several countries have not only banned GMOs, but others have cancelled thousands of tons of U.S. corn, soybeans and wheat. I think the farmers will soon get the message that they’ve been duped by their fascist masters. Maybe these countries will save the dumbed-down Americans from the Monsanto monster.

Anti-Monsanto/GMO People; Start Telling Obama To GO TO HELL. He Will Just Break More Promises

Today, a liberal jackass said: MAD JEWESS!!! You were right! He IS a jerk! He signed the GMO safety bill! You are right about him!!


Why don’t you jerks worry about the country instead of food, anyway??? When will you  (‘progressives’, liberals, leftists, whatever you are this week) GET that Obama H A T E S America and ALL Americans? When?  I keep telling you he is an ASSHOLE.  Now he signed to have you and your children poisoned by his evil seeds… some pink-slime or beef-puke. Pick your poison.. Dummies..

Whatever.. I talk to a friggin wall, anymore. The slob, OBAMA will demand you eat his sickening vomit.  You’ll just bow and serve Obama, MONSANTO & GMOs….He’s your filthy Prezzy, evil satanling, bastard.  This makes me sick just writing about it..

HI!! I'm Pink-Slime!

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Heads Up, Folks!

Nurse & Needle

Authored by Goldbug

Since I’m stuck in a hell-hole known as the State of Illinois, and I’ve shut off my satellite service (no TV at all), other than internet, I am treated to our bought-and-paid-for local radio station. I’m sure you all would choke on some of the BS that is spewed from this “gubmint-controlled” entity. My Congressman has blocked me from sending him emails; now our County Sheriff has done likewise. They do not appreciate my advice that they should honor their Oath of Office, do their jobs, and keep the feds out of our local business, e.g., the EPA’s mandating that toxic, poisonous fluoride be added to our drinking water.
Now, the farmers are beginning to panic. I know you all probably don’t hear any “farm” news, so here’s what they’re reporting. Because of the ongoing heat and drought, it is projected that 85% of the crops in “America’s breadbasket” are dead .. kaput .. history. After some dot connecting, I have concluded that God is destroying “Monsanto et al’s” gene-spliced, unfit-for-human-consumption, monster crops. The Farm Bureau (also bought-and-paid-for) is reporting that soybeans will top $20 (normally $7), and corn will likewise double or triple in price. The unconstitutional Dept. of Agriculture has “forbidden” farmers from “prematurely” cutting hay crops from their own fields, because they have set a date certain in August for hay cutting. Is that crazy, or what? So, the grass is dead from heat and drought, no hay can be harvested, and animals are dying from starvation. Some farmers have been feeding silage to their livestock, but this is killing them because of heavy concentrations of nitrates. The way I see it, “eff the feds;” I’ll cut my hay whenever I damned please! And I’ll use my own well water for irrigation!
Sooo, why does this matter to you? All food prices are going to skyrocket in the fall, especially meat. I avoid processed foods like the plague, because they are filled with GMOs, chemicals, preservatives, etc., but they’re sticking their depopulating GMOs in just about everything we buy in the supermarkets.