It’s Time To Fast & Pray Against Mark Zuckerberg’s Illegals-First Lobbying.

It’s Time To Fast & Pray Against Mark Zuckerberg’s Illegals-First Lobbying.

I have really had it with this insanity.  I am sick of it.  Another left wing “Jew” to make my life miserable..

Zuckerberg wants to campaign for illegals.  He calls them “Immigrant workers.”  An immigrant worker would be someone who is in the process of becoming an American citizen & loves America-(Whatever is left of her)  This piece of garbage (Zuckerberg) has *NEVER* lived in a sanctuary city for illegals. It is hell on earth.  Its like living in Tijuana.  I lived in Salinas, CA for 15 years while taking care of my grandmother, right up to the day she died.  I watched our town go from being a nice, blue-collar, working town to a city with 72% Mexicans/Hispanics with more than half of them being illegal.  The other 15% or so being honest, decent people.   With the illegals & gangs – we had homicides, kidnappings, rapings, helicopters flying above every 15 minutes, ambulances, fire trucks all hours of the day.   This is what living around illegals is like.   They are from south of the border, not just Mexico.   Many are from Columbia and are drug dealers, MS 13, Nortenos, Sorenos.   It is HELL.

Repent America. Pray. Get in sackcloth and ashes.  Pray that his funds would be depleted in the NYSE and that Twitter eats up his stocks, whatever it takes. Ask God to take his finances. 


Zuckerberg to use Facebook to boost immigrant worker bill. Read more: here

Did you know…..


MURDERED BY ILLEGALS-Border Agent FORCED 2 Defend Himself With BHO Weapon Choice~BEANBAGS

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  When is enough enough? WHEN! This man had to DIE by murder by these lousy, no-good, rotten ILLEGAL, OCCUPYING, CRIMINAL, INVADERS because of Barack HUSSEIN Osama, The TERRORIST occupying the BLACK HOUSE- PERIOD!!  HOW MANY MORE AMERICAN MEN MUST DIE FOR THIS USURPER/RAT!?

This jokerman SLIME was playing his MOTOWN music while a family is in mourning.  Obama, you ARE A SICK, demented, disgusting FRAUD, even WORSE than BUSH.  I say we send Obama the MUSLIM PIG to the border and give that SOB a BEANBAG.

When do men march to the White house and DEMAND this IMPOSTERS total and complete RESIGNATION! 

For GODS SAKES MEN, eat STEAK and grow some dang cohones!! COME ON!

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