Go To Google & Type In “DIED SUDDENLY” & You’ll See The Massacre Of Humans

Go To Google & Type In “DIED SUDDENLY” & You’ll See The Massacre Of Humans

All of these “Died suddenly” is unbelievable. But, it’s true. Who would have ever thought we would be living in a time where we have an ‘elite’ group of Communist-Globalist murderers killing humans off in the name of ‘vaccination’. It’s mind-boggling.

A couple of the dead:

Former Fairfield, West Sacramento Police Officer Dies Suddenly At Home

February 11, 2022

Officer Tyler Quinn was currently with the Vallejo Police Department.

No cause of death reported.

Alameda County sheriff’s deputy, 36, dies unexpectedly following traffic stop

February 14, 2022

A five-year-veteran of the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office died unexpectedly following a traffic stop in Dublin over the weekend. Dublin Police Deputy Aubrey Phillips, 36, suffered an aneurysm while working on patrol early Saturday, sheriff’s officials said.

Censorship Communists At Google Deleted Blue Checkmark, Leftist Youtube Channel, UKs Novara Media. Thats How Censorship Works. It Eventually Eats It’s OWN:

Censorship Communists At Google Deleted Blue Checkmark, Leftist Youtube Channel, Novara Media. Thats How Censorship Works. It Eventually Eats It’s OWN:

Google/Youtube deleted Leftist channel, Novara Media.. And, that’s how it works. Leftists LOVE censorship UNTIL it starts ‘getting them’. Oh well…

I guess they turned it back on again.. Love is like a faucet…ya turn it on and offfffff……

Leftists deserve it. Susan Wojcicki is a Commie piece of garbage. This is what ya get with a Leftist/Feminist scuz in charge of a major corporation: Garbage that turns on and turns off at the whim of a mad female.

YouTube's Susan Wojcicki: 'Where's the line of free speech – are you  removing voices that should be heard?' | YouTube | The Guardian

So What’s Happening In Russia At Present?

Under Vladimir Putin since he took the reins of government from drunken Boris Yeltsin after traitor Gorbachev had to flee Moscow and arselick his American and British masters.

Russia is booming.

Russian heavy industry, flush with internal and external orders, is backed up from 12-18 months, working 3 shifts 7 days a week. Stop and think about that. Metallurgists, industrial engineers, mechnical engineers, electrical engineers are in extremely short supply. Russia IT is huge, growing faster than anywhere else, with hundreds of millions in US and British venture capital flooding in in the past 2 years alone, along side with native Russian capital. Every major IT corporation is here. Microsoft, Intel, Sony, Samsung, Electronic Arts, Google, NVideo and hundreds of others, big and small, as well as the dozens on dozens of native companies

Anything dealing with IT is in critically short supply. Infrastructural investment, both grand government projects, big business construction and private homes and villas is skyrocketing. Civil engineers, architects, builders are in critically short supply. Business is growing, expanding and modernizing, with critical, well trained, leadership in very very short supply.

Russia, 2 years ago, implimented a Highly Trained Specialist visa, a 3 year work visa that requires: 1. a minimum yearly salary of 1,920,000R or $60,000 per year and 2. medical insurance and 3. a technical or leadership role.

What is the unemployment rate and would anyone hire me? Well, nation wide, the unemployment rate is hovering at 6%. For technical specialists its less than 4%. In Moscow and the surrounding areas, its 1%! I have had an opening to replace a fired manager, open for 4 months now. Pay is competitive, English language is a must.

Is it safe? Well, compared to last year’s murder rates on the metro system of Moscow and that of London (London’s system is less than half the size of Moscow’s .
Moscow had 11 murders. London, with half the population, 33. NYC higher.)

The British, since 2003 have led the way in immigrating to Russia to farm. British farms are chuck full of bureaucracy and control and tiny parcels, while in Russia, they have been able to work their farms without nearly the same level of government interference and in comparison to a 250 hectare British farm, there are average farms of 3,000 hectares.

Scottish Farmers Eye New Pastures in Russia

Turning Russia’s Rich Soil Into Riches

Milking Russia: Love it or Love Money

Russia offers a sanctuary from gay marriages, gay history months, orgy in the class rooms, no discipline do what you want environment of the modern US/UK.
As a country, Russia is rather more conservative, through no lack of counter effort by the Western liberals, gays and other subversive efforts. The country is primarily Orthodox Christian, with a 1,000 year tradition of Christianity. No, Russians are not looking to convert to one of the tens of thousands of US protestant denominations, sects or cults. What they do offer, is our own rich and humble faith, grown directly out of the very words and actions of the Apostles who under the guidance of Christ created the Orthodox Church.

