Obama: Gog, Son Of Perdition, AntiChrist Is Using Biden As His Mouthpiece:

Obama: Gog, Son Of Perdition, AntiChrist Is Using Biden As His Mouthpiece:

Natan’s video: https://youtu.be/KCu8EDCb9Ws

Linda Hasche’s video about Obama coming back: https://youtu.be/rrpJ-kPqrgM

Daryl Lawson, Obama is the anti christ: https://youtu.be/ipvvZstScN4

Lottery 2008 #’s 666 https://youtu.be/NDIcvoIaoG8

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#Obama (Gog, Anti-Christ) Is Called “Parasite” In New Book About The Dem Party. LOL!

Obama (Gog, Anti Christ) Called “Parasite” In New Book On The Dem Party. LOL!

Satanic, evil, devil Obama had so many people believing he was/is the “Messiah” & literally worshiped him. 79% of Jewish people, (Dem-Jews) voted for Obama and also believed he was and IS “Messianic”

BUT-We here on this blog believe he is none other than Beelzebub, Lucifer, Son of perdition, Gog, Anti Christ. So, its no accident that someone calls him a parasite.

Former President Barack Obama is described as a “parasite” on the Democratic Party in a new tell-all book about the 2020 election — saying the former president used the party as a “host” for his re-election campaign.  MORE: @ The NY Post

My thoughts on satanic Obama…

Fact: A few hours after his ‘win’ in 2008, the lottery came up “666”:

FACT: The city Obama was living in at the time of his election win in 2008 was Chicago, 60606.

FACT: Obama’s secret service code name was “Renegade”

FACT: Obama’s Limo was called “The Beast”.

Flies landed right on his face.. “Lord of the flies”

Ba'al and Barack: The Promise of Economic Prosperity ...
Obama: Lord of the Flies? | Revelation Now

I personally believe he is the 6th and the 8th King in the book of Revelation: Obama, The 8th King In Revelation 17

He wrote a very nasty book all about Israel: Obama’s Revisionist ‘Promised Land’ – aish.com

Even a 14 year old boy from Israel had an outer body experience stating that Obama is the GOG and will attack Israel and then the Messiah, Yeshua/Jesus will come and bury Obama in the land of Israel:

Obama is running the white house: The Shadow President.

The “King of fierce countenance”

JPS Tanakh 1917
‘And in the latter time of their kingdom, when the transgressors have completed their transgression, there shall stand up a king of fierce countenance, and understanding stratagems.’ stratagem: deceptionintriguedevicemaneuvercontrivance.

Putin’s Russia Isn’t “Gog”. US GOVT, EU/UN & Obama Are Gog-‘Magog’

Putin’s Russia Isn’t “Gog”. US GOVT, EU/UN & Obama ARE Gog/Magog

I spent a lot of time in charismatic type US churches in my 20’s. Some pretty cool Synagogues in my 30’s and finally small Jewish and Christian bible fellowships in my 40’s. Now, it’s just me and God and my believing friends.

I gave up on churches shortly after 1990. Why? There is NO power in churches anymore (not all churches, obviously – but many if not most). The word (Actually just Pastor’s words) are dull in churches with no ‘rhema’ word or revelation. What is preached in many churches now is ridiculous: “Prosperity words”, “Name it, claim it”, “Grace” even if you continually sin.. Quite contrary to Hebrews chapter 10. Nothing about how life is tough and to crucify the flesh and give up it’s desires. There really is no holiness in many churches now.


Since most/many western churches have lost the power and do not preach repentance, who are they to tell us what God’s word is saying in ‘such a time as this’? They can’t see the devil for a mile because the devil operates all over their lives in riches, selfishness, narcissism, self love, (no love for God), self righteousness, one-up stupidity and more. Since many/most of the western churches overwhelmingly do not have the power of God, they do NOT and can NOT see or hear God’s WORDS anymore either.


Russia turned away from their evil, Communistic ways as our country’s and people in the west embraced it. The Russian people have overwhelmingly embraced Orthodox Christianity (a VERY STRICT) form of Christianity, which is a not a bad thing in these evil times. There are any number of synagogues that are Orthodox in Russia and they have a very content Jewish community. Are they perfect? No. No nation is. But, they embrace their faith, love of land, Jesus and God…. And, they have a President who fears the Lord at the moment, Baruch Hashem.

…However, you see different individuals who are Israeli/Jew haters from America and Europe (The UN countries at the UN) constantly decrying Israel and it’s Jews. CONSTANTLY.

Why most/many modern, western Christians are looking for the big, bad Russian boogeyman as the US GOVT is THE boogeyman of the world is beyond me. Russia has what? 6 bases around the world? USA has over 900. YOU do the math. America has Biden as “President” as Obama is defacto and running the show. Most Americans can’t even see this or even worse: Don’t want to see this. AND, most American Christians can’t even see that OUR nation has become the “Babylon” written of in the book of Revelation.


Thats tells a LOT about how western people are becoming: WATCH – ARABS ASSAULT JEWS IN NYC

Obama is the GOG, the ‘son of perdition’, we (here) believe and see he is the Anti Christ. US Govt, EU, Britain and the UN (with the 70 nations) are going to attack Israel in our future. Will Russia? Not now, maybe later, maybe not – probably depending if the US/EU and UN assassinate Putin. Right now: Russia is neutral on the ISRAEL/pali situation: Russia: Neutral Re Israel Vs Hamas. That could change. But, for now – NO.

Take the plank out of your own eye, Western Christians.

Watch Natan from Israel warn the world of what is to come. A young prophet from Israel:

I believe this young prophetic man. The more the west turns from the Lord, the more Jew hate we will see. We will see a hatred for God’s remnant of Born again believers also. The west will become more depraved and filthy if the west refuses to REPENT.

VIDEO: The Chinese Invasion Of America.

Better learn your Mandarin.  Because if you do not understand or speak the language, how will you know what they are saying as they are coming in by the bushel?  Building cities, buying us out and taking what is theirs.  Get a ping-pong table.  I see much anti Chinese propaganda.. Why?  Because Americans do not pay their debts. We used to have humility with a creditor..Those days are long gone. Remember the stories of the debtor-jails??

I used to work in Corporate finance, I was an accountant for many years.. I worked with people that owed big money to the corp I was employed with.. Some of them were residential.  It was really something to have to listen to the sob-stories… Then, the threats over the phone of bogus law-suits because they said we ‘harassed’ them. Being on the collection/receiving end, you MUST know these laws, or the debtor will use the law against you and even win.  Dead-beat debtors would contact the FCC, FTC, recite the laws of the FDCPA.  Ridicule and demonize the creditors.  What can I say? That’s how many Americans act now. Many Americans borrow with NO intention of ever paying back. Sickening… Well, the Chinese are not going to listen to your bullshit.  They dont give a damn about the FDCPA or the FCC.  They are going to come and take what belongs to them. 

Oh well, keep celebrating your July 4th weekend.. “We’re freeeee”  Like hell we are. Keep lying to yourselves… Frankly I dont give a damn.  You deserve what’s coming for being so stupid.. You think ROMNEY is gonna change it? Please…. I beg God to please have mercy on those that DO fear him.  The rest of ya.. fasten your seat-belts, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.  The best years are NOT ‘in front of us.’ Not with our love for debauchery and all things immoral. And, the REFUSAL to pay our bills.

Shameful. We should be in sackcloth and ashes. I am, in my spirit.