The God of Israel said, the Rock of Israel spake to me, He that ruleth over men must be just, ruling in the fear of God.” (II Samuel 23:3 KJV)

That, one sees in Russia . Putin revived the Orthodox Church and restored Christian worship.

LBGTs please keep away. Russians do not want your filth, nor your evil. Keep it safe in your Satan America.

See for yourself how beautiful the Russians are from the collage TMJ made a few mos back:



Google Has The Mad Jewess & Donna Spellbound Heavily Monitored & Censored~They Should STOP Whining About The FCC

Google Has The Mad Jewess & Donna Spellbound Heavily Monitored & Censored~ They Should STOP Whining About The FCC

  Yep, folks, Google has taken The Mad Jewess and Donna off index/indexing.  Result: Our stats suck. Why is google doing this to us? Because we are vigorously covering black on white crime.  I have ALWAYS covered black on white crime, just not as vigorous because it is  very draining.  I know that there are good and excellent, God-fearing black people and patriots. I try to mention this as much as I can-but we cannot stop reporting these crimes and if we are tired, then so be it.  We have to do what we have to do. 

  White people are being MURDERED, beaten, robbed, raped by many blacks.  Caucasian people are not some shit that you pick up off the ground and shovel into a pooper-scooper. IF you are white, you should be reporting these crimes. If more people would report these crimes, all day, every day (or as much as you can), this would be in the media, daily.  Racial crimes would not be silenced anymore (against white people) who suffer more at the hands of blacks and minorities than ANY OTHER GROUP in America.

  Google is whining about the FCC and THEIR monitoring of google. Yet, it is OK for google to censor us?  Its never fascism when they do it, is it?  Google wants free speech for Chinese people in CHINA, but not Americans for America.  Typical leftist-Jew FASCISM.

Its Not Fascism  When WE Do It!

We Hate White People.

Googles Muslim Faith..

Go to fullsize imageThey made sure not to offend the ‘peacefilled’ MuZlims on VETERANS Day.  GO TO HELL Google, you left-wing, bullshit fags.  Look at it, it is so obvious…They did this on purpose to the VETS. Fuck them, they SUCK! What can you expect from left wing vomitous ‘Jews’ in name only? They are the enemy of America and the enemy of Israel.  The BEAST. (The “E” is so obviously the cresent moon.) ……..Sonofabitches.

Google Images

Veterans Day 2010

Any 1 Else Notice Frida Kahlo, The COMMUNIST On The GOOGLE Search Engine Today?

No Commies!YES WE CAN, CAN, CAN……You know, I love how google.com is such a damned hypocrite. They fight for the Tibetans freedom, and shove it up America’s ass.  They had that suit against Chinas ‘censored’ search engines that ran through google. Google was Fighting for the FREE SPEECH for China, and FUCK America.  Excuse me…but this type shit makes me livid as all hell..

In other words, regarding this HAG of a bitch, she/IT was FOR the deaths, and murder of over 100 million, for the ‘greater good’.  That is who you dumb shits worship.  You left wing lunatics make me wanna puke my gutts out–every damned day.

Happy Birthday Frida Kahlo

One of Kahlo’s more serious early love affairs was with the Russian revolutionary leader Leon Trotsky, now being hounded by his triumphant rival Stalin, and who had been offered refuge in Mexico in 1937 on Rivera’s initiative. Frida Kahlo

Obamas MASSIVE Scrubbing Of Internet Update, S.S. # PLUS

Hurricane Electric Internet Services 

 File Not Found 

  The object you requested, /letterHolder.htm, does not exist.The requested object does not exist at the specified location. The link you followed is either outdated, inaccurate, or the server has been instructed to not let you have it.

 The YES WE CAN scrub of the internet.

This is Obama-Land, this is the NO FREE SPEECH ZONE. This is the Marxist dream, people. This is the usurped America, this is our worst nitemare that McCarthy WARNED us about, and regretfully, we did NOT listen. And here are the people, alive, and well, in our W.H., in control, ruling like Hitler-ettes, & Stalinites.

See Below:

Go right here: Did Barack Obama get his Social Security Number in Connecticut? (042-68-????) then, look at the the paragraph, it says on the first paragraph, ‘here’;

{See: If you go >>>>> here and do a find for 042-68 you’ll see what purports to be the first part of Barack Obama’s Social Security Number. According to the Social Security Administration, the 042 prefix indicates that the number was obtained in Connecticut: ssa.gov/employer/stateweb.htm.} 

 You will see the above “Hurricane Electric Internet Services.”  Now, just who the hell is that?

The LYING leftists who pretended to be  for the Constitution are what I always thought they were; Control freaks, mind-fucks, and ungodly sonofabitches that should be shot for treason.